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Sportsmanship and Giving Credit





by Jim Emerton

In the last analysis it is how you feel about yourself and your results that counts. There will be some genuine and not so genuine praise and credit afforded at this year’s Barce Int and Tarbes races. It’s simple to me - all the birds clocked will have some intrinsic quality in both races irrespective of the wind, location and overall race conditions. Decisions are biased, relative and products of the ego of the judge. Some folk motivated by jealousy and negative emotions will always criticise others in an extra punitive way. A little self analysis may enlighten the individual to their own inadequacies, Grasshopper! Rest assured, I am guilty of all these failings - I must aim for a more balanced perspective on life. Credit given freely and in a pure spirit of intention may help oil the wheels of society, and may lessen the impact of cold, jaded cynicism. Excuse my moralising, yet unhappiness is the malaise of competition - a well done will suffice. Amen.


Elimar - July 2014