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Making Young Birds Grow



by Jim Emerton

Young ones have an optimum growth potential! How fanciers reach this target depends upon the loft environmental conditions, the managerial input and the nutrition in relation to the genome of the birds. Growth promoting drugs are available and should be avoided in favour of an enriched diet. After years of research and practical experimentation I recommend the following solid and liquid foods: hopper fed GEM G10 pellets, Bamfords Premier Gold/High Protein mix, Hormoform, peanuts, brewer's yeast, Gem Ogo Oil, Red Band and hemp. Liquid feeding consists of Chevita Mycosan-t ccs, Aviform Ultimate and Rohnfried Blitzform. In my perception you will rear some corkers on this diet. Applied science is evolving in its applications and we will be able to improve on this list.