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Lancaster Bomber - Chapter two by Stephen Jones

Chapter two:  "Lancaster Bomber" by Stephen Jones

Before we move onto chapter two. I would like you to look at the race report from 2019 final. -

Pic 1

With the racing over, and still feeling cheated of by the averages. I couldn’t stop thinking about Lancaster Bomber. She had out flown some of the best pigeons in the world, where would she end up? We know she was brushed under the Carpet at the end of the racing. The last thing anybody wanted was somebody rocking the boat. Next up was the sale of the birds at PIPA in Belgium one of the best auctions in the world. Lancaster Bomber was sure to be one of the best. I was expecting a lot of interest in her after her fine performance in these tough races. The list went up, one hundred and nine birds. But to my surprise no "Lancaster Bomber "to be on the list. One of the best birds in the race, number one in the world going into the final, but not sent to where the big money men would be bidding. This did not make any sense to me?

PIPA,  over one hundred and nine birds sold and hopefully a nice chunk for charity, but the big question in my head was, where was "Lancaster Bomber"? My gut feeling was she was still under the carpet. With Lancaster Bomber not turning up at PIPA, I sent a message to Tenerife which read “109 birds were sent to PIPA, 166 finished the race, when will the remaining 57 birds be sold”. 

After about three weeks I received a message saying that the remaining birds would be sold at auction in Tenerife and this auction would be spilt into three parts. Part one of the auction came online “18 birds” but no Lancaster Bomber. This action lasted two weeks and then came part two of the auction. “16 birds” but yet again no Lancaster Bomber. This again lasted two weeks, by this time I was getting excited about part three of the auction as I had logged on to bid for Lancaster Bomber, I wanted her home. Part three came online “14 birds” I checked the list for Lancaster Bomber but it wasn’t the news I wanted; she was not on the list. This auction lasted another two weeks. Where was she???

The little blue hen with the big heart and never say die attitude, just like her mother “Rainy Day Lady”, who we sent to Tenerife to take on the world’s best.

All auctions, over one hundred fifty seven birds sold but still no sign of Lancaster Bomber, but I was no giving up. I followed up with another message to Tenerife with the following “ 109 birds sold at PIPA, and 48 sold at Tenerife auctions, but there are still a number of birds missing” they had to be somewhere? Nine birds missing and Lancaster Bomber was one of them. My feelings were at this time if I could find the other eight birds I may find Lancaster Bomber.

BINGO”  a week later a part four auction came up on the website “6 birds”. Funny what you can find under the carpets, and yes Lancaster Bomber was one of them. 

Two weeks later Lancaster Bomber was heading home, I had managed to secure the top bid. She was transported to Belgium from Tenerife and spent five weeks there not sure what the problem was? But Walker Transport persevered and did a great job of getting her home. “Big thank you to Walkers Transport”.

She was given a week to settle in and this she did, playing up to the cocks in the adjoining avery. I picked her out a handsome chequed cock, who four grandparents are “The Golden Cock”, “Champion Indy”, “Devin” and “Ellen”. Yes Matt Rakes top birds. With “Lancaster Bomber” home it feels great but what a journey she had been on. 

Today I rang a pair of young birds off Lancaster Bomber and the handsome Cock, which I would like to put up for auction with all proceeds going to children’s charities. I am giving Les Parkinson at Elimar Pigeon Auctions the job of selling them. He will also choosing the children’s charities to where the money will go, Big thank you to Les Parkinson who is wavering any auction charges. Keep an eye on the Elimar website, if you are looking for good stock, with Lancaster Bombers big heart and the handsome cocks 700 mile blood line. You are looking at “ Rainy Day Lady x Matt Rakes best”.

Happy bidding, keep safe and have good season racing.  

Stephen Jones 

Ps: follow the English lads at these winter races in Tenerife at “DERBYARONA”. 2,159 birds started this race, now only 448 birds left. It’s a tough race series,  1,711 birds lost up to now . The final will be at the end of March, but we have two car races before that.

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