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Lessons Learned




by Jim Emerton

The sport is a continuous learning experience from start to finish. It is a heady encapsulation of nature/art/science and humanity under the competitive umbrella of sport. To produce a versatile performance strain of racers is a lifetime’s dedication, with an obsessive desire for perfection. The humble pigeon teaches you about life and death in the face of raw nature, and attempts to manage and control it. A racer in prime form is a life form of great beauty and gratifying to the eye, especially for nature-starved urban children, as an educational tool. You will become aware of human emotions expressed in the form of politics and perhaps some jealousy, since the essence is the hierarchical organisation of competitive events. Reaping what you sow it may be life enhancing, or a difficult journey to the winner’s enclosure - have a go, see how far you can make them fly.



Elimar - October 2014