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Nfc Tarbes Versus BICC Barcelona





by Jim Emerton

Many opinions are polarised opposites between the two parent organisations and race points, a fact which will remain as long as birds fly. Tarbes is a domestic race with a popular fan base, with Barcelona International more for the purist marathon or extreme distance flier. Birds of my breeding have flown both, and it is easy to draw a blank from either. Tarbes can be comfortable up to and in excess of the 750 mark, whilst Barcelona with up to 30,000 birds in the main race is noted for its continuous severe degree of difficulty into the UK and Ireland, and birds on the second day are always the exception, with the modern, popular archetype being Padfields Invincible at approx 756 measured miles - a lot further into Wales.

Tarbes followed on from Pau, which I have more affection for at 735 miles to my old loft. Both Barcelona and Tarbes will produce key and influential birds in a strain, IF YOU CAN GET THEM TO FLY IT. My ultimate confidence lies in UK Barcelona International pigeons, and the exponents of this unique race, and we are seeing a wave of confidence in birds tested at this race, hence the purchases by Louella and House of Aarden. The secret is out, the choice is yours, just what are the ultimate pigeons in your opinion, and WHY? Nick and I have chosen Barcelona for the old, and to trial yearlings at Tarbes.


Elimar - January 2014