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Osmaston Park H S Show 14-12-18



Its Show Time at Osmaston Park Homing Society



Osmaston Park Homing Society opened their show series on November 4th with two classes -: Matched pairs & any colour pieds grizzles mealys e.c.t.

The judge for the first show was yours truly Alan Houldsworth ( T.3. ).All the pigeons in both classes were in excellent condition and it was no easy fete to find the prize winners.In the matched pairs class Chris Gilliver took the honours also taking fourth.In second & third was one of the very hard workers for the club and show organiser Mick Willis who go as Mick Willis & Family.Taking Reserve and Highly Commended was Mick Stone with Brian Dyjas taking Very Highly Commended & Commended.


In the Any colours class Grizzles.Mealys E.C.T. Dave Waddington took the top two positions with Mick Willis & Family taking third & commended.In fourth was matched pairs winner Chris Gilliver with club secretary Steve Stone taking reserve.Taking Very Highly Commended & Highly Commended was Jason & Karen Phillips.


The second show on 11th November was Old cocks & Old Hens.There were 140 pens put up for this show and the show organisers ( Mick Willis,George Torry & Steve Lambert) had to put up another 40 pens to accommodate all the entries.A fantastic show of support both by club members and none club members.The judge for this one was Greg Johnson ( The Rat Man ).The winner of the old cocks class was Dave Waddington who also took Highly Commended.Second & fourth went to Jason & Karen Phillips.In third was Mick Willis & Family with Hall & Torry taking reserve.Very Highly Commended went to Billy Brailsford with Brian & Andrea Dyjas taking Commended.


In the old hens class Jake Harcup came out on top taking the red card followed by Chris Gilliver in second.Third & Very Highly Commended went to Mick Stone with Brian & Andrea Dyjas in fourth.Taking Reserve was club secretary Steve Stone with Fred Stevenson taking Highly Commended and Glew & O,Donnell taking Commended.


Sunday November 18th was the turn of the Young Cocks & Young Hens classes.The judges for this one was Darren Hadfield & Father Stewart.With extra pens having to be put up once again as the popularity of the Sunday Morning show scene seems to grow.In the Young Cocks class Mick Willis & Family had a excellent day taking the first four positions also best in show.Taking reserve was Robert Engleman with John & Steve Hicks taking Very Highly Commended.Taking Highly Commended and Commended was Mick Fearn.


In the Young Hens class club secretary Steve Stone took the red card also third.In second and Reserve was the ever present Mick Willis & Family.In fourth was Yule & Inger with Mick Stone taking Very Highly Commended.Taking Highly Commended was Brian & Andrea Dyjas with Paul Adams taking Commended.


Sunday November 25th and it was Old Cocks & Young Hens and the judges for both classed was Clive & Matt Herrett.This was another successful show with both classes being well supported once again.In the Old Cocks class getting the red card also best in show and Very Highly Commended was yours truly Alan Houldsworth.Taking second & Highly Commended was Mick Willis & Family with Jake Harcup taking third & reserve.In fourth was Mick Stone with Robert Engleman taking Commended.

In the young hens class the red card went to Chris Gilliver who also took fourth & Commended.Taking second & Highly Commended was Steve Stone with Dave Waddington in third.Hall & Torry were fourth and taking Very Highly Commended was Mick Fearn.


December 1st and it was Old Hens & Young Cocks and the judges for this one was Derby Burton fed secretary Graham Evans and Keith Burton.

Judging the Old Hens class was Keith Burton.Taking the red card was Mick Stone with  Osmaston Park Homing Society secretary Steve Stone taking second & Commended. Jake Harcup took third followed by  Chris Gilliver with in fourth. Glew & O'Donnell took Reserve with Dave Waddington taking Very Highly Commended & Highly Commended.


Judging the Young Cocks class was fed secretary Graham Evans.Comming out on top and taking the red card and also fourth was Chris Gilliver with his winner taking best in show.Mick Willis & Family were second & Commended with Mick Fearn in third.Taking Reserve & Highly Commended was Jake Harcup with Robert Ingleman taking Very Highly Commended.


Sunday December 9th and it was Any Age cocks & Any Age Hens followed by Champion of Champions.The judges for this one was Mick & Dave Stone the well known photographer.In the Any Age Cocks class taking the red card was Dave Waddington with Mick Willis & Family taking second,third,Reserve,Highly Commended & Commended.In fourth was Jake Harcup with Mick Fearn taking Very Highly Commended.


In the any Age Hens class John & Steve Hicks took first,second,fourth & reserve. Their winner also taking Best in Show. In third & Highly Commended was Steve Stone. Very Highly Commended went to Glew & O'Donnell with Jake Harcup taking Commended.


Then it was on to the Champion of Champions class and taking the title for 2018 was John & Steve Hicks with with Dave Waddington runner up.

Over the six shows there has been a total entry of 864 birds which equates to a average of 144 birds per show with a total being raised of £770.This has been made possible by the very hard work of the show organisers Mick Willis,George Torry & Steve Lambert who each week have worked tirelessly to make sure the show series was a huge success. Also to all the people who supported the shows and provided raffle prizes. A thank you to Dave Stone for providing a framed photo of the Champion of Champions winner and must not forget all the judges who had a very hard time due to the quality of the pigeons in the classes each week. Finally the land lord who put on a fine selection of cobs each week which were greatly appreciated by everyone.

Winners Gallery


Chris Giliver winner of the matched pairs & Young Hens class, Young Cocks

Dave Waddington winner of the Pieds & Colours class & Old cocks class & Any Age Cocks.

Jake Harcup winner of the old hens class.Mick Willis winner of the Young Cocks class.

Steve Stone winner of the Young Hens class.

Alan Houldsworth winner of the Old Cocks Class.

Mick Stone winner of Old Hens.


Mick Stone winner of Old Hens   -  John & Steve Hicks winner of Any Age Hens & Champion of Champions

 The Judges


A. Houldsworth judged the Matched Pairs & Any Colours Class.

John Jackson & Greg Johnson judges of the Old Cocks & Old Hens class.

Darren & Stewart Hadfield Judges of the Young Cocks & Young Hens Class

Clive & Matt Herrett Judges of the Old Cocks & Young Hens Class.



Keith Burton & Graham Evans judges of the Old Hens & Young Cocks Class  -  Dave & Mick Stone judged the Any Age Cocks & Hens class & Champion of Champions class.


Kyle & Ebony who helped out with the raffle  -  Show Organisers Mick Willis,Steve Lambert & George Torry.

Memory Lane

Memory Lane from Left to Right.G.Searson,T.Stringer,L.Gorsher,A.Stringer,H.Bexon,H.Youson,

C.Hudson ( King of Rome ), Chief Constable Rawlins,D.Cunningham, C.Season, F.Waddington & J.Dobson.


I would like to thank Dave Waddington for the photo of Memory Lane.







Chris photos