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The good old days by Dave Bunker Brierley - 06-04-21

The good old days.

There are still good honest fanciers in our sport which will help others. With media communications growing to the point where the whole world is comparative now to the once bar at your local pub, using the analogy of bad news sells and the other of keeping up with the Jones we find ourselves in a place where it is hard to distinguish between friends or foes. This leaves the unscrupulous with the opportunity to exploit others. It has always been there the chap who offers you that quality time piece in the pub at an unbelievable bargain price which seems to good to be true but yourself probably you think trying to appease a marital disagreement and make up for some minor misdemeanour decides to under the affluence of alcohol to make the purchase. Feeling quite chuffed with yourself in the cold light of day the next morning that purchase wasn't the considered purchase you thought it to be! What I'm trying to say is look before you leap, take your time, do your research and always think; will this add value at achieving my goals and I'm I going to regret this in the morning.

Here's a little anecdotal thought to think about! I was talking to my Dad discussing the price of pigeons nowadays and he said to me I never paid more than £5 for a bird when I was racing, at first I thought wow if only things were like that again wouldn't it be great. Then I got to thinking my dad used to send me from the gardens up to Nelly Trattles shop for a packet of number 6 fags, giving me 15p saying you can get yourself some sweets with the 1p change. Now this got me thinking and with the help of Google I soon found out the comparison rate of £5 in 1970 to that of today and to my surprise £5 in 1970 is the equivalent of £67.87 in today’s terms. So something to bare in mind! There is however as there has always been those that in all walks of life will as I say have your eyes out so research and study before you part with your hard earned cash and don’t be fooled by photos of pretty pigeons as I have, there’s loads of pretty pigeons but they are seldom the ones that win!

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You will find however that the one’s that win suddenly become more prettier once it has! Then there’s the emotive subject of hawks and Falcons I’m not disagreeing that there’s not more nowadays than there was years ago that’s a fact because of the breeding programs and laws. What I am saying is it’s how you personally deal with it in the current environment and situation. Here’s an example of what I mean.
The best part of 50 year’s ago. My dad bought a pigeon from his mate Billy Porritt a great flyer at that time. It was a little dark chequer hen as he was so excited to tell me it was a daughter of Little Joe adding the caveat “don’t tell your mother if she finds out my life won’t be worth living” It was for stock but he succeeded in settling it like all newcomers to the loft in them days. One sunny morning before having the chance to breed anything of it she was out flying with the rest of the old birds over Sanderson’s field in front of the loft when in the blink of an eye a falcon went straight though them leaving one falling with a thud. We both scrambled over the fence running towards where it landed, yes you’ve guessed it! it was the little dark hen. I don’t think I ever seen my dad cry but by the look on his face he looked like he was going to. Nearly 50 years later I can remember it as if it was yesterday. My point is exactly this, images, thoughts & stories like this one get etched into your brain, you see a photo or read a story that provokes emotions and it becomes almost real even though you were actually not there.

Once upon a time fanciers would share stories like this over a pint in a pub, the most shocking, emotional tales would probably end up in local pigeon fanciers folklore in an audience of about 30 or 40 others. The point I’m making is that with the advent of social media that take and others like it has an audience of millions with graphic high definition photos or videos to maximize it’s impact provoking your feelings and emotions as if you had lived it yourself. But that’s not all these feelings and emotions are spilled out in the form of comments below with more photos to follow creating more feelings and emotions. But wait there’s more! I know I sound like Jimmy Cricket for you who are old enough to remember that is, anyway as I was saying now how can I say this politely. There are people in this world who probably haven’t been exposed to this in their sheltered lives and immediately take offence to seeing and hearing these comments. There’s a saying I learned working in media communications that has served me well over the years and it is know your audience by this I mean it’s fine to have a chat over a pint in a pub with friends but don’t hang your dirty laundry out for all to see on social media it creates exactly the opposite of what we all go on about which is not keeping or encouraging new fanciers to the sport. Oh yes the hawk and Falcon issue today yes it is worse today but it’s something we have to deal with, it isn’t going away anytime soon but you can make adjustments to minimize the issue of cause staying in the parameters of the law.

So to wrap this up here’s a thought to takeaway just remember that the good old days of tomorrow are the days we are living today create good memories enjoy the sport it can be great if you make it great you the pigeon fanciers of today will be the measure for the fanciers tomorrow.

Yours in sport

Dave Bunker Brierley

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