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New kid in town... by Ebony Crowley part 1 - 07-04-21

New kid in town... by Ebony Crowley

So it has officially begun, my pigeons have arrived, I am now officially a pigeon fancier.

My name is Ebony and I am 16 years old. I come from a long line of pigeon fanciers, at least 5 generations worth. All the previous generations of pigeon fanciers in my family have always been men (even though I secretly know that my Nanna, Elizabeth Wilkinson could hold her own at the sport too), some of the pigeon fraternity might have heard of them, from my Great-Grandad John Wilkinson (known as part of Wilkinson Bros of Middlewich), My Grandad Les (Elimar’s main man), My Grandad Dave and Uncle Craig (from DJ & CJ Wilkinson and Dickens & Wilkinson partnerships) so as some people might say, it runs in the family.

My Mum never had any interest in racing pigeons but has always been involved in some way or another with the sport, being brought up around pigeons, she has always been on the edge, helping out at the clubs, working at the Blackpool Show and more recently running the Elimar business with Les. She has always supported me, so when I said that I wanted to have pigeons, she said go for it.

Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to have pigeons (I actually love any sort of animal, I have 3 dogs at home and I would love to have a pet cow!) so during lockdown it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring up the subject to Les. (Everyone in the famalam knows that he misses having pigeons) and then low and behold a pigeon hit their conservatory window and BOOM, we had our first one.

Welcome home Periwinkle.

EC Pic 1 07 04 21

Anyhow, after a quick scrabble around, Les shifted some boxes from his old stock loft down the side of the house and Periwinkle had her own house. As I’m sure all pigeon fanciers are the same, we couldn’t have Peri on her own so we started having a look on the auction site to see who we could add to the mix.

While Les was left in charge of picking a few more, he put a couple of bids online (at one point we got in a bit of a bidding war for a stunner of a bird but we lost out on it) so we moved on.

So, while we were waiting to see what the outcome of the bids would be, Les called Ray Lunt (another fantastic pigeon flyer) who agreed to make up some boxes. So after a couple of days, he called to say they were ready, so me and my Dad bobbed over to pick them up and brought them back to get the set-up prepared. While I was on this mission, Les went over to Roger Sutton’s to get the supplies needed.... we were on our way.

EC Pic 2 07 04 21

So after a good 3 weeks from starting our new venture, me and Les now have the start of our small pigeon family.
We have De Kolonel (The Big Unit) & Jane,

EC Pic 4 07 04 21

De Maurice (what a gentleman) with Betty and The OG, Periwinkle, who is still on the lookout for her hubby.

EC Pic 5 07 04 21

We also have Billy Boy & Rose

EC Pic 6 07 04 21

and Rodder’s & Fern.

EC Pic 7 07 04 21

We have 4 pairs and 2 of them have already laid (whoop whoop... the babies are on the way).

EC Pic 8 07 04 21

Watch this space.....

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