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Quality in a Pigeon




by Jim Emerton

Now this is very simple. A quality bird will race and/or breed to your required standards of excellence. A relative concept to nail, yet if we are satisfied then the objective is realised. As with all aspects of the sport, the essence of it all is PSYCHOLOGICAL. Photos for pigeon marketing are often enhanced to appease the MONEY GOD i.e. for sales purposes. Lookers make a visual impact, and may handle like a dream. Many beautiful pigeons are useless for purpose e.g. breeding/racing. A good looking quality bird is the ideal, yet perception tells us that many good birds are plain ugly to perceive with the senses. My Number 2 stock cock manifested recessive traits in the phenotype, yet his genes survive in 2014. We may ask the question why this should be? So simple: the performance potential and in intereaction with the environment is determined by the genome of the bird, INVISIBLE determinants, which are invisible to the naked eye. From a scientific perspective I would favour a gene analysis of champion birds to increase our understanding of the secrets of A QUALITY PIGEON - thus the all that glistens is not gold cliché.


Elimar - April 2014