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Jim Emerton 06-01-18


Good, moody, atmospheric poetry is an expression of higher, human consciousness as the fruit of creative inspiration. In my hierarchy of thoughts, I rate it to be on a higher plane of consciousness than abstract, academic and intellectual analysis, and above philosophy. A beautiful, pure and spiritual piece may appear mystical, and is felt and experienced at a primal level, deep within the psyche. Intellectualism may be a shallow manifestation of the conscious ego i.e. the top of the head. However, some writers create charming imagery in their work of a light and ethereal nature. The highest consciousness is existential and pure feeling of the inner man.

Jim Emerton.


The Art Of The Bard

*Just as the oak comes from the acorn
So poetry comes from everyday life.*

You showed me that poetry lay
In the soil and the smell of slurry,
The hayrick, and the competitive
Spirit of a Gaelic match.

I was inclined to look for it elsewhere
But through your art I met the muse in the
Streets of Derry and during the Ould
Lammas Fair at Ballycastle…

She drank with me in a Limavady pub,
Once, and swam the cove across from
Mullaghmore as the July rain peppered
The sea birds.

An elusive maiden but one to be
Wooed with persistence (revise, revise,)
In consort with a nurtured awareness of
Ones milieu…

So dig fellow poets amongst the pigeoners,
The spud gatherers, or whatever life bestows
And good luck to you all with your own
Poetic spade and whatever it produces
For it is the art of all arts!