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Jim Emerton Ian Will Is 24-09-18


Answers to questions sent :

Q1 You are becoming a sprint legend at Acomb club, how did it all start?
A1.We started flying in Acomb 2011 in which time we have been highest prize winners for 5 years this is the strongest and most competitive club my wife and I have raced in .

Q2 What is it like to be the man who is at the top?
A2.Well very hard work we work as a team everything has to be done at set times as we both work and have grandchildren at the weekends so it's a very busy household.

Q3 How did you get to be top prise winner, and who do you rate as pigeon men on the York racing scene?
A3.being top prize winner takes a lot of dedication and commitment and you have to be always willing to learn and listen to the best but always take your own road it takes years to get a good system going and the birds have to be of quality so you can do the best for them to achieve you Can?t win races laying in of a morning.

Q4 How do you breed, feed and motivate your birds, including tonics and supplements?
A4.we pair up after Blackpool show when paired we feed a lot of protein we use a good when racing we use red rosete corn and we never break the racers down for motivation we try to keep it as simple as possible to avoid loss ages so we don?t lose the race in the baskets we avoid antibiotics and try to keep as natural as possible using old style garlic ,honey, bicarb etc"

Q5 How has racing changed over the years? is much more difficult now than ever before but even better as the pigeon sport has evolved with different breeds and products and corn available there is always something you can try to get your birds to perform better which makes it harder to keep in front.

Q6 What are you doing to improve racing for all the fanciers in York?
A6.making Friday and Saturday nights a good social night full of light hearted banter win or lose there is always advice available and respect for your fellow pigeon fanciers.

Q7 Who are the greatest pigeon men in the UK and why?
A7.Frank Bristow Mick Betts, Mark Gilbert, GnC Cooper, Roger Lowe I think their results speak for themselves and other fanciers win with their pigeons too.

Q8 Do you believe in sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct?
A8.sportsman ship is front and for most if you get beat shake the winners hand give them the respect for their bird or birds were better on the day then work hard the next week and destroy them lol to be a good winner you have to be a gracious looser it's very important in any sport.

Q9 Will you evolve a strain of birds to call your own?
A9. No I don't think so but if it's in our loft they have to be quality as our set up isn't large we are racing Herman Ceusters from our good friend Stuart Knowles and that the family we are based on .

Q10 What personal traits make the mind, heart, soul and spirit of a champion.?
A10.I think that would be having the heart to keep trying to always be better to keep focused and never get to big for your boots don't get complacent stay determined pigeons as with life is all about learning and not making the same mistake twice .

Q11 Are personality and fame of relevance to you?
A11.not really but it's a great feeling of pride when you are recognised as a good flyer but let's not forget about the pigeons they have got to like where they are coming home to.

Q12 Why do you race birds in the first place, is the practice inherited? father Freddie was a fanciers and my great uncle Bobby bowering was a great flyer so it was always in the blood .

Q13 Do you sell pigeons and why?
A13.we do sell some summer bred pigeons and some performance pigeons as we can?t house too many with the setup we have so it's down to quality not quantity.

Q14 Why is marathon racing practiced by just a few people.?
A14.marathon racing is not for us but each to their own if you enjoy it then keep doing it .

Q15 Can you describe the status of the York racing scene please?
A15.our club at Acomb is very competitive there aren?t many clubs in York but there are good flyers in them all Acomb been the hardest for us to win in .

Q16 Do you read books and watch films on the sport?
A16.we read British homing world racing pigeons and Sarah got rid of the DVD player lol so I think that says it all .

Q17 What is your view on pigeon politics and the papers?
A17.I try to stay out of the politics with pigeons enjoy the pigeons you won't win sat in the pub whining about this that and the other .as long as the welfare of the pigeon is uppermost then were happy .

Q18 Why do some fanciers become icons, legends and famous?
A18. because it?s down to the individual to find a system that works for them you take pockets of advice from fellow fanciers there is many roads to roam work hard and keep it enjoyable it shouldn't be a chore to clean out and get the baskets out it takes hard work and a lot of determination.

Q19 What are your ambitions for the future of the sport?
A19.we will keep enjoying what we do try to be helpful to other fanciers and keep trying to win .

Q20 Please comment on any other aspect of the convoluted world of pigeon racing
A20.Well on closing out chat him thank you for your time ,I would like to thank my lovely wife and partner Sarah for everything she does with the pigeon as alone it would be a struggle also my son Harry who takes care of pigeon so we can have a holiday to 're charge ready for the next season yours in sport .Ian .