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All the latest from Jim Emerton - 19-04-21

All the latest from Jim Emerton


Genius is the outward manifestation of extraordinary intellectual and/or creative insight, as judged by biased, human perception and understanding of the subjective and objective human process. It is a relative, value judgement used in the popular consciousness of human culture. Jim Emerton.


My imagination soared on thermal wings of fancy, an escape into the inner world of heaven, Angels and dreams. Mind in the clouds, beyond the shroud, spirit born on the wind, I travelled time when the world was mine. It was a journey to the gates of euphoria, of unbridled ecstasy, where butterflies flew, and I knew that the ether was bliss. Yet now ,in the cold light of day, I have to say that the dream has died. In the smouldering ashes of my soul, I am born again in the sobering reality of truth. Jim Emerton.


It is a time for persistence, patience, perseverance ,power and personality. Persuasion by diplomacy ,and articulate logic and strategy, may yield results in the long term ,as the whole process is ego-led and based in human psychology and emotion. I am sure that people will do their utmost to restore racing from France and Spain as a positive outcome of negotiations - Jim Emerton - Author/Poet/Philosopher and Mensan.

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