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Ways to Improve The Sport





by Jim Emerton

If each person did one positive thing directed at improving the sport, then changes would be radical. Negative emotions and jealousy towards others are endemic - we need to look in the mirror over this. The resurrection of some nice sporting values would be effective - the shake of the hand, the well done, the round of drinks - even if they are not genuine, the ritual is significant. Help a network of novices with free advice and birds - I have a network of mad mates who exchange birds for fun. If you make a few quid donate a trophy to a racing organisation that you favour. The base line is to send your birds as far as you can - be ambitious, since you can be famous with 1 really good result. You may wish to write articles or a book for international circulation. Finally take a look at the wider implications of the sport and be less aggressively political. The final wise note is to enjoy it as hard racing is punishing to man, beast and soul


Elimar - August 2014