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Young Bird Sickness





by Jim Emerton

Many talk of young bird sickness, and in reality it is a vague term and a bit of a myth. Young pigeons may be prone to or succumb to a number of pests and diseases. After an infection by virus/bacteria combinant e.g. adeno type 11, circo, or herpes, with e.coli or salmonella, the immune system may collapse and the pathogens may overwhelm the bird and kill it. Stress at home due to overcrowding and excessive heat and humidity, and too much basket training and tossing to try and induce speed, may reduce base condition and precipitate invasion by the alien organisms. The usual outcome is that the illness runs its course, often with a percentage of mortality.

I advise as much open fresh air as possible and administer Vydex Supersix in the water as a solution to improve resistance responses. Baytril may have a positive impact on some of the invasive bacteria. Fresh air, rest and cull the terminally ill birds is a wise practice, and aim to induce appetite with tit bits. An anxious time that should be faced and it will harden you eventually. A tough old game pigeon racing.



Elimar - July 2014