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The Far Sighted Fancier





by Jim Emerton

They are people who look to the future with a discerning eye. Plans are made to peek the performance of individual birds in specialist races, and they set achievement goals for themselves. There may be family creation objectives and some have commercial and fame interests. Why follow sales trends and fashions in pigeons when you may have good birds at home? Success in the sport is deemed to be a long term objective, rather than a short term, quick result recipe, and may develop over a lifetime. This type of person will see the innovative and creative ways forward that individuals show e.g. the Irish and possible Scottish attempts in BICC races - although on the edge of difficulty, such feats are possible. Some folk encourage and gather others around them with shared interests and attempts to break boundaries. A few of these visionaries emerge in a generation to change the popular face of the popular sporting culture.


Elimar - November 2014