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Fermoy 1






Race five of the season and we are pushing the two hundred mile mark with the birds at Fermoy in County Cork. People must be thinking there’s something in the Derry water as yet again we have another Section winner. The honour this week goes to Pat Mc Laughlin from the Maiden City club. Pat is no stranger to such heady heights and with the birds in such super form must be confident of some big results as we get to the distance races which Pat normally excels in.

We will start this week then with the Maiden City club where a fantastic fly from Pat Mc Laughlin sees Pat in first place and taking top spot in the Section as well. Getting ever closer and just in time for the national races is Kieran Quigley who takes a good second position. Third and fourth this time are last week’s winners Mc Gettigan Bros, with Pat back in the frame for fifth. The full result for Fermoy was 1st and 5th Pat Mc Laughlin 1435,1356, 2nd and 9th Dunne + Quigley 1407,1331, 3rd and 4th Mc Gettigan Bros 1407,1374, 6th R Lyle 1354, 7th Concannon Bros 1350, 8th B Page1331, 10th F Ramsey 1031.

Pat McLaughlin who wins the Maiden City and Section H.

Kieran Quigley who takes second in the Maiden City.

Next up this week, we have the Foyle club, where one of our previous Section winners, John Mc Laughlin, reclaims top spot in the club and will take second Section with another great fly. Second and third spots go to the ever present Paul Maxwell, with Jim Diamond hanging on in there in fourth and James Gallagher in fifth. The full result then was as follows: 1st John Mc Laughlin 1422, 2nd and 3rd Paul Maxwell 1400,  1365, 4thand 10th Jim Diamond 1342,1304, 5th and 7th James Gallagher 1337, 1319, 6th N Mc Grotty 1324, 8th and 9th Millar + Doherty 1307, 1305.

On then to the Limavady club where Ronnie Whiterow dominates, taking the first three positions, as well as sixth. Ronnie will also take 3rd, 4th and 5th in the Section. Another super fly from a loft in form. Liam Miller hangs on in there to take fourth spot while Henderson Crawford completes the top five. The result for the Limavady club this week then looks like this: 1st ,2nd, 3rd and 6th Ronnie Whiterow 1416, 1415, 1412, 1385, 4th Liam Miller 1402, 5th Henderson Crawford 1389, 7th D Johnston 1325, 8th W Mc Ilmoyle1321, 9th J Crawford 1279, 10th J Mc Cool 1246.

Ronnie Whiterow who takes the top three in Limavady.

In the Derry and District club this week, Maxi Chism gets a well deserved win. A very consistent flyer, Maxi is always there or there abouts when the results come out. Second this week and taking closer order week on week are the Cooley Bros with Maxi rounding off a super race taking third. Fourth goes to last week’s winner Anthony Mc Crudden while Kieran Reid fills out the top five. The full result then was: 1st, 3rd and 9th Maxi and Connor Chism 1408, 1403, 1341, 2nd Cooley Bros 1404, 4th and 8th A Mc Crudden 1399,1341, 5th B + K Reid 1358, 6th E Mc Eleney 1355, 7th S Duffy 1354, 10th J + G Ramsey 1340.

In the Rock club this week, Niall Cassidy returns to the spot with another good fly. Andy Mitchell will be having nose bleeds getting so high up in second, with the Mc Monagle partnership of Jim and Ray not far away again in third. Surely Tommy White’s day will come as he takes 4th, 5th and 6th this week again. Full result for the Rock: 1st N Cassidy 1405, 2nd Andy Mitchell 1388, 3rd and 7th J + R Mc Monagle, 4th, 5th and 6th T White 1353, 1348, 1339, 8th E Quigley 1311, 9th M Quigley, 10th W + D Hamilton.

On then to the Strabane club, where Glenn Quinn dominates this week. Glenn is another flyer who is in the mix every week and has another great week taking five of the top ten positions, the winner, one of Glenn’s Hartog pigeons. Gerry Mc Cauley does well in third while Ray Mc Bride fills out the top five in fourth. The Strabane result was as follows: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th Glenn Quinn 1401, 1381, 1328, 1323, 1319, 3rd Gerry Mc Cauley 1349, 4th Ray Mc Bride 1333, 8th and 9th T Conway 1293, 1293, 10th T Mc Bride 1287.


In Omagh this week one man dominates again, with Tony Booth taking five of the top ten spots. Ken Armstrong has another good race taking three in the top ten with Alan Kelly filling the remaining slots. Full result then was 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th T Booth 1382, 1368, 1365, 1361, 1353, 2nd, 3rd, 8th K Armstrong 1379, 1375, 1355, 7th, 10th A Kelly 1358, 1351.


Last but by no means least this week, we have the Londonderry club, where Joe and Donal Kelly make a welcome return to top spot and also takes second and sixth just for good measure. Third and fourth this week to Noel Murray, with Leo Flannagan making up the top five. He full result then was 1st, 2nd and 6th Joe + Donal Kelly 1378, 1356, 1343, 3rd, 4th and 8th Noel Murray 1349, 1349, 1336, 5th and 10th L Flannagan 1346, 1304, 7th D Kelly 1342, 9th D Simpson 1321.

Joe Kelly who takes first and second in the Londonderry club.