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Why Certain Fanciers Succeed When Others Fail





by Jim Emerton

Let us analyse and throw some insight on this phenomenon. It is a fact that the top people have the knowledge and capability to source, breed and produce birds in a competitive condition for racing at their chosen distances. The total home environment has to be conducive to good racing performances, and this will depend on your choice of location, your home needs in the first place. For marathon and distance events I prefer a country location. The consistently brilliant fanciers have an organised system and plan of campaign to execute their chosen races then the rest is down to the individual capability of the birds in relation to the race conditions. Over the years, men with a personalised winning system in the total sense of racing and breeding, and who continue to send will tend to do well. They may well specialise in a certain racepoint or organisation. Rest assured, people with long term resolve, focus, dedication and a total winning personality will secure the right birds for the job, bearing in mind that the biggest race in Europe has yet to be won in the UK. Success is a matter of perspective is it not? In the final analysis if you feel like a winner, then existentially you are!


Elimar October 2013