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You Can Buy The Man's Birds But Not The Man




by Jim Emerton

This concept, in particular, applies to the longer and marathon distances. With clever reporting and sales publicity of a man’s results his birds may become in short supply and in great demand. A fancier may accumulate wealth in the process if this is what he covets. Having played around with different intros since 1976, I find very few top birds in any family, using children of champions. The key is to create an overall management system strategy that produces some good birds for you in race reality. Having said this, top producer birds may be good for you and be key breeders of performance capability and the genes are never homozygous or totally pure, yet I like my nice inbred based strain that I have put 38 years’ work into, in an attempt to produce some good ones. Have you noticed that the race time returns from Barcelona International do not usually go much above 10 percent? The chief reason why a man becomes a champion lies in his brain for the successful management overall system that he adopts is peculiar to him - old Eric Gibson said that all pigeons were mongrels and by jove he was bang on! I would advise that you learn all that you can from the champion flyer - what makes him tick? How does he do it? My friends and I supply pigeons for nowt or a small token amount in the interests of the sport and friendship, and to perpetuate the strain, which is the main objective. Have a think.


Elimar - July 2014