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Scarborough Social Annual Presentation 22-12-18







The members would like to start off by thanking the clubs host Joanne & Jo Hakings of the Newlands Hotel for providing the clubs excellent headquarter and for the breakfast food for the presentation which we all enjoyed.

Some of the members with Host Joanne 

The prize presentation is based on a nominated points system and Top prize winner was Keith Todd our clock setter having such an excellent season with 108 old bird points and 75 young bird points with a total of 183 points also winning the Terry Dixon Combine points memorial Trophy, the John Allen old bird points trophy and the young bird points also the pigeon of the year trophy, having won 7 x 1sts 4 x 2nds 6 x 3rds 10 x 4ths 10 x 5ths and 8 x 6ths. We all wish Keith a speedy recovery from his treatment.

Second was Ken & Sue Skelton with 46 Old bird points and 47 young bird points with a total of 93 points and won 6 x 1st 5 x 2nds 4 x 3rds 2 x 4th 3 x 5th 5 x 6th This being their last season of racing.


Top Prize winner Keith          -          2nd Ken

Third place went to Dave Pickering our assistant secretary with 29 old bird points and 33 young bird points with a total of 62 points and winning 4 x 1st 1 x 2nd 2 x 3rd 3 x 4th 1 x 5th 1 x 6ths.

Fourth place went to Martin Wood with 52 old bird points and won 2 x 1sts 3 x 2nds 2 x 3rds 2 x 4ths 1 x 5ths and 1 x 6ths.

 Fifth place went to Pete Thorpe with a total of 35 old bird points winning 3 x 1st 3 x 2nd 2 x 3rd 1 x 4th 3 x 5th and 3 x 6th.

Sixth place went to new members Pete & Pat Chapman with a total of 27 Young Bird points winning 1 x 1st 3 x 2nds 5 x 3rd 2 x 4th 3 x 5ths 3 x 6ths.

Seventh place went to Andy Moon with 14 old bird points and 4 Young bird points winning  2 x 2nds 2 x 3rd 2 x 4th 1 x 5th.

Eighth place went to Steve Patchett with 8 Old bird points and winning 1 x 2nd 1 x 4th. 1 x 6th.

Ninth place went to Roger Grundy with 5 old bird points and winning 2nd Boves. Tenth place went to Dave Elvidge.


 3rd Dave and Ken          -           6th Pete and Pat Chapman          -          7th Andy Moon

8th Roger and Ken

 Well done to all the members as you all managed to win prize money. I would like to thank you all for your support and help during the season and for the good presentation. It was good for Ginger started in the pub at 12 and left at 7.30pm. Pete Thorpe was on the Caribbean having an excellent cruise I am sure. Well guys Ken and I will certainly miss the laugh and banter at basketing but we will still see you.


Sue Skelton