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Osmaston Park Homing Society Presentation 2018.




Osmaston Park Homing Society

Presentation 2018

The Osmaston Park Homing Society held its annual prize presentation evening at their headquarters The Chaddesden Jubilee Club on Saturday December 15th.The hard working secretary Steve Stone opened the evening by giving a short speech by thanking every one for their hard work and support over the 2018 season, and all the members who attended the presentation evening to make this a memorable occasion.With the formalities out of the way the secretary then called on the guest of honour Stewart Sparks to present the prizes.


Guest of Honour Stewart Sparks           -          Top prize winner Dave Waddington with guest of honour Stewart Sparks

Top prize winner for the 2018 season was Dave Waddington with 100 points winning 4x1sts,4x2nds,6x3rds,5x4ths and 11 minor prizes winning highest prize winner trophy,Longest young bird race shield and prize money of £250,Show race money of £128 making a total of £378.Runner up was Mick Stone with 95 points winning 8x1sts,3x2nds,3x3rds,5x4ths plus 5 minor cards,Old Bird Inland Average,Carentan Cup,Fourgeres Trophy,Gold ring race winners trophy and prize money of £237,Gold ring race money £90,Show race money £180 making a total of £505.50.Dave Glew & O'Donnell came next with 66 points winning 2x1sts,8x2nds,3x3rds,2x4ths plus5 minor cards winning Young Bird Average Trophy with prize money of £165,Gold ring race money £145 making a total of £310.Next up was Mick Fearn with 58 points winning 2x1sts,2x2nds,6x3rds,1x4th plus 6 minor cards,Ken Hall Trophy, ( 2nd Young Bird Race Winner ) & Highest winning velocity trophy ( 1943 ) and prize money of £145.John & Steve Hicks came next with 41points winning 4x1sts,2x3rds,2x4ths plus 3 minor cards plus The Friendship Trophy which was kindly given to the club by Reuben Hough,Bird of the year trophy ( Black Pied Lambrect Cock GB 16 P 05058 ) winning 1st club Frome 172 birds,Ist Club Kingsdown 255 birds,4th club Honiton 135 birds,6th club Frome 231 birds,6th club Kingsdown 91 birds,winning the first show race.2nd in the second show race & 3rd in the third show race.Also winning pool money in nine different races totalling £150.with prize money of £102.50,Show race money £70 making their total winnings £322.50.Next up was Hall & Torry ( Ron & George ) with 15 points winning 1x1st,1x3rd,1x4th plus 1 minor card, Grieg Reece Evans Shield, ( 1st young bird race winner ) & Sportsman of the year with prize money of £37.50,Gold ring race money £15.Show race money £67 & breeder buyer money £50 totalling £169.50.Mick Willis & Family were next with 14 points winning 1x2nd,1x3rd,1x4th,plus 4 minor cards winning channel averages,A Roots Trophy and prize money of £35,Show Race money £25 making total winnings of £60.Next with 8 points was club secretary Steve Stone with 1x4th plus 4 minor cards with prize money of £20,Show Race money £80,Gold Ring Race money£140,winner of the breeder buyer race and winning 1st breeder buyer £200 & Young Bird K/O money £30 Breeder Buyer Trophy,Young Bird Knockout Trophy & Nicholson Brothers Trophy making a total winnings of £470.Pat Tillson came next with 7 points winning 1x4th plus 2 minor cards with total winnings of £17.50.


Runner up Mick Stone               -              Shamous O'Donnell & Dave Glew with Stewart Sparks         -        Mick Fearn      -          John & Steve Hicks with their Supreme Champion certificate


George Torry     -    Mick Willis from the Mick Willis & Family Partnership     -    Club Secretary Steve Stone     -      Pat Tillson     -     Jake Harcup who bred the breeder buyer winner.


Jake Harcup who bred the breeder buyer winner and was absent from the proceedings du e to being in hospital. All the members wish you s speedy rec overy Jake.There was a excellent buffett to get stuck into after the presentation. Thanks to Mick Willis who went round with the raffle raising £75 and all the members present for their generosity making sure there were plenty of raffle prizes.Total pay out for the 2018 season including pool money won was £3,465.The members would like to thank Steve Stone and the committee all the hard work they have done once again over the 2018 season to keep the club striving forward as it is just getting better and better.Also a big thank you to the caterers for the excellent buffett which they put on,on such an eventful evening.

To all the members all the best for 2019



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