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Jim Emerton New 10-09-18


The essence of this person is action. He sets about doing what is needed to practice the art and science of pigeon racing. This man converts his dreams, talk and ideas into real results in the pigeon racing world. As a mentor I like to help these people as they may achieve great things. My official agent of the times is Craig Wilkinson of Cheshire as he has the love of pigeons, the intention and practical ability to become a marathon man, in the due course of time. He will be advertising some top bloodlines in the media, including my old strain-I hope he evolves into an icon in the public eye of pigeon racing -Jim Emerton.



The UK market is awash with Barcelona bred bloodlines. In truth I bought 8 from Louella for my agent Craig Wilkinson and all 8 have bred prise winners. We obtain them perhaps to value the endurance, stamina and navigation of the Barcelona International birds. In race reality few of the progeny in the UK will be sent to Barcelona, from a minority of fanciers, who are often specialists at the game-it is such a difficult fly. I have been involved with 9 timings so far, and we treasure each one. Barcelona remains the peak of a mans dreams, a truly awesome event and the leading one in the world of pigeon racing. All our stock now are awash with our own Barcelona bloodlines and we maintain a closed gene pool with no fresh introductions. However there are some good birds about ,if you know where to source them and how to pick them. My network of enthusiasts will help you for little or no money-Jim Emerton.



British party politics is often void of truth and objectivity. Many people realise the essential ,egocentric and careerist nature of the media politicians. I see them for what they are, as psychological entities-the games they play, the tricks they pull and the sham of it all. A person of balanced integrity would shine like a beacon of hope and honesty. The whole British political system will evolve and change, whilst I stay aloof. Jim Emerton.



It is essential to keep those top class birds indoors, or you may lose them. We have a nice collection of marathon bred birds which inhabit an aviary. The stock loft is a great asset to the marathon man ,who will always end up with a few racers only. The naive fancier, spends a fortune then loses his bloodlines to birds of prey or off the top of the loft. We line our stock with latebreds direct from our Barcelona timers-we have had 9 so far. The essence is to improve your own strain by progeny testing using neo-darwinian principles. Most fanciers can race birds, yet gold is the creation of your own related strain of birds with common hereditary characteristics. Wise to outbreed from time to time by pairing inbred performance birds together to intensify performance values. A cock may carry on breeding for say 16 years or so. Jim Emerton.



This may happen if you persist in targeting a racepoint. The crucial element is top racing condition-work on that and then you may do it. Master the management of the birds to crack it. I do like years of intense inbreeding to performance and then outbreeding. Very few practice tight inbreeding using brother to sister matings, and use a right mixture of new pigeons from many sources, reliant on the sales and breeding prowess of other people. Neil Bush/Denney and Jim Donaldson have created good strains of pigeons and became famous in their day. Why buy from the Continent, when you can breed your own? I do like a nice infusion of 7 to 1000 mile blood from time to time. Jim Emerton.