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Derby Burton South R Pres 2018




Alan Houldsworth


Derby Burton & District South Road Presentation 2018.

Fed Officials Stuart Wainwright, Lynda Todd. Paul Todd with guest of honour Alan Houldsworth ( T.3. ).


On November 17th The Derby Burton & District South Road Federation held their annual prize distribution evening at their Federation Headquarters the Kilburn Miners Welfare Club. Guest of honour for the evening and presenting the prizes was B.H.W. scribe Alan Houldsworth (T.3.). Federation secretary Paul Todd got proceedings under way giving a short speech saying what a difficult season it had been with heavy young bird losses and high temperatures resulting in race points occasionally being altered but only for the sole benefit and welfare of the pigeons. Next, he went on to thank the race controller Andy Jackson, conveyer Kenny Orme, and all the race committee for doing an excellent job. He then went on to thank his wife Lynda for all the assistance she had given him over the season and also Alan Houldsworth (T.3.) for the weekly articles.

It was then on to the presentation with the four gold medals (One for each federation special race) being presented first. First up for the Carentan old bird race on was 25/06/2018 was S & K Purdy (Selston) followed by T & H Garner & Morton (Park) winners of the second channel race (Carentan)       

on 10/06/2018.Next to the table was B & C Brelseford & Son (Woodhouse) winners of the Messac Race on 07/07/2018 and finally Mr & Mrs A Jackson (Woodhouse) winners of the young bird Carentan race on 15/09/2018.

Steve Purdy of S & K Purdy Gold medal winner Carentan.

Trevor Garner of T H Garner & Morton. Gold Medal winner Carentan.

Brian Brelsford of B & C Brelsford & Son. Gold medal winner Messac & they were top prize winners 2018.


Then it was on to the presentation its self and up first and top prize winners for the 2018 season was B & C Brailsford & Son ( Woodhouse ) winning prize money of £909.45.Runners up were Mr & Mrs A Jackson ( Woodhouse ) with prize money of £532.70.Jepson & Bennett (Poolsbrook) came next with winnings of £496.60.Next up was C. Davey (Selston)£476 followed by D & a Cundy ( Woodhouse ) £221.80.Next came S & K Purdy Selston £140 Garner & Morton (Park ) £140 followed by J. Barker (Storey Arms) £138.80.Monty Buxton (Selston) came next £82.80 followed by Keith Cresswell (Kilburn) £60.30 followed by Carder & Denton (Woodhouse ) $4.50.

Carl Davey winner of the fed breeder buyer race and £400.

Daniel Jepson of Jepson & Bennett.


Ralph Jepson winner of fourth Breeder Buyer and £100.

Darren Cundy.

John Barker.


Monty Buxton.

Keith Cresswell.

The winner of the breeder buyer race from Carentan was C. Davey £400 and the breeder was B.A. Evans £400.Second went to Mr & Mrs A.J ackson £300 and the breeder was Jepson & Bennett £300.Third went to federation secretaries Paul & Lynda Todd £200 and the breeders were Mr & Mrs A. Houldsworth (£200).Fourth went to Ralph Jepson £100 and the breeder was K. Foulke ( £100 ).  


Best loft all races, Best loft old bird Inland & Best old bird inland went Rimmington & Wright. Best loft Old Bird channel, Old bird channel average & OB/YB channel average went to B & C Brelsford & Sons (Woodhouse).Best loft young bird races went to B & J Broughton Bros & Geelan (Park).Best Old Bird channel went to D & A Cundy (Woodhouse).Best young bird went to Ralph Jepson (Selston).Old Bird in land average winners went to Dave Willis & Family. Young Bird races average went to Monty Buxton (Selston).


After the presentation there was an excellent buffet with plenty of food on the table.


When the members & guests had tucked into a very nice buffet there was a breeder buyer auction with the well-known auctioneer Brian Stone doing an excellent job of the auctioneering once again raising a total of £1010.There was also a raffle with plenty of prizes to be won making £172 thanks to secretaries’ wife Lynda Todd doing a first-class job. The fed officials over the 2018 season have worked tirelessly to make sure the fed is run in a professional and profitable manner with the full fed result being posted on their Facebook page within hours of the last club result being received. The evening was finished off with some good entertainment by singer Maddison.

If any clubs are interested in joining this well run and organised fed to contact the fed secretary Paul Todd on 01332 544501 as they have room for approx. 500 birds.

Alan Houldsworth receiving his cheque for breeding Paul & Lynda Todd’s 3rd breeder buyer.

Lynda & Paul Todd third breeder buyer. Lynda Todd who did an excellent job with the raffle and also helped out with the photos.

Thanks to Lynda Todd and Val Bradford for helping out with the photos.



Total paid out 2018 £5029.10.

Val Bradford who helped out with the photos.

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Successful New Year. 


Andy Jackson

Andy Jackson of Mr & Mrs A Jackson Gold medal winner second breeder buyer race and £200. Race controller and runners up 2018.


Ellie Ann celebrating her 11th birthday with mum Vickey.

Brian Stone Auctioneer.


Entertainer & singer Maddison.





Chris photos