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Saltney 13-12-18


As another show season is coming to an end we have seen the highs an lows of running such an event, the hard work put into the shows by our show secretary and his 3 girls and myself has seen our best week by a big margin. It’s weeks like this where you can sit back and say its all worth while.

As for this week I would like to begin by giving thanks on behalf of the club to all the fanciers who turned up to support us this week, it's great to see the pens full for a change and like our show secretary said, it makes the hard work all seem worth while when we see a day like today.

Today consisted of two classes which were Old Cocks and Young Cocks judged by the partnership V Jacobs and son. Vic and Paul Jacobs who we all know are both top blokes from Shotton took their time out to come judge the show today so thanks lads we appreciate it.

So with today seeing the most birds we've had in a long time seen 48 birds in the old cocks class with a nom of £45 up for grabs.


1 Lloyd & Bagnall £8.50 & £45

2 R Dodd & Son £6.50

3 Lloyd & Bagnall £4.50

4 Jones Lamb & Daughter £2.50

5 Jimmy Jones

6 Jones Lamb & Daughter

7 Jones Lamb & Daughter

8 Paul Coombes



The young cocks class saw just as many birds again with extra pens being needed, 46 birds were entered in this class with a nom of £43 up for grabs.


1 Lloyd & Bagnall £8.50 & £43

2 Lloyd & Bagnall £6.50

3 Colin Jones £4.50

4 D & L Woodworth £2.50

5 Jack Lavender

6 Jack Lavender

7 Jones Lamb & Daughter

8 T Ellson


Well done to Keith Lloyd, such a gentlemen, who’s a credit to the sport. Keith brought 4 birds and not only carded with all four but with an outstanding result winning both classes. Four very worthy Pigeons which were in very good condition taking home a tidy £116.

Points table shown below is starting to look a bit more interesting with one show to go. Who's gonna win the trophy next week at the Christmas special.


1 G O Jones 80pts

2 Jones Lamb & Daughter 60pts

3 Lloyd & Bagnall 43pts

4 A Murray & Sons

5 Jimmy Jones 22pts

6 Jack Lavender 14pts

7 T Ellson 11pts

8 J & S Archibald 10pts

9 R Dodd & Son 7pts

10 T Allen 6pts

11 Russel & Thomas 4pts

12 Colin Jones 4pts

13 D & L Woodworth 3pts


Next week is our final show and we hope to see you all there again, the show will start 1 hour later due to moving into the big Hall for the presentation to be held at the same time. Birdage is 50p per bird with an unlimited nom of £1 per pigeon.

Everyone is welcome no entry fee for presentation we just ask you fetch some birds down for show which will consist of 3 classes, Any Age Cocks, Any Age Hens and a fancy class which you can enter any age any sex any colour.

We will have a buffet, club presentation breeder buyer presentation and open race presentation and a raffle.

Thanks again hopefully see you next week.

Alan Foster

Saltney Social Press Officer