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Tullamore 1






The NIPA had the birds back in Tullamore for the second race of the season on Saturday 21st April. And, although the weather conditions seemed somewhat adverse, the birds once again made light of things. In fact, despite the winds being North Westerly, velocities where almost 200 ypm quicker than the previous week.

The race itself turned out to be a very close affair, with only four yards separating the first five birds into Derry. There seems to have been a batch that came early with the rest drifting in all afternoon. In saying that, returns on the whole seemed to have been very good.

For the second week in a row the Derry and District club show how it’s done. They had the first four birds in the town with only two yards splitting the four birds.

Looking at the other clubs, we have only one man doing the double this week, Jim Diamond of the Foyle. Jim’s birds are flying fantastically and now for the kiss of death, he is going to be hard to beat over the next few weeks. All the other local clubs see a new name at the top of the pile this week. Let’s take a look at the clubs then and see how things turned out.

As the club leading the way, we will look at the Derry and District first. Top spot this week goes to Bonny and Kieran Reid who are no strangers when it comes to taking their fare share of red cards. Kieran in fact takes first and second in the Derry and District and also has the first two birds in Derry. I don’t have any details about the birds unfortunately although maybe I will be able to get some details for a round up later. Third and fourth this week is last weeks’ Derry and District winner Anthony Mc Crudden who also topped Section H from the first Tullamore race. Anthony’s two birds are also the third and fourth birds back to Derry, another super fly. The full result for the Derry and District was as follows. 1st B + K Reid 1320 ypm, 2nd B + K Reid 1319, 3rd A Mc Crudden 1318, 4th A Mc Crudden 1318, 5th B + K Reid 1314.

Next up this week we have the Rock F C. This is the first report I have been able to get on the rock as I didn’t see a report for the first week. Top the pile this week is veteran flyer Jim Mc Monagle, who is now flying in partnership with his brother Ray. Jim was out of the birds for a long time but is now back with a bang and will surely be looking forward to the longer races. Jim and Ray also take second place, another great fly this week. Third is the ever present Eamon Quigley with Micky Mc Closkey in fourth and fifth. The full result was the Rock is, 1st J + R Mc Monagle 1314 ypm, 2nd J + R Mc Monagle 1290, 3rd E Quigley 1259, 4th M Mc Closkey 1259, 5th M Mc Closkey 1256.

The Londonderry club is dominated this week by two men, Noel Murray, and last week’s winner Leo Flanagan. Noel takes first and fourth spots while Leo takes second and third. Completing the top five in the Londonderry club are father and son partnership Toby and Martin Gallagher. The results were as follows, 1st Noel Murray 1313 ypm, 2nd Leo Flanagan 1304, 3rd Leo Flanagan 1285, 4th Noel Murray 1279, 5th T + M Gallagher.

In the Foyle RPS this week we have the only fancier in Derry to do the double, Jim Diamond. Jim takes first and fourth places with Sean Mc Grotty also having a very good race taking second and fifth. The only other man in the frame this week is John Mc Laughlin who sneaks in to third. The full result for the Foyle was, 1st J Diamond 1316, 2nd S Mc Grotty 1305, 3rd J Mc Laughlin 1303, 4th J Diamond 1303, 5th S Mc Grotty 1290.

Sean McGrotty, who takes second and fifth in Foyle RPS.

Next, we have the Maiden City RPS, where again two men dominate. Firstly, Pat Mc Laughlin who follows up a very good race from the first Tullamore, to take three of the top five positions, another super fly. Filling in the gaps is last year’s top young bird flyer, Robert Lyle, who takes second and third spots and (here comes another kiss of death) a man who will be hard to beat going forward. The full result for the Maiden City was, 1st P McLaughlin 1302, 2nd R Lyle 1292, 3rd R Lyle 1286, 4th P Mc Laughlin 1284, 5th P McLaughlin 1284.

Pat McLaughlin, who dominates the Maiden City taking 1st, 4th and 5th.

Robert Lyle, 2nd and 3rd in the Maiden City.

Last but not least this week are the Limavady club and a thank you to Ronnie Whiterow for e mailing me the results. Ten men sent 205 birds this week with Willie Mc Ilmoyle in pole position and taking his first red card of the year. Willie also takes third and fourth positions, another top fly. In second place, another very consistent flyer in Limavady, John Mc Cool. And, completing the top five this week is last week’s winner, Ronnie Whiterow. Full result then for Limavady was as follows, 1st W Mc Ilmoyle 1299, 2nd J Mc Cool 1274, 3rd W Mc Ilmoyle 1251, 4th W McIlmoyle 1241, 5th R Whiterow 1226.

Well done to all the respective winners in the clubs. Unfortunately, I don’t have results for Strabane or Omagh, so I can’t give any details for these clubs. A special word of thanks to Robin Duddy, who was good enough to come and meet me in Templepatrick, with one of my birds from the first race. Not many photos this week, so I will be a little self indulgent.

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