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Originality in The Sport




by Jim Emerton

Where would we be without the innovators, creators and people of distinction in the rich complexity of the sport? Real progress in systems, science, technology and the ethos of the sport is all based in the psyche of individuals. The mainstream is formed by acceptance of eccentricity into the collective consciousness, and the pulse of popular society. To personify this abstract concept, who is making an impact now? The marathon men, and the exemplars of international racing are laden with celebrity juice, and described in pigeon literature, where they inhabit folklore and perceived history. The early pioneering days of the BICC are now cemented in the masonry of a beautiful and thriving instituition of potential brilliance for purist international racing, orchestrated by the old guard of the collective committee. In the early 90s I saw the early stages of the evolution of the Barcelona International as a huge target and concept, and believe me there is nothing in racing like timing out of a race which is greater than yourself.


Elimar - March 2014