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Talbenny & Fermoy





This week we see another two races, the first from Talbenny in Wales, and secondly, from Fermoy. Both races turned out to be very strange affairs, but unlike last week, we will try to take the positives from racing, rather than moaning about things. There are always a few game pigeons that will make home despite everything we throw at them, and despite our wonderful climate, be it torrential rain, hurricanes, floods, fog, or whatever else nature throws at them. The wheels have certainly come loose this past couple of weeks, if they haven’t already fallen off. Let’s hope we can get back to normal soon, as the season for old birds at least, only has a few more weeks to go. And with the longest and perhaps most prestigious races still to come, fanciers will be hoping for a break as even at this stage, many channel and indeed French hopefuls have bitten the dust.

On then to the results for the Talbenny and Fermoy races. Some club results are short and sweet, a testament to the conditions we have been talking about. But in saying that we have had some super performances this week.

We will start this week with the Stabane club, where Glenn Quinn and Tony Conway excel once again. From Talbenny, Glenn has the only two birds, and what makes it even more special is the fact that these where the same two birds that Glenn clocked last week. A really super fly from Glenn, who is at the top of his game at the minute. The result was 1st and 2nd Glenn Quinn 1098, 1071.

From the Fermoy race in Strabane, we have our Section winner for this week. Always there or there abouts every week, congratulations this week to Tony Conway on topping the Section. Taking three of the first five, Tony has a super weeks racing. The full Fermoy result in the Strabane club reads like this, 1st, 2nd and 5th Tony Conway 1301, 1298, 1247, 3rd and 4th Glenn Quinn 1252, 1251.

Next up we have the Omagh club, where again one man dominates and takes both wins this week. Alan Kelly has a great weekend taking the first three from Fermoy, and just for good measure, takes first and third from Talbenny as well. And as we see from our velocities, Tony will also top the Section from Talbenny. As I said, not a bad weekends racing. The full results from Omagh look like this. From Talbenny, 1st and 3rd Alan Kelly 1216, 1138, 2nd Alan Hall 1140, 4th and 5th Kenny Armstrong.

From Fermoy, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Alan Kelly 1288, 1262, 1261, 4th K Armstrong 1231, 5th T Booth 1226.

On then to the Londonderry club, where I only have a result for the Fermoy race. Back on top this week, we have Leo Flannagan who takes the first three positions. Filling out the top five, we have Donal Kelly and the Sow and Grow boys, and in fifth, Noel Murray. The full result was as follows, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Leo Flannagan 1276, 1271, 1244, 4th Donal Kelly 1236, 5th Noel Murray 1177.

We will move on then to the Maiden City where that man Mc Laughlin wins again and takes his total wins to five I believe for the season so far. Pat takes the first three from Fermoy. Another super channel race for Seamus Morrison who wins back to back Talbenny’s with his single entry. Seamus had the first bird in Derry last week and will be going all out to add to his channel successes over the next few weeks. Seamus’s bird is the only one on the day. The full results for the Maiden City then look like this. From Talbenny, 1st Seamus Morrison 837.

From Fermoy the result was, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Pat Mc Laughlin 1259, 1258, 1182, 4th P + M Healy 1172, 5th Concannon Bros 1151.

In the Limavady club this week, two men again take the lion’s share of the spoils. Willie Mc Ilmoyle takes first and third from Talbenny with Ronnie Witherow in second. While from Fermoy, Ronnie dominates, taking first, second, third and fifth, with Henderson Crawford in fourth spot.  Another fine weekend for Ronnie and Willie. The full results then were as follows. From Talbenny, 1st and 3rd Willie Mc Ilmoyle 1096, 837, 2nd Ronnie Witherow 962.

From the Fermoy race, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th, Ronnie Witherow, 1295, 1286, 1269, 1249, 4th Henderson Crawford 1250.

Next, to the Foyle where Sean Mc Grotty does the double, taking first spot from both Talbenny and Fermoy. Raymond O Reilly has a good race from Talbenny taking second and third positions. Only three birds in the result. 1st Sean Mc Grotty 1106, 2nd and 3rd Raymond O Reilly 1036, 993.

From Fermoy, 1st, 2nd and 4th Sean Mc Grotty 1285, 1242, 1156, 3rd Paul Maxwell 1157, 5th Noel Mc Grotty 1153.

In the Derry and District this week, Maxi Chism cleans up from Fermoy taking first, second and fourth, with Joe ebbs in third and Colm Mc Conomy in fifth. Maxi is having a super season and keeps up his winning form. From Talbenny, Danny Cooley records another win with Kieran Reid in second. Again it looks like only two birds in this result. Full results for the Derry and District Talbenny, 1st Cooley Bros 1008, 2nd B + K Reid 980.

From Fermoy, 1st2nd and 4th M+ C Chism 1289, 1229, 1182, 3rd Joe Ebbs 1220, 5th Colm Mc Conomy 1177.

Last up this week, we have the Rock where Tommy White does it again, winning Talbenny ahead of Fox and Hegarty. Again, we have just the two birds in the result. Congratulations to Tommy who is always knocking at the door each week, and to Fox + Hegarty who will surely now have one eye on the French race.

From Fermoy this week, Eamon Quigley cleans up, taking the first four positions with Jim and Ray Mc Monagle having to settle for fifth. The velocities for the Fermoy birds were 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th Eamon Quigley 1275, 1142, 1124, 1013, 5th Mc Monagle Bros 992.

Sean McGrotty. First from Talbenny and Fermoy.

Pat McLaughlin. First three from Fermoy.

Leo Flannagan takes the first three in the Londonderry club.

Ronnie Witherow who takes the first three from Fermoy.

Seamus Morrison. 1st from Talbenny for the second week.