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Allthelatestfrom J Emerton 21-09-18


I have studied them since I was in short trousers and they fascinate me still. On a global level their survival is a natural success story. Hard little birds they flight in and out of the fields in sun, snow, fog and rain, on patterns evolved over aeons of time. In cities they have hawks and falcons to evade from London to the Himalaya. Science says they evolved from the rock dove and they cross with this species and racers. They love old buildings, barns, and churches and will live alongside man for a very long time. I recall a bronze specimen that lived in my loft and my racers fielded with the wild birds daily. Marathon birds mix with them on long flights home ,as some races take days over 700 miles! Jim Emerton.



Who in pigeon racing, will excite and act as a reservoir for rich and diverse human emotions like Mark Gilbert and Roger Lowe have done in the UK? The person needs to do something very unusual to attract media attention, with the huge list of top results by these fanciers. Many people have unloaded emotions and criticisms on these people. The elite do fascinate me ,along with the little man with big results from the small back garden loft. The records and history books will tell the truth of the results as they remain as objective reality. At this time I have yet to spot the next best superstar who will emerge, have you?? I do like the tradition of a small team loft with big performances. Jim Emerton.



Examine every detail of how to modify ,evolve and improve your system until it works. Keep to the system after success and replicate it each year. Study breeding, feeding, racing and all the practical aspects of the sport. Break it down into health, motivation and fitness of yourself and the birds. Good birds are the end result of your management prowess, and not just numbers sent to the race. Wise to be aware that as pretty as pigeons appear to the I most are without racing or breeding merit-a top breeding pair can work wonders in a small loft set up. Take a long probing look in the mirror of self analysis,and dedicate to realising dreams and goals-a psychological approach to the sport. Jim Emerton.



The sprint man often is driven to rule, be top dog, and is assertively competitive in short distances on motivation systems, often with continental so called sprint pigeons. Win, win, win is the aim of the game. It is a philosophy and modus operandi suited to young guns. The distance man likes his races from 500 to 700 miles, as far on the day as possible and may specialise in National type racing in a large organisation. He may be patient, mature and laidback to conserve energy and cool on these long arduous races over 1 day to many days duration. The true marathon man may specialise in Barcelona or Palamos, be a serious endurance man who races on the edge of possibility as a pioneer of the sport. These old stalwarts are almost extinct in the UK now with 800 milers at Barcelona Int a rarity. They are oddball minorities and often eccentric. The pigeon racing sport accommodates all 3 disciplines, and I tried them all from 71 to 879 miles with the same family of birds over the years. Jim Emerton.