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Clonmel - May 2013





Clonmel - May 2013

The NIPA birds were supposed to go to Pilmore Beach this week, but due to a recent bird strikes at Dublin Airport, the NIPA had no option but to move the race point. Fermoy was the choice, but then because of the deteriorating weather, in the end up, we actually were brought back to Clonmel. Not the race or the direction the NIPA had hoped for, having set up the race programme to include Pilmore Beach, in a bid to help the birds being set up for channel racing. With the prevailing westerly winds in this country, having to move the birds to more easterly positions at short notice may become a more regular occurrence.

On to the race itself then, and we have to start up in Limavady again this week, where once again Ronnie Witherow takes another Section win. That’s two Sections in two weeks for Ronnie. Top class flying yet again and now with the channel to come, it probably won’t be his last for the year. The full result for the Limavady club looks like this: 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th R Witherow 1771, 1760, 1759, 1746, 2nd, 5th and 7th W Mc Ilmoyle 1761, 1747, 8th H Crawford, 9th D Johnston, 10th J Mc Cool.

The quickest bird in Derry this week was in the Maiden City where the Quigley family had a super race with a first and a third. Kieran is hitting a bit of form just before his favourite yearling national in a couple of week’s time. The full result for the Maiden City is as follows: 1st, 3rd and 10th S Quigley, Son and Grandson 1750, 1717, 2nd S Morrison 1729, 4th B Ogilvie 1711, 5th P Mc Laughlin 1692, 6th, 7th and 9th Concannon Bros, 8th Martin Bros. (19 members sent 178).

Down in the Amelia Earhart this week, Mc Monagle brothers Jim and Ray are back on top again taking first and second in the club. This week’s winning bird is the same bird that won Clonmel earlier in the season and is bred from the gift bird’s they received from Karl Murphy and Micky Hamilton. The full result for the Amelia club looks like this: 1st, 3rd and 5th J+R Mc Monagle 1748, 1704, 1693, 3rd R Cassidy 1700, 4th N Cassidy 1695, 6th, 7th and 9th T White, 10th P Ward.

Up in the Omagh club this week, Alan Hall is back on top again, notching up another red card for the season. Alan Kelly is close behind again, with Alan in third, and Kenny Armstrong rounding out the top five. The full result then looks like this, 1st and 3rd A Hall 1743, 1737, 2nd A Kelly 1742, 4th and 5th K Armstrong 1724, 1722, 6th R Adams 1711.

In the Derry and District this week, Jim and Gary Ramsey continue their rich vein of form with another top fly this week, taking first and sixth in the club. Anthony Mc Crudden is close behind in second, while veteran Sean Duffy makes up the top three. The full result then for the Derry and District looked like this: 1st and 6th J+G Ramsey 1738, 2nd, 4th and 7th A Mc Crudden 1737, 1708, 3rd S Duffy 1734, 5th and 9th M Chism and Son 1704, 8th D canning, 10th Cooley Bros.

Over in the Londonderry club this week it’s Noel Murray and Leo Flanagan who dominate the result yet again. Noel takes the top two spots, with Leo filling the next five positions. Top flying again by both men. The full result for the Londonderry was as follows: 1st, 2nd and 8th N Murray 1732, 1721, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th L Flanagan 1718, 1702, 1700, 1695, 9th and 10th J+D Kelly. (12 members sent 129).

Next we go up to the Strabane club, where it’s the Tony Conway show again. Tony is having a really good season and his birds are in super order at the minute. This week Tony totally dominates, taking the top six positions in the club, with this week’s winner, a bird that Tony clocked from Talbenny last year. The full result then for Strabane looks like this: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th T Conway 1691, 1691, 1690, 1689, 1689, 1654, 7th and 9th T Ferguson + Son, 10th H Mc Nulty.

In the City of Derry Federation this week, the top ten looked like this, 1st and 10th S Quigley,Son and Grandson 1750, 2nd J + R Mc Monagle 1748, 3rd J + G Ramsey 1738, 4th A Mc Crudden 1737, 5th S Duffy 1732, 6th and 8th N Murray, 7th P Maxwell Jnr, 9th L + B Flanagan (75 members sent 803).

Well done again to our Section winner Ronnie Witherow, and well done to all our club winners and those who took positions. It’s the start of the channel racing next week, with everyone’s favourite, Talbenny. Good luck to all those brave enough to send.

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Two in a row for Jim and Gary

Two Sections in a row for Ronnie

A good week for the Quigley family

McMonagle Bros Jim and Ray take another win

Another win for Alan in Omagh

Another win for Tony in Strabane