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Another Success For Staffordshire Moorlands & Dist. Fed. Members!


Season 2016

Another success for Staffordshire Moorlands & Dist. Fed. members!


The length and breadth of the U.K. in pigeon racing circles has experienced one of its most difficult race seasons for many years. Old bird racing was soured by difficult weather conditions which made racing from across the channel almost impossible, with races cancelled, birds brought back to clubs and “hold overs almost the norm”.


Young bird racing has been another very difficult time for many fanciers. Losses have been high and reasons very hard to pin down. Birds of prey, clashing and poor weather conditions, are the most spoken about causal factors. However, this list could be extended considerably with additions like, overcrowding, unhealthy birds, inadequate training etc. etc.


The above, when all rolled together means that any pigeon racing organisation which wishes to survive, let alone thrive, must be structured to deal with the problems that occur from such difficult times. For SMDF the mechanism to cope is in the shape of a very active management committee. The main tools in use are planning and statistical analysis, where accurate data of finances and racing history detail is used to plot the way ahead. The main goals being to deliver the best racing package possible to its members whilst ALWAYS putting the care and welfare of the birds first.


Over recent seasons the Federation has attracted a number of new member clubs and race results have seen members from all geographic areas of the Fed. take a share in what can only be described as excellent race incentives/rewards at time where club/federation racing in general, is finding times very hard! An excellent forum for members to share their triumphs comes in the form of an end of season prize presentation combined with an open show of four classes judged through the wires. A select auction is held which funds a free family day out where all who attend are provided with a free buffet. Held during the day, usually a Saturday, travel during early December is made much more user friendly and time availability for children to attend is also ideal.


SMDF liberation


Season 2016 did not pass without its problems but with good transportation facilities and back up from Geoff Sylvester Jnr. and as already mentioned a very active management committee in operation, the Fed. was happy to be able to provide the following benefits to members.


Prize Monies: £13,349.00

   Pools: £ 4,640.00

  Total : £17,809.00


The most pleasing aspect of such a healthy payout comes from the fact that it is not just from one or two special races! As stated above, one of the Fed. goals is to provide “best racing package possible”. To provide this, every race has its own attraction. All inland races have had a “Jackpot” race within them. In these races 90% is paid out in two prizes and the 10% paid out at end of season to the overall points winner from the series. Special races within the programme included a yearling classic race from Carentan, a Breeder Buyer Race and last but not least on the final day of the season a YB Gold Ring race. Throughout the series of races 38 different Federation members enjoyed a share of the above payout along with 5 none members who competed via the B/B and Gold Ring races.


It is not practical to mention everyone by name who has contributed to a great season for SMDF. There are a few though, whom by appointed position held and efforts made, have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Andy Webb as Secretary, Jill Smith in the role of Treasurer and Web Administrator, Jeff Roberts vice President, George Greenwood as Auctioneer and Chairman and Chris Knowles as President and Race Advisor. These five officials along with Richard Given, John White, Ricky McGraw, Ken Champ, Andy Taylor and our transport provider where required, make up the management committee. All areas of the Federation are represented and a wealth of knowledge and experience to boot.


From a performance point of view, there has been some note worthy achievements. Hard working Secretary Andy Webb topped the Fed. on three consecutive races, two inland and one channel. A. Wieldon won the B/B race for the second season running as did Prince Bros. with the Gold Ring race. McGraw, Clegg & Preece were the overall Jackpot winners and R. Geary & Son won the Yearling Classic Race from Carentan. The honour of winning the League Title for best club went to Macclesfield as below.



There are many, many more details that could be written into this short report but hopefully it will serve to congratulate all members and officials of Staffordshire Moorlands & District Federation who contributed to make 2016 ANOTHER successful season.


The next job for the committee will be to finalise detail for the 2016 Prize Presentation and Show day and to analyse the various aspects of 2016, in order to put in place the plans for 2017. All of this will take place at Kidsgrove Working Men’s Club, the Federation headquarters where hosts Walter & Lilian provide “second to none” hospitality.


Any clubs within the radius of SMDF (If in doubt contact Andy Webb Sec. Mob: 07882757852) who would like to become a part of a hard working and forward thinking organisation like SMDF can always make that happen!