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The road to success by Bogdan Cernitu - 16-03-21

The Road to Success. 

My name Bogdan Cernitu 38 years old living in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire with my life partner Danuta Magda and our 2 beautiful children Sophie and Sebastian. 

I am racing in Romania, south of the country, in Oltenia province, a well-known zone for marathon races.  A zone with over 1500 active members. 

The pigeon loft is well maintained by my parents Florian Cernitu and Lidia Cojocaru and I am strongly grateful to them.  The road training is done by my long-time friend Martescu Marius and my loft partner in 2009-2011. 

In regards to pigeons, I am lucky to be a person that was born and raised between racing pigeons, my father, 2 of my father uncles, who were into racing pigeons as well as my Grandfather on my father’s side. 

I started racing pigeons at early age, when I was 6 years old, in 1990.

I was lucky enough to start from beginning with quality pigeons (Sticelbout and Bricoux). 

I stopped the racing pigeons in 1994 for a good time because of school and university commitments and my move to UK. 

I restarted the sport in 2009 in partnership with my good friend Martescu Marius after a visit home to Romania on a race day . 

In 2010 reading the Barcelona international race reports in UK I come across Mr Paul Woolliss name, in few sections pigeons containing his blood were in top position.  After a small research on internet I contacted Paul and with his advice I order a hen, with his top stars Lona and Ambition in her pedigree, a granddaughter of both.  I was so impressed with the quality of the hen that I asked for 2 more young birds at his choice, something that will represent his loft, one of them it’s the father of Super Lydia. 

1st National Marathon 2020 with 0,840 coefficient, 3rd best coefficient in history of Romania marathon races .

The stages with which Super Lydia occupies the 1st national place were Tokmak (912 km) and Tokmak National (934 km), where she ranked 1st out of 9,757 pigeons and 4 out of 5,401 pigeons. 

Also an exceptional result in World Best Pigeons 2020 FCI

1st World Best Pigeon FCI 2020 Marathon category.

Pic 1 16 03 21

Pic 2 16 03 21

Pic 3 16 03 21

The World Best Pigeon Championship is organized annually by FCI for countries that are affiliated to the international forum and contains five categories. The first category is dedicated to speed pigeons, it is called the Short distance category and .it’s achieved by ranking five races with a distance between 100 and 400 km. The second category is Middle Distance, achieved by ranking four races, with a distance between 300 and 600 km. Long distance is the third category of the World Best Pigeon competition, for which the pigeons must rank three competitions with a distance of more than 500 km. The fourth category is All-round is made of six races, from 100 to over 500 km, and the last of the categories of the competition is Marathon, whose norm involves the ranking of two competitions of over 800km. Based on these criteria, the best three scores are calculated at national level for each country, and then the International Federation draws the World Best Pigeon ranking. Among the competitors we mention countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Italy or Hungary.

Other Loft Results (part of them ) 

1st County Berlin National 2011 1175km 

1st County Marathon Extrem 2012

2nd County Marathon 2012

4th County Fond Fancier 

4th County fond 

6th County As Marathon 1012 

4th County Harkov National 1157km 

8th National Marathon Extrem 

10th National Harkov Palmares 3 years 2018

3rd County Marathon Palmares 3 years 2019 

8th Provincial marathon Palmares 3 years


1st Club Harkov National 1155km 2018 

1st Club fancier Harkov National from 2 nominated pigeons. 

Just a small part of them 

The loft it’s based on strains of 

Van Wanroy ( Paul Woolliss)

KIPP&SOHNE direct 

A&L van de Wegen 

Nico Volkens 

Etienne Devos 

Jelle Jellema 

Batenburg v.d. Merwe 


Bogdan Cernitu 

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