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Yet another very cold north easterly for the birds this week from Clonmel, a distance or most fanciers of 180 miles plus. That said, the leading birds again made light of the conditions with the leading pigeons doing around 1,300 ypm. And it seems that the Derry pigeons again will take top section positions, with Eamon Quigley who flies just across the border to Muff taking first in Section H. That in fact makes it three Section wins from four races into Derry.

We will start with the Rock club this week, where as we have mentioned Eamon Quigley takes top honours and tops the Section as well. Eamon is no stranger to the top position and wins his fair share of races every year. He is always a hard man to beat as the races get longer and this super win will set him up for the rest of the season. Jim and Ray Mc Monagle get close again this week in second, while Micky Mc Closkey and Tommy White hold on in there, with Micky taking 3rd and 4th, and Tommy in 5th. The full result for the Rock club was as follows, 1st Eamon Quigley 1316 ypm, 2nd Jim + Ray Mc Monagle 1223, 3rd Micky Mc Closkey 1213, 4th Micky Mc Closkey1211, 5th Tommy White 1201, 6th T White 1198, 7th W + D Hamilton, 8th E Quigley 1172, 9th  W +D Hamilton 1169, 10th M Mc Closkey 1162.

Next up, we have the Maiden City club where once again we have another new winner in a club that no one seems to dominate. This time, making a welcome return to the top is the Mc Gettigan Brothers partnership who are the shortest lying members in the club. The loft is in Burndenett, some ten miles short of Derry which makes it very hard to win when you are giving away such a distance. However, John and Eddie do get their fair share of wins especially when the big races come around. Second and fourth this week is the very consistent Seamus Morrison with Frankie Ramsay and Jimmy + Billy Knox making up the top five. The full result for the Maiden City was, 1st Mc Gettigan Bros 1208, 2nd Seamus Morrison 1204, 3rd Frankie Ramsay 1192, 4th Seamus Morrison 1191, 5th Jimmy + Billy Knox 1186, 6th Dunne + Quigley 1177, 7th Dunne + Quigley 1167, 8th Coyle Bros 1163, 9th P Mc Laughlin, 10th Quigley + Dunne 1155.

John McGettigan (McGettigan Bros). First in the Maiden City.

In the Foyle Club this week, the familiar name of Paul Maxwell is back on top again. Paul takes the first three in the club with the ever present John Mc Laughlin and Jim Diamond filling the top five spots. The full result for the Foyle club was as follows, 1st Paul Maxwell 1206, 2nd Paul Maxwell 1184, 3rd John Mc Laughlin 1154, 4th Jim Diamond 1146, 5th Jim Diamond 1145, 6th N Mc Grotty 1145, 7th S Mc Grotty 1141, 8th S Mc Grotty 1138, 9th Millar + Doherty 1122, 10th R O Reilly 1105.

Paul Maxwell. First three in the Foyle.

As with the Foyle, the Derry and District sees Anthony Mc Crudden maintaining his fantastic early season form as once again he sits in pole position, while it’s good to see Tony Mullen back in the frame as he hasn’t been well lately. Maxi Chism and Eddie Mc Eleney are still hanging on in there as well, and with Sean Duffy, they make up  the first five. The results then for the Derry and District were, 1st Anthony Mc Crudden 1262, 2nd Tony Mullen + Son1226, 3rd M + C Chism, 4th Eddie Mc Eleney 1193, 5th Sean Duffy 1187, 6th Cooley Bros 1183, 7th T Mullen + Son 1177, 8th M Fahy 1150, 9th B + K Reid 1148, 10th M + C Chism 1147.

Tony Mullen. 2nd in the Derry+District.

In Limavady this week, we have Ronnie Whiterow and Willie Mc Ilmoyle filling most of the positions. Newcomer Liam Miller is getting ever closer with a good second place. Ronnie however makes his way back to the top again, Liam with second,Willie third, and Ronnie in fourth and fifth. The full result then for the Limavady club was, 1st Ronnie Whiterow 1216, 2nd Liam Miller 1213, 3rd Willie Mc Ilmoyle 1208, 4th Ronnie Whiterow 1199, 5th Ronnie Whiterow  1192, 6th L Miller 1189, 7th W mc Ilmoyle 1188, 8th R Whiterow 1183, 9th W Mc Ilmoyle 1181, 10th J Mc Cool 1179.

Ronnie Whiterow. Back on top in the Limavady club.

In Strabane this week, Tommy Mc Bride continues his winning ways, with top flyer Glenn Quinn nearly filling the rest of the positions himself, with five of the top eight positions. The full Strabane result was, 1st Tommy Mc Bride 1269, 2nd Glenn Quinn 1264, 3rd Glenn Quinn 1262, 4th Glenn Quinn 1228, 5th T Conway 1228, 6th T Conway 1219, 7th G Quinn 1216, 8th G Quinn 1216, 9th D Mc Nulty 1197, 10th G Mc Garrigle 1188.

Finally, in the Londonderry club this week, we have Noel Murray making it a hat trick of wins with Leo Flannagan there or there abouts again with a second and third position. Joe and Donal Kelly make their first appearance this week  taking fourth and fifth spots. Noel is lying really well all year and remains the man in form, and the man to beat in the Londonderry  club. The full result for the Londonderry was as follows, 1st Noel Murray 1217, 2nd Leo Flannagan 1212, 3rd Leo Flannagan 1210, 4th Joe + Donal Kelly 1209, 5th Joe + Donal Kelly 1196, 6th S Gallagher 1192, 7th N Murray 1185, 8th M Mc Naught 1182, 9th N Murray 1181, 10th B Houston 1180.

Well done to all the respective club winners, and all those who took positions. And well done again to Eamon Quigley, our third Section winner of the year so far.

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