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Tullamore 2 Yb





Tullamore 2 YB

The way things looked at the weekend, it didn’t look like we would get a race at all, but then it is the NIPA we are talking about. Anyone could see that for a start, there wasn’t a snowball's chance that they would get them up on Sunday, so why basket on Saturday? When they then decided to bring them back to Tullamore instead of Roscrea, we all knew then what we were in for. And, we got just what we expected, a real stinker, with many empty perches. The velocities from all the clubs tell the story I think. According to reports, the convoy hung around the site and didn’t clear, and when they did, they headed in totally the wrong direction. Maybe we are being overly critical of the NIPA and the people who have to make these decisions. It puts me in mind sometimes of a journey I made back from Scotland with my wife, when we were over with my daughter in Aberdeen. We were sailing from Cairnryan back to Belfast with P&O. The weather all the way down from Aberdeen was terrible with rain and very strong winds. We were actually on the lookout for a B&B near Cairnryan as we thought there was no way the ferry would be sailing. But when we got there, boarding was going ahead as normal. When we got on the ferry, we sat for a long time and without sailing, while the waves crashed against the windows on the third deck and the wind buffeted the ferry. Then, a few buses pulled up, the people got off and boarded and the ferry suddenly became jammed with not only extra passengers, but all the Stenna Line crew as well. Stenna had decided that the weather was too bad to sail and had cancelled. The P&O captain however took great pleasure in announcing to everyone, that they were P&O, and they always sailed no matter what the weather was like. Anyway, that’s enough of a moan for this week, so let’s get to the results.

This week we will start with the Omagh club where Alan Hall makes an overdue return to the top position. Alan is known to all as being one of the North West’s top flyers for many years now and this week, he adds another Section diploma to his collection. Alan had a super race, taking the first three in the club with one of this year’s top flyers in Omagh, Kenny Armstrong in fourth and T Finnegan in fifth. Well done again to Alan on topping the Section, and to all those lucky enough to clock at all. Full result then 1st, 2nd and 3rd Alan Hall 1104, 1104, 1061, 4th Kenny Armstrong 1050, 5th T Finnegan 975.

Next up, we go to the Strabane club, where, judging by the velocities, things were just as tight for them. Showing the rest the way home this week is Tommy Mc Bride, with last week’s winner John ( Buddy ) Gamble in second. Tony Conway gets close again in third, with D Sales having a good race in fourth and fifth. The full result looks like this, 1st Tommy Mc Bride 982, 2nd J Gamble 958, 3rd T Conway 950, 4th and 5th D Sales 912, 833.

On then to the Derry and District club, where Jim Ramsey takes the honours again this week. Jim also has the first bird in Derry this week, and tops off a great race with a fourth place as well. Two other men in super form round out the top five. New flyer Colm Mc Conomy Jnr, takes a good second, with one of the clubs most consistent flyers all year, Danny Canning taking third and fifth. The full result then for the Derry and District looks like this, 1st and 4th Jim and Gary Ramsey 1057, 939, 2nd Colm Mc Conomy Jnr 964, 3rd and 5th Danny Canning 943, 841.

In the Londonderry club this week, Noel Murray gets back to winning ways taking first spot well ahead of the pack. Young Billy Houston has a very good race taking second and third, with Micky Mc Nutt clocking two, to take fourth and fifth positions. Very good flying from Billy and Micky this week. The full result looked like this, 1st Noel Murray 1002, 2nd and 3rd Billy Houston 873, 861, 4th and 5th Micky Mc Nutt 848, 846.

Next up this week is the Rock Club, which I must start calling the Amelia Earhart Flying Club, as they have renamed the club this year. I’m sure no one will be offended at my still using The Rock though as, and again no offence is intended, but the new name sounds like a light aircraft society as there is no mention of pigeons in the name. Flying high this week are Willie and Darren Hamilton, who cruise into the top spot and also take third. Pat Ward lands a second position this week, while Andy Mitchell climbs steadily to take fourth. Fifth spot goes to new start Jimmy Quigley who has already been at the top of the arrivals board this year and will hope for a return to the top before long. The arrivals board for this week looks like this, 1st and 3rd Willie and Darren Hamilton 908, 880, 2nd Pat Ward 896, 4th Andy Mitchell 828, and 5th Jimmy Quigley 828.

In the Maiden City this week, the very consistent McGettigan Brothers are back on top again, taking first and fourth positions. Top flying from John and Eddie. Gerry Mc Laughlin makes a welcome return in second spot. Gerry only flies with a very small team of birds, but is always there or there abouts. Another consistent flyer, Kieran Quigley gets in for a third position, while top young bird flyer from last year Robert Lyle makes up the top five. The Maiden City result then looks like this, 1st and 4th McGettigan Bros 1039, 986, 2nd Gerry Mc Laughlin 1019, 3rd Dunne and Quigley 1015, 5th Robert Lyle 974.

John McGettigan of McGettigan Bros

Gerry McLaughlin

The Oldies do it again this week in the Foyle, with my very old friend Raymond O Reilly taking top spot ahead of all the young bucks. Unfortunately the Foyle hadn’t posted any results at the time of writing. It looks like The Maxwell’s both Senior and Junior had a good race taking a number of positions between them. Sean Mc Grotty also takes a top five position.

Paul Maxwell

Sean McGrotty

Last but not least this week, we go to the Limavady club, where John Mc Cool in his first young bird race of the year takes first and third. Willie Mc Ilmoyle, who is always in the result, takes second, while top flyer Ronnie Witherow has to settle for fourth and fifth this week. Super flying from John this week and the man to watch when he really gats going. The full result then for Limavady was 1st and 3rd John Mc Cool 1096, 1087, 2nd Willie Mc Ilmoyle 1091, 4th and 5th Ronnie Witherow 1051, 1038.

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