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Derby Burton Sal Isbury31 06-09-19




Alan Houldsworth

Saturday 31st August and the Derby Burton & District South Road Federation were at Salisbury where 56 members sent 1147 birds which were liberated at 07-25 in a west south west wind. Having an excellent day were Woodhouse members taking the first ten positions. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs A. Jackson on getting the fed toper doing 1973.5.In 2nd,5th,6th,7th,8th & 9th was P. Rimmington & Wright  with their first three pigeons all cheq cocks doing1970.5 and the next two both doing 1962.9 followed by a blue cock doing 1952.1 then a cheq hen doing 1951.2 then a blue hen doing 1950.7.In third & fourth was G. Jones & Proctor doing 1966.5 & 1965.8 with B & C Brelsford in tenth doing 1942.9.




 With Woodhouse members dominating the North section Mr & Mrs A. Jackson top the section with their fed topper doing 1973.5 (Congratulations).In second fifth & sixth were P. Rimmington & Wright which were all cheq cocks doing 1970.5 and the next two both doing 1962.9.In third & fourth were G. Jones &  Proctor doing 1966.5 & 1965.8.




In the South Section L. Hall & Parkin Kilburn got the section winner with a grizzle hen doing 1841.8 with Selston members taking the next five positions with B.A. Evans in second and sixth doing 1833.2 & 1789.8. followed by Mr & Mrs K Haslam in third & fourth with a grizzle hen doing 1818.6 and a blue hen doing 1817.9 with D. Oakley in fifth with a b/pied hen doing 1798.4. 




Club News.



Woodhouse winner was Mr & Mrs A. Jackson doing 1973.5 with P. Rimmington & Wright  in second with a cheq cock doing 1970.5 followed by G. Jones & Proctor in third & fourth doing 1966.5 & 1965.8.



A. Jackson of Mr & Mrs A. Jackson fed topper and Woodhouse winners from Salisbury


Jepson & Bennett took the first two in Poolsbrook with two blue cocks doing 1941.7 & 1940.8.In third & fourth were S. Tongue & Orme with a blue hen doing 1884.5 and a cheq cock doing 1840.9.




In Park K.M. Wolstenholm & R. Morton come out on top doing 1921.7 with Broughtons, Geelan & Goodwin taking the next three with a blue hen doing 1918.6 then a blue cock and a mealy hen both doing 1914.9. 




In Kilburn L. Hall & Parkin take three of the first four positions with the red card going to a grizzle hen doing 1841.8.Their next pigeon was a cheq hen doing 1754.2 followed by a cheq cock doing 1743.6.In second was K. Cresswell with a ch/pied cock doing 1779.4.




Selston winner was B.A. Evans doing 1833.2 with Mr & Mrs K Haslam in second & third with  a grizzle hen doing 1818.6 and a blue hen doing 1817.9 with D. Oakley in fourth with a b/pied hen doing 1798.4. 



B.A. Evans Selston winner


In South Normanton R. Coope take the first two positions with two blue hens doing 1773.8 & 1638.3 followed by R. Black in third & fourth with two blue cocks doing 1635.2 & 1622,0.




Storey Arms winner was Abd Spiby with a grizzle cock taking the red card doing 1575.0 with C. Bradford in second with a dk/c cock doing 1567.7.In third & fourth was K.J.Walker with two blue hens doing 1531.3 & 1357.9.




In Swallownest P & A Wilcox get the winner with a b/ch cock doing 1348.6 with E. Bennett taking second with a b/cheq cock doing 1218.0.


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