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A Barcelona International 2021 Lament - 05-07-21

A Barcelona International 2021 Lament

Barcelona International has long been the mecca for all the pigeon heads of extreme long distance pigeon racing which transcends the boundaries between dreams and reality has long been the race that these select pigeon fanciers migrate to. This is no more so than here in the UK where once a year the tension and excitement build into a crescendo in the summer when this race is flown. All this after years of selecting, planning, deep thought and very hard work through the cold dark unforgiving winter days and nights.

This year will be different for fanciers from old Blighty as there is no channel racing, this includes Barcelona International! This will be a bittersweet experience as the race will still go ahead for our European counterparts. I say bittersweet because using a football analogy we have been placed on the side line as a team to watch but not take part, not through injury or any faults of our own but because of political power games where politicians have spat their dummies out and taken their ball home. I won’t go into the political reasons of why this is the situation because I’m  sure that anyone that’s has an interest will be well aware of the reasons. So with that said the ramifications of this can seem to the individual fanciers huge with their emotions running riot feeling all the usual feelings such as anger, disbelief and disappointment after all of their hard work and the build up of anticipation for this year have fallen by the wayside. These initial feelings though are just that initial and the characters who participate in this type of racing are hard like their birds have to be and will soon adapt like they have to all the time in long distance marathon racing to overcome their emotions and see the situation as an opportunity to improve their bird’s and systems for next year. Now I understand that this select group of fanciers who fly Barcelona International will be saying who is this chap how can he understand what it’s like for us? Well the truth is I can’t but I empathize with you as I to like lots of other fanciers can’t race the race I live and breathe for Bourges.  Also I heard that Bourges has been cancelled altogether as a race point so that’s a double whammy! I can only dream of even entering a bird into the Barcelona International at approximately 926 miles to me a logistical nightmare for a house bound small team back garden flyer but I won’t stop trying to overcome my own situation and who knows maybe one day. So to summarise this little lament on Barcelona International this year god willing and with lady luck on our side next year Barcelona International plus all channel racing returns and we can file this into the annals of history something to tell the younger fanciers about in the future!

Good luck to all the fanciers who are making the best of the situation and here’s to a return to normality with channel racing next year.

Yours in sport

Dave Bunker Brierley 2021

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