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Norton Club Presentation 09-01-18



Their Club presentation was at the Derwent Arms in November when 34 members & Guests attended and sat down to an excellent dinner at 7-30pm.

It had been a difficult season for some and others a doddle!! With a few new members for 2018 it promises to be a hard club to win.

G. Acey & H. Jackson new members for 2017 were both in the money with young birds. Pete pool money Shipley took most of the pool money,

Top Prize winners were the late Brian Ford & Sons Gary & Wayne the club sent their heartfelt condolences to Gary & Wayne & Family at there sad time.

Second place went to Mick Burdett. Third place went to Maurace Hodgson. With the club new point system everyone gets prize money (Even Gary Burdett)

Everyone brought a raffle prize making £60 for the club next season. With 20 members for 2018 it is going to be a very interesting season hoping all the members club together to make it a good one.

Press Officer Gary Burdett.