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Roscrea April 19th 2014




Roscrea April 19th 2014

The second race of the year sees the bird move on to Roscrea in Co. Tipperary, a distance of around 140 miles to the fanciers in the North West. With a fine sunny day and the little wind we had in our favour, a good race was on the cards for a change. However, as it turned out, there were quite a few empty perches come night fall. It's thought that a lot of birds ended up around Donegal, which would suggest more east in the wind than we thought during the day. A lot of birds then will have gone up the Swilly, and probably have ended up around Malin Head.

A lot more training going on during the last week or so, saw a good jump in birdage, with many more fanciers dipping their toes this week. Birdage then was well up on last week, as were the velocities, which is not surprising given the conditions. The birds were released at 10am and everyone was looking forward to a good race. Not much to waffle on about this week, so we will go straight to the results. No particular order this week, so I will give you them as I received them myself.

First up this week, we will go to the Amelia Earhart club, where the Mc Monagle brothers Jim and Ray get back to winning ways. This week’s winning pigeon is one off their Karl Murphy pigeons which they brought in a couple of years ago. I’m sure these birds bred winners for the partnership last season as well. Well done to Jim and Ray, a top result. Second this week, sees Tommy White back to racing ways again, with Micky Mc Closkey with a good third position. The full result for the Amelia club then, looks like this, 1st J & R Mc Monagle, 1517, 2nd T White 1508, 3rd M Mc Closkey, 1504, 4th S Campbell, 1493, 5th and 8th E Quigley, 1476, 1469, 6th and 9th Canning and Gill, 1475, 1463, 7th G Mc Glinchey, 1472, 10th C Fox 1463. (16 members sent 265).

McMonagle Bros Jim and Ray

Over next to the Derry and District, where old hand Sean Duffy leads the pack this week. Sean has a good race taking third as well, and also has the first bird in Derry this week. Second and fourth this week, is the improving Anthony Mc Crudden, who will no doubt be pulling in the red cards before too long. The full result for the Derry and District looked like this then, 1st and 3rd S Duffy 1542, 1532, 2nd, 4th, 8th and 9th A Mc Crudden 1537, 1529, 1491 and 1490, 5th and 6th B & K Reid 1514, 1508, 7th D Canning 1498, 10th P Hegarty 1490. (16 members sent 200).

Over in the Londonderry club this week, Leo Flanagan is off and running for the season. Leo has three in the top ten with third and fifth as well. Derek Simpson gets in the mix this week, with a good second position. The final result for the Londonderry club looked like this then, 1st, 3rd and 5th, L Flanagan, 1514, 1474 and 1453, 2nd D Simpson 1500, 4th and 10th Wick and Murray, 1453 and 1439, 6th B Houston, 1451, 7th P Breslin, 1450, 8th and 9th J Cassidy, 1445 and 1444. (13 members sent 172).

Leo Flannagan

Up to Omagh next, where Alan Kelly dominates the result this week. Alan has three in the top six, with Richard Adams taking two of the six spots, and Kenny Armstrong the last an in the frame. The full result for Omagh was, 1st, 3rd and 5th A Kelly, 1491, 1431 and 1417, 2nd and 6th R Adams, 1476 and 1396, 4th K Armstrong, 1420.

Up in the new Mourne and District club this week, they luckily had five members sending, although they did send an impressive 220 birds between them. Three members dominated the result, with Tony Conway leading the rest home, and having a super race with five in the top ten. Davy and Troy Booth take the remaining positions. The result was as follows, 1st, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th T Conway, 1550, 1500, 1486, 1486 and 1484. (5 members sent 220).

Top flying by Tony in the Mourne and District

Over in the Foyle club this week, that man Maxwell is back to winning ways again. The Maxwell’s dominate the result this week, with Noel Mc Grotty and last week’s winner filling the remaining positions. The full result was as follows, 1st,5th and 7th P Maxwell Senior, 1522, 1492 and 1482, 2nd, 3rd and 10th, P Maxwell Junior, 1519, 1503 and 1470, 4th and 6th N Mc Grotty, 1493 and 1488, 8th and 9th, B Page 1481 and 1475.

First in the Foyle for Paul Maxwell

Last but not least to my own club the Maiden City, where it’s not often I get to blow my own trumpet, but this week we had a great race for us, taking first, fourth and eleventh. I am happy enough just to see them coming home each week, but a win is always a bonus. Tony Morrison and sons, who fly to Buncrana, also had a top week, with second and fourth spots. Frankie Ramsey in third makes up the top five. The full result then for the Maiden City was, 1st and 4th J & B Knox, 1505 and 1487, 2nd and 5th T, A & D Morrison, 1494 and 1487, 3rd, 7th and 8th F Ramsey, 1492, 1479 and 1479, 6th and 9th P Mc Laughlin, 1481 and 1475, 10th P & M Healy. (14 members sent 254). And just as a matter of curiosity, anyone out there that lost, or had the late arrival of a dark mosaic hen, with a blue ets ring on, she was in Derry at around 12.40p.m yesterday. I hope she got home safely.

Jimmy and Billy Knox

One last thing, the top five in the Derry Fed this week were, 1st and 3rd S Duffy, D & D, 2nd and 4th A Mc Crudden, D & D, 5th P Maxwell Senior, Foyle.

Well done to all our winners this week, and to anyone who managed to get a position in their respective clubs. Latest news is that Tony Conway has an Open winner this week. Let’s hope so and I will update next week.

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