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The Joe Murphy Colum 16-11-18

The Joe Murphy Column

Thank you to all the people who have phoned, sent cards and recorded good wishes on social media to Joe he very much appreciates it. He is improving with his mobility and movement in his right arm and leg, however the ‘Stoke Nurse’ says it will take him a long time till he is back to being the person he was. There is no rush and he has to take each day as it comes and not to be too impatient if things don’t work out the way he wants. He was at the back of the queue when God gave out patience believe me as I have discovered over the 51 years we have been married. However he does appreciate all the good wishes forwarded and is so grateful THANK YOU.

SHU Trophy Winners 2018

Received an email from SHU secretary Linda Brooks who wrote: ‘Hi Joe, please find a list of our trophy winners for this year as well as a copy of each of their claim forms as  I know you like to write about their performances. I didn't realise when I spoke to you that you had a stroke. I hope you are taking it easy and please don't put yourself out to include this information in your article, your health is far more important and I send details of the winners to the papers to publish as well.
I hope you are soon feeling more like your old self, regards Linda’. The trophy select committee judged the following nominations and awarded the trophies as follows. The Dewar Whisky Trophy; for best channel performance by old bird; was won by Walter Boswell of Hamilton with his chequer hen ‘Louella Lady Helen’. Who won a SNFC Silver Award for 3 times a winner from over the English Channel in the space of 21 days covering a distance of 1488 miles: She is the first pigeon to obtain this feat in such a short period of time which I think is a record in the Scottish National Flying Club. Over the years many birds have done this over a 4 week period but never one achieving it in such a short period of time. ‘Louella Lady Helen’ won 3rd section E 10th open SNFC Liege flying 533 miles on the 29th of June competing against 1072 birds entered by 327 members. She then won 49th section E (no open position) from Ypres on 14th of July flying 445 miles were 433 members sent 2541 birds. Then 6 days later on the 20th July 186 members entered 747 birds to the Roye national and she won 2nd section E 33rd open flying 508 miles. Our congratulations go to Walter on winning this prestigious award.

The Dewar Whisky Trophy ‘Runner Up’; for performance by old bird;

Winners are A Sinclair Thomson & son Sinclair of Port Seton in East Lothian with their dark chequer cock SU14P5617. This year 2018 he has won 4 times in SNFC races from the first national from Buckingham he won 31st section B 223rd open flying 286 miles against 3576 birds. He was then sent to the SNFC Maidstone race and won 23rd section B 62nd open flying 359 miles he then went to the Gold Cup race from Liege and he won 1st section B 1st east region 5th open flying 507 miles against 1072 birds. He was then timed from Roye to win 3rd section B 12th open flying 494 miles against 747 birds. He has achieved the magnificent honour of winning 12 times in the SNFC; and is now a winner of a SNFC Silver Award for 3 times a section winner from the English Channel; and also a winner of a Meritorious Inland Bronze Award for winning 5 times winning from inland nationals. I think you will agree that this dark chequer is an outstanding pigeon and our congratulations go to both Sinclair’s who obviously are very proud of their pigeon.


The Ogilvie Trophy; for the Best Individual Performance; was won by Willie Borthwick of Annan. His chequer pied cock ‘White Nose Bud’ won 1st section A 1st open SNFC Gold Cup from Liege race flying 474 miles into a north east wind and recorded a velocity if 1176 ypm competing against 327 members who entered 1072 birds. This pied cock has previously won 24th section A 24th open from Buckingham flying 226 miles.  Our congratulations go to Willie on winning this award.

The Mr & Mrs Murphy Trophy; For Performance Champion Young Bird; is won by father George, son Willie and grandson Paul Macaloney of Coatbridge in Lanarkshire. Their winner is a blue cock SU18 1820 who won the following;


The Celtic Cup; for performances by an Old Bird up to 300 miles was also won by the Macaloney partnership. With chequer cock SU16 312 who won the following;

The McCrae Battalion Trophy for the best Loft Performances with Old Birds and Young Birds in season 2018. Was jointly won by D H Ogilvie of Bannockburn in Stirlingshire and the Macaloney partnership of Coatbridge;

The following are the Ogilvie loft performances;






We now come to the Macaloney Loft Performances;




The Unikon Trophy; for outstanding performance by a Young Bird; was won by Billy McEwan Junior of Dundee. His yearling chequer cock won 1st Dundee Federation (151 birds) 1st Grampian Combine (333 birds) winning BOTH by 33 minutes fling 458 miles with a velocity of 1376.79; he also won 1st section C 2nd open SNFC Ypres from an entry of 2541 birds entered by 433 members.


SHU Friendship Cup; Yearling Trophy for outstanding performances; was won by Derek Hay of Kirkintilloch in north Lanarkshire; Derek’s blue chequer hen SU17AV 3774 won the following performances in the SNFC during 2018. From Buckingham she won 3rd section F flying 300 miles from an entry of 2941 birds sent by 441 members, she then went to the Roye national and won 1st section F 16th open competing against 747 birds entered by 186 members. She covered the distance of 518 miles in 13 hours 2 minutes on the wing to record a velocity of 1166 ypm. She was also the furthest flying pigeon on the day. She has previously won 6th section F from Buckingham in 2017 so now has 3 SNFC diplomas and is only a yearling, and our congratulations Derek on a wonderful season.


The British Homing World Trophy for Lowest Winning Velocity in Channel Races; No Claims 2018;

Duke of Edinburgh Trophy; Loft performances old & young bird season for members/partnership who are under 25 years; No Claims 2018; 


Ina Renwick Memorial Trophy; Scotland Fancier of the Year Award; is worked out on a coefficient system on the 4 SNFC races from France into Scotland. The 2018 winner is David Jamieson of East Calder in West Lothian. His positions are as follows;

Reims he won 8th open from an entry of 382 birds coefficient     2.09  

Roye he won 10th open from an entry of 747 birds coefficient     1.33

Liege he won 11th open from an entry of 1072 birds coefficient 1.02

Ypres he won 42nd open from an entry of 2541 birds coefficient 1.65

                                                                                                Total         6.09


Runner Up was John Bosworth of Elphinstone.

Reims he won 13th open from an entry of 382 birds coefficient   3.40 

Roye he won 2nd open from an entry of 747 birds coefficient      0.26

Liege he won 13th open from an entry of 1072 birds coefficient 1.21

Ypres he won 55th open from an entry of 2541 birds coefficient 2.16

                                                                                                Total         7.04


The Annie Ross Bowes Memorial Trophy; fancier and sportsman of the Year; is Rosie Armit the secretary treasurer of Glenrothes and Leslie RPC her president Bob Wilson nominated Rosie for this award and his letter is as follows.



Gourdon & District RPC Annual Open Show 2018

Received an email from Margaret Hay asking if I could highlight the following announcement in my column; the above club are holding a show on Sunday the 25th of November, in The Masonic Hall King Street, Inverbervie. Penning us from 09.00am to 10.30am with judging at 11am prompt; entry is 75p per bird with £20 prize money as follows 1st £10 2nd £6 3rd £4. Classes; Class 1 AACTW; Class 2 AAHTW; Class 3 LOC; Class 4 LOH; Class 5 LYC; Class 6 LYH; Class 7 Eyesign (can be duplicated). Entries to David Hay Junior on 01561361588 or mobile 07961846919; David Hay Senior on 01561 361526: Teas and coffees, Bacon rolls, Sausage rolls and Dumpling. There will also be a raffle and sale of 2019 young birds. Entries close Friday 23rd November at 10 pm. Late entries if pens available. Thanking you Margaret’.

Happy Birthday

Belated birthday wishes to Linda Tyerman the wife of BICC President John who has included a photograph of both of them with their daughters Hope you had a lovely day Linda.

The Tyerman Family

SHU Prize winner

Secretary Linda Brooks forwarded me a couple of photographs or Dr Phil Lynch and Robert Cormack who made the draw in the SHU office. The winning ticket of this month’s £100 is Stranraer & District Club. Congratulations!! The winning ring is 9676 and is back in the box with other winners for future draws which will be made at the SHU show on Saturday 8th December. 


                                                                                       Dr Phil Lynch and Robert Cormack                                           Winning Number

Joe’s Joke

A little old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlour and pulled himself slowly, painfully, up onto a stool. After catching his breath, he ordered a banana split. The waitress asked kindly, 'Crushed nuts?’ 'Nope,' he replied, 'Arthritis.’

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