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The Joe Murphy Column 11-10-18

The Joe Murphy Column

It has been quite hectic since returned from our holidays, our daughter was 40 and the family had arranged a ‘surprise party’ for her we just managed to arrive 2 minutes before she came into the house. It was nice and she deserves it as she has 3 kids at school age and we assist her by looking after them when they come home from school until after T time. It was quite funny her oldest son said to Margaret ‘I’ll be 22 when my mum is 50’. He youngest said ‘What age will I be when my mum is 50’ and Margaret replied ‘you will be 16 and leaving school’. I said ‘I’ll be 81 when your mum is 50’ and as quick as a flash the wee man said no Granddad ‘You’ll be dead’. We all burst out laughing and I’ve had a smile on my face all week, the sad thing is he may be right ha ha.

SHU Draw

News from Linda Brooks who wrote ‘Congratulations to Anne McAleavey on wining  £100 in the SHU 2nd draw. My thanks also to Mr Boswell for making the draw when he called into the SHU office the winning number was 9382’.

Walter Boswell drawing the SHU winning number 


The SHU winning number

Fife Federation Trophy Winners 2018

News from Geordie Todd with the above trophy winners for this past season starting from the Leicester race Erskine & son won the Elizabeth Howie Memorial trophy, the H Scott trophy, and the J Wishart trophy; B Chalmers won the R Blyth trophy and G Anderson won the Oaklea trophy. From the Maidstone race R Cochrane won the Fife Rose Bowl and the Buko (MFG) trophy; Turpie & McCord won the 1st CISWO cup; with S Donaldson winning the 2nd CISWO cup; J Mackie won the Gordon Hare Trophy; with B Chalmers winning the John McGill Memorial trophy velocity 1308.05 and D Baldie won the 2nd bird trophy. From the Roye race J Doig won the Coronation Cup, Haig Trophy, R Miller Trophy and the Catterall trophy. W Pratt won the Williamson Cup and the Dick Cup with a velocity of 1013.22 with R Cochrane winning the D & M Rose trophy. From the Wakefield young bird race D Baldie wins the Melrose Dover Cup and the W Smith memorial trophy; B Kinnear wins the Festival Year Trophy and the R Miller trophy. S Donaldson wins the W Miller Memorial trophy. The Combination Trophies winners are as follows; B Chalmers wins the Gordon Hare trophy; Convoyer trophy for the best average 4 longest inland old bird races. J Mullen wins the Jim McLeod memorial trophy for 1st Liege. A Whittaker wins the Norman Dall Memorial trophy for Liege Ypres and Roye he also wins the Nan’s Pride trophy for Liege & Ypres. D Baldie wins the Craws Nest trophy for 2 bird average Wakefield young birds velocity 1331.85.The Oliver Thomson trophy for Maidstone and Wakefield young birds; the F Walker Memorial trophy for the 2 bird average Ypres; Friendship trophy for the last 2 young bird races;  Scottish Brewers trophy for Maidstone won by R Cochrane;  D Jack wins the E Clarke Memorial trophy for Buckingham and Roye; the Old Bird average winner for Leicester Maidstone and Roye he also wins the Tracy cup for combined average runner up. Turpie & McCord win the Challenge trophy for all SNFC races and the M McLaughlin Memorial Quaich for all old bird SNFC races; J Doig wins the D R Brown cup for 1st bird Roye and the Old Bird average runner up trophy; J Robertson wins the James Penman Memorial cup for Maidstone & Wakefield.  J Mackie wins the J Mearns Memorial cup for 1st nomination Maidstone and the Robertson (Robbo) cup for 1st nominated bird Maidstone. C Wright wins the Blackpool Cup J Whyte Memorial cup for 1st nominated cock from Roye. S Donaldson wins the Combined Average Cup for Leicester Maidstone Roye and Wakefield young birds he is also The Fife Fancier of the Year winning the combined winning velocity for all federation races. The Berwick cup for 1st nom hen from Roye and the John Smillie Memorial trophy for the yearling average Maidstone and Roye were NOT WON. The Novar Trophy for Fife Fancier of the Year has not been announced.

Pentland Hills Federation Trophy Winners

News from Andy Miller with the above trophy winners; W Kinnear & son from Danderhall win 1st Buckingham old birds 139th open SNFC; 1st open Maidstone federation open; 1st Reims 11th open SNFC; 1st Ypres 19th open SNFC; Best average Liege & Roye 34th & 37th open SNFC; Best Average Maidstone & Newark open races 1st & 14th federation; runner up old bird average velocity 1305.3.

J Milne from Arniston win 1st Maidstone 28th open SNFC; B Thomas & son of Woodburn win 1st bird Liege SNFC winning 8th open they also win the best average Federation open Maidstone 8th open & Liege SNFC.  Brown & Black of Woodburn win best average 3 longest young bird races with a velocity of 1204. Andy Miller from Sighthill club wins the best average 4 longest old bird races with a velocity of 1203. D Noble of Danderhall wins 1st SNFC Roye trophy being 20th open. McGregor & Lawrie of Danderhall club win the best 2 bird average SNFC Roye 45th open. Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall win the Newark young bird trophy for 1st federation and the 1st Buckingham young bird trophy 21st open SNFC.

New Lothian Trophy 2018 Winners

Old bird average winner with a velocity of 1310 is Andy Miller of Sighthill; Runner Up to the old bird average winner is Willie Kinnear & son of Danderhall with a velocity of 1305.3. Young bird average winners Brown & Black of Woodburn with a velocity of 1218 they are also the Combine Average winners with a velocity of 1269.8 with Stewart Gilchrist of Edinburgh Premier runner up for combine average with a velocity of 1269.3 (cannot get any tighter than this JM) Stewart was also runner up for the young bird average with a velocity of 1204.9. The Points Competition old bird winners were Willie Pryde & son John of Arniston with 22 points.

The Breeder/ Buyer with £221.50 each went to the following;

Ridsdale (breeder) T McLeod (buyer) Mr & Mrs Lindsay SU18P 701 velocity 982

Ridsdale2(breeder) W Kinnear & son (buyer) Mr & Mrs Lindsay SU18P8007 velocity 1288

Tow Law (breeder) W Pryde & son (buyer) W Kinnear & son GB18V24280 velocity 1178

Ripon (breeder) A Young (buyer) A Young SU18P6231 velocity 1082

Ripon (breeder) J Moyes (buyer) F Robertson SU18P 4025 velocity 1055

Wakefield (breeder) G Hunter (buyer) J Baillie SU18P1281 velocity 1420

Newark (breeder) J Dick (buyer) K Dick SU18P 311 velocity 999


Good SNFC Birds

This week I highlight 2 pigeon from the north section and 2 from the west section.

D McPherson of Aberdeen has the 2 north section pigeons that have won 3 times in the SNFC. The first is a blue chequer cock SU16NE6067 in 2017 he won twice from the first inland national from Buckingham a distance of 361 miles he won 11th section G with a velocity of 1124 ypm however she did not win an open prize from the entry of 4170 birds entered by 495 members. She then went to the Bedhampton race which had a great entry of 6065 birds sent by 634 members and she won 3rd section G 67th open with a velocity of 1230 for the 469 miles home to Aberdeen. This year 2018 she won 11th section G 295th open from Maidstone which had an entry of 3001 birds entered by 444 members and she recorded a velocity of 1193 ypm. She is only a 2 year old so with a piece of luck she can achieve a Bronze award next year fingers crossed. Mr McPherson also has a mealy cock SU15AB1763 who has won 3 section prizes to his credit. In 2017 he won 11th section G 491st open from Bedhampton a distance of 439 miles and recorded a velocity of 1042 ypm competing against 6065 birds entered by 634 members. This year 2018 he won 6th section G from Buckingham a distance of 361 miles doing a velocity of 474 from the entry of 4170 birds entered by 495 members but did not win a section prize. He then went to the Gold Cup race from Liege a distance of 547 miles recording a velocity of 548 ypm winning 3rd section G but no open prize from the 1072 birds entered by 327 members.  We now come to the west section pigeon firstly to the loft Colin Grieve of Greengairs who has a blue bar cock SU15E200 named ‘Young Alfie’ named after his brothers grandson to tragically died aged 4. Never trained or raced as a young bird and had 3 races out to 250 miles as a yearling. However his first SNFC diploma was from Alencon in 2017 when he won 1st section E 4th open flying 544 miles being the only west section bird and the furthest flying bird recorded on the day with a velocity of 993 ypm competing against 403 members from an entry of 1472. This year ‘Young Alfie’ was entered into the Buckingham race a distance of 295 miles and he won 51st section E however no open diploma recording a velocity of 898 ypm competing against 441 lofts who entered 2941 birds. ‘Young Alfie’ was then set up for the Gold Cup race from Liege and once again he was to the fore winning 4th section E 14th open from an entry of 1072 birds entered by 327 members and he recorded a velocity of 1016 ypm for the 534 miles (not that this influences me as I study the birds positions) he won nearly £2000 for Colin; he now requires one more section E diploma to gain his SNFC Silver Award and we wish ‘Young Alfie’ all the best for 2019. Now to another West section household name Davie Allison of Hamilton his blue chequer cock SU16L5365 has won 3 times from inland nationals with the first of these as a yearling from Bedhampton when he won 36th section E 353rd open flying 363 miles and recorded a velocity of 1108 competing against 6065 birds sent by 634 members. This year he won 27th section E 315th open from Buckingham a distance of 289 miles and verified a velocity of 935 ypm competing against 2941 birds sent by 441 members. He then went to Maidstone a distance of 369 miles and won 32nd section E with a velocity of 1124 but did not win an open prize from the entry of 3001 birds sent by 444 members.

Joe’s Joke

Morris, an 82 year-old man, went to the doctor to get a physical examination. A few days later, the doctor saw Morris walking down the street with a gorgeous young woman on his arm. A couple of days later, the doctor spoke to Morris and said, 'you’re really doing great, aren't you?’ Morris replied, 'Just doing what you said, Doc: 'Get a hot mamma and be cheerful.’' The doctor said, 'I didn't say that... I said, 'you have got a heart murmur; be careful.’


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