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W N F C Folkestone 30-05-18

Welsh National Flying Club


sponsored by

Morris carpets and furnishings and derby Arona Tenerife one loft race


1st open Mr & Mrs K Upham


After the success of the first outing from Maidstone last week the WNFC were once again east bound for their second race of the year from the  south easterly coastal town of Folkestone in Kent and to continue with our ten year celebrations we were pleased to welcome on board Morris carpets and furnishings from Merthyr as our sponsors for this race who kindly donated an additional £100 as an added bonus for the winning loft, also continuing with sponsors the winner also has the opportunity of entering a free entry into the derby Arona one loft race for the coming series.

 With just over 1,000 pigeon marked and on route along the M4 overnight the convoy arrived on site just as the sun was rising and after giving the birds time to take on water and settle after their journey, we anticipated an early release to try and avoid the high temperatures forecasted later that day, however with the liberation site and the line of flight from the Berkshire regions to the Welsh Borders showing bright and clear conditions we could see that a blanket of early morning mist and fog in the Seven Oaks area of the M25 which was hampering our plans so the decision was made to sit tight and wait for this to lift. It was shortly after 7.30 and after consulting fanciers in the  area for the latest update we were finally able to get the birds away at 07.45 into a light north easterly winds and clear blue skies... perfect racing conditions you could call it.


Mr Mrs Upham 1st open


Taking top honours of 1st Welsh National we go to our 2017 Messac National winning loft of  Mr & Mrs Kevin and Sandra Upham who timed in a 3yr old Cheq pied cock bred down from the Lambrecht pigeons of Steve Maylett of Manchester which were  acquired at a recent local breeder buyer auction...  on a time of 11.09.24 recording a winning vel of 1500.6 as young bird this pigeon won twice in the partnerships local club and an additional three times as a yearling including 1st Swindon 51 mile 12th fed 1,200 birds `1st Newbury 2nd fed and now 1st Welsh National Folkestone 2018, Kevin would like to thank everyone for their congratulations they received, following their win and particularly the family help due to work commitments which helps him race .


In close 2nd with a yard dividing the leading two pigeons we stay in Newport at the loft of Mr & Mrs T Harris & Dtr, timing in a 3 year old Staf Van Reet blue cock which originates from long-time friends Mike Hale and Langa from Cefn Mawr nr Wrexham from his Pete Norton pigeons, this cock has several minor club positions, but this is his first major position on a vel of 1498.8


 (Gaynor) Mr & Mrs T Harris & Dtr 2nd open


For 3rd and 4th open we remain in the south east of the principality in Newport has the Hawkins Family consisting of Tom, Ray and young Jack, who claim 3rd place with a yearling Cheq pied hen originally bred down from pigeons obtained Carlo from recent Belgium trips on a vel of 1493.6.  This hen has had previous national performances as a yb from Folkestone being 8th open and  is bred down from a 2nd National Folkestone yb on the dams side, Alan Dunn settles for 4th open with his arrival a blue pied yearling hen bred down from the Rhondda partnership of Morris & Pugh through their licence to thrill lines on a vel of 1487, previous positions gained by this pigeon include 1st club 6th National Folkestone young birds in 2017


Hawkins Family 3rd open


Last year’s Maidstone old bird National winning loft of Paul Warr-Townley and Evans from Caerphilly claim the 5th spot with a 2yr old  Leo Heremans hen, both of her parents bred by Ype Hemstra - sire is a g/son of "Late" & De Lichte 908, the dam is a g/dtr of Olympiad & Euro. This hen won in the Gwent S.E club last season winning 8th National & Combine from Hythe, when clock checking most fanciers were reporting that whilst the early birds made good time and most lofts recording several returns over a short period there seemed to be a break in arrivals for a while until shortly after mid-day, indicating that the convoy were split on route for some reason maybe by other federations or some other reason as I’ve stated before this route into Wales takes on some daunting tasks of crossing many organisations liberating  from the South to North and vice versa during their journey home but thankfully by early evening when clock checking and with a large percentage of birds home the majority of the membership were happy with the condition of their entries  and the race in general.


Next week we come under the umbrella of the Solent Federation as we head out on our first adventure across the English channel to Fougeres, basketing is planned for Thursday evening for a liaison with the transporter in the early hours of Friday morning in Portsmouth for the onward journey through France. Hopefully the weather and conditions will be kind to enjoy yet another successful race for the WNFC.


This week’s top ten


1 Mr & Mrs Upham,.1500.660 3:24:24 174,495 GB15Z99028 £150.00 plus £100


2 Mr & Mrs Harris & dtr,.1498.832 3:29:48 178,1175 NW15B0949 £100.00


3 T Hawkins Family,.1493.654 3:29:44 178,6 NW17S0427   £75.00


4 A Dunn,.1487.412  3:27:39 175,861 W17T04109     £50.00

5 P Warr-Townly & Evans,. 1484.372 3:40:46 186,357 W16C02252  £40.00


6 Williams Bros Son & Burgh,1482.890 3:45:15 189,1381 GB17C46083 £30.00 ABC £26.25 £56.25


7 J Johnson,.1482.476 3:31:22 178,66 GB17P07055     £20.00


8 Mr & Mrs Harris & dtr,. 1471.479 3:33:42 178,1175 BE162231248  £15.00


9 W Holpin & Son,. 1469.905 3:36:47 181,91 W17R09050  £10.00


10 Mr & Mrs K Beresford & Son,.1469.472 3:33:13 178,36 NW17D1291 £10.00