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Seasonal Politics in The Sport





by Jim Emerton

With the climax of the competitive racing season, there is a power shift, which is expressed in rules, procedures and committees. These are hierarchical where personalities and egos prevail - fascinating from a psychological perspective! Personally I like the truth to prevail and some ordered objectivity, and it is not always possible to get what you want, and that is why I no longer belong to any parties or ideological groups, although I am recorded as an advisor to British Mensa on various subjects. Pigeon organisations like the BICC are fine where the main thrust is the provision of a fantastic international race programme. I try and keep geared towards the actual racing which is at the heart of the sport as a purist approach rather than any negative personal aspects which may cloud that objective, although the whole sport is personality based. Sound politics are fine, providing that the effects result in the positive impact on the actual essence of the sport, which are improvements in racing standards. I take a rather idealistic and purist stance on this factor - I go to bed with Johnny Walker and wake up with Will Power!


Elimar - October 2014