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All Year Round Condition





by Jim Emerton

The year can be seen as a series of seasons and significant periods in the lives of fanciers and their racing pigeons. We have winter/breeding/racing and moulting times, which are in a sense outstanding and important periods to us. In my mind’s eye, the year flows into one interesting whole, as a pigeon will have a different series of responses to chronological time. On this premise I like our birds to be in good physiological and psychological condition every day of the year, and we aim to meet their needs on a security/comfort/nutrition and instinctual level - we try to empathise with the birds on a deep level of understanding. With the goal being selection via marathon events, I like a year-long build up in condition, aimed at peaking it for the one big race in July. The thought pattern is long fuse, long term, specialist, and gratification is enduring. Birds in the wild will lose their lives to predators/the gun and the natural elements if not in condition - our aim is to replicate nature in a domestic loft environment. The skill of the fancier manifests itself with the almost perfect conditioning of the bird for the selected race, and I feel our unorthodox approach aids our success.


Elimar - October 2014