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The True Value of a Pigeon




They may raise thousands of pounds and be coveted and valued in material terms. This is mainstream market forces in action, and fuels the international world of pigeon racing. Having sold birds myself, I came to alter my philosophy on pigeons. I believe the real value of a bird lies in its racing and breeding potential and at my chosen distance and race point for it. This is a pedantic and purist approach to the intrinsic value of a racing pigeon. In this i place the emphasis on an approach to the actual bird rather than the money generated - unorthodox yet crucial in my philosophy towards marathon pigeon racing. After a long career, i have bred many good ones, and a few rare champions, yet the satisfaction lies in the creation of a strain of some quality, related individuals. In an aesthetic sense the good ones always look beautiful.


Jim Emerton





Looking back over 40 years of evolution with related bloodlines, a network of enthusiasts shows a human face in my life and we are all experimenting with the birds, yet waiting for another champion to emerge out of Barce Int. My exchange mechanism for birds is going well amongst people with marathon aspirations. We hope some of these men will excel in pure racing. All will express their individual personalities in various ways peculiar to themselves. We ask a lot of the humble pigeon, as they are not the best of migratory birds-800 miles stretches the species right out. In spite of this, dedicated souls become obsessed by the beauty, grace and power and the mystery of navigation.


Jim Emerton





The inner nature of the bird is influenced by the external world it inhabits. The expert fancier with his esoteric knowledge plays a tune with his birds to create optimal racing condition. With open loft, in and out of the natural elements and advanced feeding techniques. My feeding system using assorted foods, with liquid feeding of supplements is unique. People are trying to replicate the system I created and evolved, and it will always be an interpretation, because of the personal, human element-the system is an outward expression of the personality of the fancier. Most pigeons are on the limit at 800 miles Barce Int. UK - it takes a great bird, sent in top condition, like the Marco Wilson cock to do something truly remarkable. Steps to condition can be under the control of the mind and hand of the fancier-your marathon future begins in the back garden.


Jim Emerton