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Liberates roots began near Bath in approximately October 2015 when Gordon Bridges, a current fancier in the Southwest Combine approached Shaine and James with a problem. That problem was “clashing” and how he had lost confidence in the existing system which didn’t seem to prevent the loss of pigeons.

After a couple of meetings, James came up with a basic prototype to show to Gordon and a fellow fancier. It instantly struck a chord with them and we realised how much potential this app had.

Our primary aim is to prevent clashing with secondary aims of giving back to the sport through revenue and business information. We realised that in order to get buy-in from the organisation as a whole, we needed to provide an effective, cost effective solution that would also feed revenue streams back into the organisation.

In early December, we set ourselves a challenging target. To produce a basic solution concept and head to the Blackpool show of the year to get feedback from the pigeon racing community as a whole. And the response was overwhelming!

We spoke to hundreds of people over the two days, from fanciers and controllers, through to regional presidents and RPRA representatives and all responses were very positive. We even had people get their wallets out to pay for their Liberate Account as well as feedback saying it should be mandatory.

We’re continuing to work on the solution to get it ready for potential adoptions by the RPRA. We’re also due to attend the show in Wales in March and hope to get them on board.

In a nutshell, Liberate App is a centralised tool for the pigeon community to track races. It gives race controllers the ability to communicate with other controllers on the status of their races without the need to constantly check a liberation line and/or phone one another. Liberate offers a real-time Liberation map that we hope will eventually give controllers a view of activity across Europe to make the best decisions possible on deciding when to liberate.

Liberate will offer users access through their desktop, tablet or mobile phone via mobile apps so you can stay up to date with the latest action, wherever you may be. Race updates come to you via text message, email and/or app notifications so you don’t have to chase for updates via phone calls.

We have an extensive roadmap which includes exploring GPS tracking, race results, bird logging and transfers online, as well as exploring ways of making it more interactive for the younger generation.

We’re building a solid data exchange platform that can communicate with web and native applications, as well as giving the potential for federations and clubs to embed real-time data feeds on their own website easily by simply adding a small code snippet. Our ultimate aim is for Liberate to become “Ground Zero”

The Liberate Team

James Chapman - Technical Director

Software developer having been lead developer for, B&Q, NHS and BBC

Shaine Derrick - Business Development & Sales Director

A freelance lecturer, working at Somerset College of arts and technology, and south Gloucestershire College.

Gordon Bridges

Second generation pigeon fancier who has enjoyed a successful results in major competitions.


It's Time to address our problem of "Clashing" and to take control of the problem in a united way!

By Chris Knowles

I have been involved with the race control and liberation of my own Federation over recent seasons from the position of race adviser who has had real-time contact with the convoyer up to point of liberation. I have also acted as a direct support role to the race advisor and had the benefit of being able to compare my own analysis of weather data, to that of a colleague and pigeon fancier. Having the benefit of these experience I can confidently say, that it is hogh time that the governing bodies took positive steps to provide a tool to help with this problem. After all it is 2016 and technology has certainly advanced to a point where what we require is easily provided.

My initial interest in the system being developed under the name of LIBERATE was aroused at the Blackpool Show in January.

Liberate stand at Blackpool

The image above, is the stand that the liberate team occupied at the show. As you can see it was next to the NFC stand but being tucked up the balcony in the main show hall, many may not have seen it. I was able to speak in some detail with the team at Liberate (Race Logik) and discuss the app developed so far and enquire of the development potential beyond.

A screen shot of a small part of what the system provides.

Two more screen shots illustrating the facility to communicating the actions taken and the reasons why

A sample of how the system plots the line of flight for each liberation.

As you can see from the screen shots above the app. uses all information that has been input by participatin parties and produces clear images of the potential problems. It also sends out electronic communication updates to participating organisations via various means such as phone text message, e mail or app. notifications. The circle that you see is expanding outwards from the time of liberation at an assumed speed and highlights potential clashing points from other liberations. This notification allow advisers/controllers an opportunity to delay their liberation and at the press of a button to communicate it.

In my opinion this system would benefit greatly from further development brought about by liberate working with our governing bodies to develope the best tool possible. I know that cost will become an issue but having spoken about this with Liberate I am sure that the revenue stream generated by the app. would compensate the governing body noicely whilst supplying us the fanciers with a MUCH NEEDED opportunity to better control liberations.

Whether we like it or not hawks are not the only problem driving fanciers outof the sport. Young bird sickness or general health problems with young birds and clashing in young bird racing, play just as big a part as the hawks. It stands to sense that YB losses lead to transportation cost problems, not just in the season concerned but also in subsequent seasons.

So I thought that I would take a little time to at least allow fellow fanciers an opportunity to hear about the potential of the above. I know that some will already have seen it at Blackpool but there will be more who haven't. The only way that our problem will improve is if our sport becomes united through our governing body, works with a provider, whether it be Liberate or indeed another, and developes a much needed tool for liberation control. Who knows we may even get smart and analyse the historic data collected and put improvement actions into place to prevent problems that we have identified.

Good luck to the lads at Liberate, as I know that they would love to be able to present their product to the RPRA, and perhaps the Future of The Sport committe may be the ideal place for that to happen. For me it needs to be sooner rather than later and lets at least get some form of trial under way.