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The Joe Murphy Column 21-09-18

The Joe Murphy Column

By the time these notes are in print the racing season will be over up here in Scotland as the SNFC young bird national is flown this weekend the 15th of September. I very much doubt if there will be a big entry at this race as going by the federation entries some of them are down to 200 birds or less. I don’t think I have ever heard of so many young birds being lost as has happened this season. The dreaded young bird sickness takes its toll every year when the young bird racing starts and as we all know this is an airborne virus so no matter how well you look after your babies it will affect you once you mix with other birds. What I cannot believe is fanciers who have this sickness STILL send their babies to the racing. Needless to say many of them fail to return but they have spread this sickness throughout the transporter. I know in Kevin’s club they have a basket (or crate) and put all their own birds in the one. So if it is 16 birds each the members put in 16 cocks and 16 hens and the birds are not mixed up with birds from other lofts. However once they are in the transporter and the shutters are down then the virus speaks throughout the lorry. I remember talking to Tom Pennycott who was a vet from Ayrshire many years ago when young bird sickness first started to come about. He told me then that the best cure was to breed your youngsters early in the year so that by the time the young bird racing come around they are old enough to fight off this virus and will not contact YPS. It is worth thinking about and fanciers giving it a try than losing your youngsters every year.   


Before going on with the weekly results may I thank all the Press Officers’ of the clubs and federation who supply their results throughout the season to me? I know that sometimes this is a time consuming task and at times they will get some grief. However what the majority don’t realise is without these people fanciers would not get the recognition for their success with their birds. So to each and every one who has supplied me results throughout the year a very special thank you.     


Angus Federation 

News from Kenny Droog who informs us that the members sent 210 birds to Wakefield on 8th September the convoy were liberated at 07:15 hours into a south west wind. First place goes to G Campbell of Montrose is also in 11th 12th places. W MacKnight of Forfar is 2nd 3rd & 4th with Ian Scott in 5th 6th & 16th positions. David J Liddle of the same club is 7th 8th 14th 17th & 20th with Eric Galloway again from Forfar in 9th spot Greig & Legget from Forfar are 10th & 13th with J McCafferty also from Forfar in 15th spot Macaulay Ferguson & Curran again from Forfar are 18th & 19th open


East Section is won by G Campbell of Montrose who takes the first 3 plus 5th & 6th .Les McKay of Arbroath is 4th with club mates Charlie & Glen Cameron in 7th to 10th places

Club winners as follows; Forfar 132 birds winner W MacKnight; Montrose 20 birds winner G Campbell; Gourdon 15 birds winner W Dorward; Arbroath 43 birds winner Les McKay

Arbroath RPC

Had 3 members sending 43 birds with Les McKay a clear winner he is also 6th & 9th with Charlie & Glen Cameron in 2nd to 5th plus 7th & 10th places. Chic & Ann Carrie is in 9th club. No details on the winners.

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie McIntyre who writes: ‘Hi Joe, please find the final race report from Ayrshire Fed for 2018 season. I have also attached 3 phots of the 1st 3 federation winners. From the 5th and final young bird race of the season was from Ripon held on Sunday the 9th September a jump of 60 miles on the previous week’s race from Berwick. If we thought last week’s race from Berwick was bad, this race is possible one of the worst young bird races I can remember with only 10 pigeons from a convoy of 273 birds making it home on the day. In my own club at the 18-00 hours ring off the following day, we only had 25 pigeons home from a club entry of 98 birds which was slightly above the 25% mark for returns. I think personally the birds were finding it hard going facing into the westerly wind coming across into the west of Scotland and some of the showers around tea time pushing through from the west coast were nothing short of torrential. Jim O’Hare had the convoy of 273 pigeons at Ripon up and away at 11-10 into a south west wind for a race of between 149 miles up to 175 miles to the top end of the federation. Leading the way in to the federation this week taking 1st and 7th places on 798.2 and 597.6 is Robert Reid of Beith. Robert needs no introduction when it comes to racing pigeons, a man who top’s the fed from the shortest of races right through to the longest of races, in fair days and very difficult days, Robert’s birds are always there. His 1st fed winner is a chequer pied cock and is an early bred youngster and was sent driving an old hen. He had completed a body moult earlier in the year. He is bred from 2 retired racers, both are 2011 pigeons. His sire is SU11-2114 had a couple of fed positions but was not an outstanding racer. However, he is from Robert’s old 2004 chequer cock who is responsible for most of his winning pigeons. His dam was a 2007 hen which was a gift from Ken Buchannan. 2114 is a full brother to, amongst others, the hen which won 2nd section Ypres this year and narrowly missing out on 1st section in the Gold Cup race last year. The dam of the fed topper is SU11A5451 who has 2 first prizes racing as well as 3rd and 8th Federation. She was put to stock as a 2 year old following a peregrine strike and has bred 1st , 2nd & 6th section winners in the SNFC .

Robert Donegan 1st Fed Berwick 2 YB

2nd fed this week is Gavin Urquhart of West Kilbride on 720.5: Gavin timed a March bred natural blue bar cock and now named “Blue Singe” The reason behind the name was Gavin singed the tip of one of its remaining flights so the pigeon would hold its flight and not throw it leading up to and while in the basket. This young cock was sent sitting on its 2nd set of eggs that were due to be chipping on the day of the race. Leading up to this race, the blue cock had 4 races out to 110 miles then into Ripon 172 a distance of miles. The sire is a blue bar stock cock that contains the best of Ian Cameron’s bloodlines from pigeons Gavin has received from Ian over the last 15 years and blended them together. The dam was bred by Dougie Spittal of Knightswood in Glasgow and is off Busschaerts bloodlines of Martin Hughes.

Gavin Urquhart 2nd Fed Ripon YB

3rd fed is John Watters of Mauchline on 654.7 John timed a natural blue bar hen flying to the perch. This hen had previously scored 3rd club in the previous week from Berwick and has had every race apart from Kelso. Her sire and dam are down from Willie Wilson of Larkhall stock he obtained from Andy Lockhart.

John Watters 3rd Fed Ripon YB

Other members who timed in on the night on what was a very difficult race and I think is worthy of a mention are the Boyd Brothers and S Boyd from the Whitletts & District club. Cowan & Findlay from Darvel HS, Willie Thomson of Kilmarnock Invitation and another 2 members from my own club Dalry HS. Jim Shepherd timed at 20:15 with his bird arriving in the dark and David Craddock who timed at 20:23 also arriving in the dark. There is a slight story behind David’s arrival as he had gone into the house for the night thinking nothing will come now as darkness had set in. David had just settled down for the night on the couch to watch the telly when his phone went with a text message, thinking to himself; ‘Who is texting me at this time of night’. David looked at his phone and to his amazement it was one of his pigeons that had just arrived and lucky for David he had left the hatch open. David has the Unikon TXT system and this was his Unikon base texting him of his arrival.


North Section 168 birds; winners 1st Robert Reid of Dalry HS on velocity of 798.2: 2nd place is Gavin Urquhart, Dalry HS 720.5: 3rd David Craddock, Dalry HS 597.7

Central Section 41 birds; 1st Willie Thomson of Kilmarnock Invitation 612.0 2nd was Harvey Pollock, Irvine HS 472.0. 3rd McKenna & Diamond of Irvine HS 415.4

South Section 64 birds; 1st is John Watters, Mauchline & District on 654.7. 2nd Boyd Brothers of Whitletts & District on 646.9 3rd S Boyd of Whitletts & District on 558.4

Other Club winners not mentioned above; Cowan & Findlay (Darvel HS) 577.8, Grant & McGovern (Ardeer HS) 506.8


                                                Robert Donegan 1st Fed Berwick 2 YB            Stevie McGovern (Grant & McGovern) 2nd and 3rd Fed Berwick 2

Now the racing season is over Joe, I am hoping to send you reports of the Dalry HS 2 Bird Challenge presentation night and also Ayrshire Federation presentation night. Once again Joe, I thanks you for your support with publishing our federations reports, yours Archie McIntyre race secretary of Ayrshire federation’.

Central Federation

Broxburn & Uphall RPC; News from Carol Britton who writes ‘Hi Joe please find the Broxburn & Uphall pigeon club and Federation result from our race from Newark. Winning 1st 2nd & 3rd club & 3rd 4th & 5th federation is John McNeill his winner is a Gabby blue hen on darkness; sire and dam out of the stock loft; they are from his good friend’s D & J Hawkins & Evans. John’s 2nd bird is a dark chequer hen also on darkness she is a Lambrecht a gift from his mate Gary Gibson from Norther Ireland. His 3rd bird is a blue bar hen also on darkness also a Lambrecht from Gary. John was also 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 15th & 17th fed other club member’s to make the federation result were Hamish Ferguson in 13th  place with Steven & Gullane in 20th open federation. Thanks’ once again Joe for all your help, take care Carol & Bernie’.

East of Scotland Federation

News from John Baillie who writes ‘Hi Joe, please find the result from the East of Scotland Federation from Newark race; the birds were liberated at 07-20 hours into a south west wind. This was the federation's open race and leading the field is Jim McNeil of Tranent with others birds timed to win 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th open positions. Jim has another fantastic race and has his youngsters winning all season. The winning bird is bred from a gift cock from Sinclair Thomson & Son and the dam is another gift from Malcolm Taylor of Newbigging. Taking 2nd, 4th and 5th open is yours truly John Baillie of Tranent and the 10th open position goes to Richard & Jamie Combe of Elphinstone.

Prestonpans HC; Taking the first 3 positions is John Baillie my winning young hen is bred down through my old cock who has flown and scored from Ancenis and My Ambition my SNFC Silver Award line. The hen in 2nd position is also a granddaughter from My Ambition when paired to the son Padfield Invincible lines. The cock in 3rd position is another grandchild from My Ambition when a son from him was paired to a daughter of Night Vision, my other SNFC Silver Award cock. This was another tough race to finish off the season Joe and many thanks for allowing us the space in your column, I know it is being read due to the feedback on some of the comments I have made throughout the season! Wishing you all the best yours John B’.

Fife Federation

Geordie Todd sends in his federation open race result from Wakefield flown on the 9th September with 517 birds liberated at 10-00 hours into a south west wind. Taking first place is St Andrews D Baldie he is also 3rd & 10th Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes and Leslie club is 2nd & 4th open with St Andrews John Harcus in 5th spot. Mook Honeyman of Kennoway is 6th 9th 11th & 12th with club mate Brian Chalmers in 7th 13th & 14th open. Another Kennoway member S Fyffe is 8th with S Donaldson of Perth club taking the 15th to 18th places and it is back to Kennoway for the remaining 2 places to make up the top 20 and these go to Tam Laing. Whom I spoke to at the race marking station Tam was a great pal to my late father and it was quite funny when Margaret & I stayed in Kennoway Tam’s dad Alex lived in the same street as us and when we went away on holiday Alex looked after our birds; a small world indeed.

Glenrothes & Leslie RPC news from Rosie Armit who writes ‘Hi Joe, Glenrothes & Leslie Pigeon Club had 5 members sending 54 birds to Ripon. Brian Kinnear had the first 10 in the club and his 1st bird was a chequer pied hen doing a velocity of 1446, her nest mate won 3rd club Berwick and they are bred from a pair of late breds sent up by Ron Gammage. Her sire is line-bred to Champion "Radfield Invincible" while her dam is also Jan Aarden based. 2nd place was a chequer hen on 1445 velocity she returned after 4 days from the Berwick race in poor condition. She was rested for 2 weeks then jumped into the Ripon race as she was starting to flirt with another young hen. Her sire is a grandson of ‘Stitchy’ and her dam is a daughter of dark hen who won 1st section C 4th open Ancenis SNFC in 2013. 3rd club was a blue hen who has started to pair up with a young cock on top of the Tipo box and have built a large nest of straw. Her dam won 43rd open Bedhampton and is a granddaughter of ‘Stitchy’ and her sire is from a Vandenabeele cock when paired to the last daughter of ‘Stitchy’.

Pentland Hills Federation

News from Andy Miller who writes ‘Hi Joe please find attached details of our final race of the young bird season from Newark race flown on Saturday 8th September with the convoy of 385 birds plus 52 trainers entered by 38 members liberated at 07-20 hours into a south west wind. Taking the first 3 in the federation are Helen Aitken & sons from Danderhall with the winner bred from birds obtained from Steve Foster and Wall, Lunt and Green. 4th 5th 8th & 9th open are Brown & Black of Woodburn club with S Gilchrist of Edinburgh Premier in 6th spot. F Robertson of Danderhall club is 7th with T Nolan & son of the same club 10th 11th & 12th open. 

The federation breeder/buyer prize raced from the last young bird race point was won by K Dick who was also the breeder with SU18P 311 recording a velocity of 999 and he will receive the sum of £443.00.

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us that 40 members sent 514 birds to Sedgefield race liberated into a brisk west to south west wind with broken cloud. In such a strong west win the east section 17 members who sent 267 birds were going to dominate the federation and this is exactly what happened as they took the first 30 open positions. 1st 2nd & 8th section and open is Colin McRae of Fraserburgh & District club with a velocity of 1738. H McAllister of Peterhead & District takes from 3rd to 6th place with Stuart Maskame of the same club in 7th 9th & 10th open. G Findlay of the same Peterhead club is 11th with Jim & Ann Donaldson again from Peterhead taking 12th to 18th positions. C & M Williams from the same club are 19th to 21st section and open. The West Section had 23 members sending 247 birds with J Abel of Devern Valley taking the 1st x 4 places plus 7th & 9th section and 31st to 34th open plus 37th & 39th open. G Wilson of the same Devern Valley club is 5th 6th & 8th section 35th 36th & 38th open with G R Duncan of Keith club in 10th section 40th open position.

Clubs first bird; Fraserburgh & District winner Colin McRae with a velocity of 1738.122 Peterhead & District winner is H McAllister velocity 1726.519; Inverurie winner R McKenzie velocity 1684.549 Devern Valley winner J Abel velocity 1636.036. Keith winner G R Duncan velocity 1588.934; Buckie & District winner R Bain velocity 1492.254; Elgin & District winners Jack & Reid velocity 1445.603; Fraserburgh West End winner R Higgins velocity 1209.209

Well done to Colin McRae on topping the federation and to J Abel on winning the West Section That’s it for another year Joe thank you for including our federation and club results in your weekly column; more power to your pen’.

Walter Boswell of Hamilton

For the next 2 weeks I’m going to highlight a fancier who has had an exceptional season in 2018; namely Walter Boswell of Hamilton. Who during the old bird season won 2 Silver Awards in the Scottish National Flying Club? As readers of my weekly column will know one of my quest is highlighting good SNFC Birds One of these was an outstanding pigeon a light chequer hen ‘Louella Lady Helen’ SU16L 12630 bred and raced by Walter Boswell of Hamilton. This hen won a SNFC Silver Award for 3 times a winner from over the English Channel in the space of 21 days covering a distance of 1488 miles. I have never heard of a pigeon doing this feat in such a short period of time and I would say this is a RECORD in the Scottish National Flying Club. Over the years many birds have done this over a 4 week cycle but I have never heard of one achieving it in such a short period of time. ‘Louella Lady Helen’ won 3rd section E 10th open SNFC Liege flying 533 miles on the 29th of June competing against 1072 birds entered by 327 members. She then won 49th section E (no open position) from Ypres on 14th of July flying 445 miles were 433 members sent 2541 birds. Then 6 days later on the 20th July 186 members sent 747 birds to the Roye national and she won 2nd section E 33rd open flying 508 miles. Her mother is a chequer hen named ‘Louella Wee Jenna’ she also won a SNFC Silver Award in 2018 winning 10th section E 32nd open from Liege Gold Cup race flying 533 miles; she had previously won 13th section E 74th open from Alencon flying 538 miles and won 5th section E 11th open from Clermont flying 521 miles. Walter’s 1st SNFC Silver Award Winner was ‘Louella Jamie Boy’ who won 18th section E 83rd open Alencon 538 miles then 1st section E 5th open SNFC Clermont 521 miles he then won 9th section E 48th open Alencon 538 miles to gain his Silver Award. The above 3 pigeons are ALL related with the base being De Barcelona a winner from 7 national races; 2 at 500 mile races and 5 at 600 mile races. A son of De Barcelona was purchased from Louella Pigeon World and crossed into the bloodlines of ‘The Spin’ from Kuyper Brothers and was a gift to Walter from Michel Massarella. There are not many SNFC members who win 2 Silver Awards in one season however to be the first in the history of the club to win a Silver Award in 21 days is something very special and I phoned and congratulated Walter on these achievements. During our conversation Walter informed me that he had written a piece on how he had prepared his 3 pigeons to win these awards I asked him for a copy of this to add to his birds photographs. He agreed and below is the first part of Walter’s story. Before you read this the person Jim Walter speaks about is Jim McGuire who moved into a house over the road from him. Jim’s daughter informed Walter that her dad had kept pigeon when he was young and he would like to start the sport up again. Walter visited Jim and invited him to come over on a Saturday to watch the young birds coming home from the racing. A friendship developed and Jim now has his own loft and team of birds that Walter and his club mates have gifted to him over the last few years.  Now for Walter’s story

Louella Wee Jenna

Part I

I will start with ‘Wee Jenna’ named after one of my granddaughters, Jenna showed her class as a yearling when she was 84th section SNFC Newbury and I watched her fly to the woods behind my loft gathering twigs till her nest was massive and I had to keep taking over half away every day so it would not fall over and sent her to Clermont. I could see she was so keen and though she was only a small yearling hen she had the 84th section Newbury under her belt. I timed her at 05-01 in the morning to win 5th section 11th open so I knew I had a good bird with great breeding. Jenna and Jamie my Silver Award cock 3 years ago Lady Helen and Mary are all bred from 4 different sons of my old De Barcelona Vander Wegan cock purchased from Louella at 11 years old and paired to the best hens I could get my hands on all very inbred to De Barcelona with the exception of one or two. Anyway when Jenna scored in Clermont I paired her to Jamie the Silver Award cock and her cousin and switched away 4 eggs. I then paired her to her sire and switched away 4 eggs to have 8 cracking late breds in my stock loft. The next year Jenna was paired to her uncle her sire’s half - brother a stock cock and set her up for the Gold Cup race. When she scored in Clermont she was sent chipping so she was sent the same way to Alencon. Prior to the national she had 4 races to 250 miles, where she was 9 hours on the wing; she was then rested for a week, and then flagged from 05-00 hours in the morning till 06-00 am then in given a wee half feed till 20-00 hours at night. Along with the birds going to 500 miles they were flagged again from 20-00 till 21-00 hours every day. With an odd 25 mile training toss with my old pal John Kings van maybe once a week just to keep her head right. If I was training them that morning they only got the night flagging which I would gradually increase until the week before the race. They were trapping onto the loft between the time of 22-30 and 23-00 hours at night, by now they were not so afraid of the failing light which was the whole idea of my extra work. My feeding is just a super widowhood mixture that you get from my pal Charlie Muir from Clarkston club. After the 200 mile stage I add a little Gerry Plus for the high fat content and a little hemp seed for oil and a small hand full of peanuts for human consumption. Nothing can knock your birds off form quicker than bad or damp peanuts. Jenna was 13th section 74th open Alencon as a 2 year old. After scoring in Alencon was then paired to her grandsire the old De Barcelona cock who was now 18 and had never missed an egg. I switched the first pair under a pair of yearlings and let them rear the second pair and all 4 four went to the stock loft. After the birds are through the moult I put them on barley with a wee pinch of conditioner and the birds are out every other day. Cocks one day; hens the next after my late breds have been flying an hour or two as they get priority in the winter months. Jenna was being set up for the Gold Cup again but something was not right? I could not get the same muscle on her, she felt thin, and I could not get her the time on the wing I thought she needed. For different reasons bad forecast, tail wind eggy and the most she had was a 5 ½ hour race at the 180 mile mark. I did everything as before but something was different and I could not fathom what it was? I sent her, which I should not have done, the race turned out a disaster! I lost some of my best birds but timed Jamie Boy to win 9th section 48th open and his SNFC Silver Award. I was angry with myself for sending Jenna when she was not 100 %. Around 6 or 7 weeks later I had been across the road at Jim’s after a young bird race I returned to the loft to see if I had any more youngsters home? There she was Wee Jenna skin and bone and her 3rd 4th 5th and 6th flights had grown up about halfway. She must have been hit or dived for cover and ripped the flights? I was so glad to see her, so same procedure the next year. Gold Cup time again she was back looking and handling the way she should. Birds for the nationals are paired around the 14th to the 21st of March each year after being treated for canker and cocci about 3 weeks before pairing up. Having being vaccinated for para in November I let them rear the first pair of youngsters and switch the second pair. Sending them on their 3rd pair of eggs planning to have them chipping for the hen’s on basketting. I like to send cocks 5 to 8 days on eggs or feeding a big young bird and looking at his hen. Everything was going to plan and Jenna had had 2 x 20 mile tosses and sent to her first race from Appleby about 105 miles to me it was an east wind and a weird race. All the races Jenna had scored in till now were east winds. Sure enough bang she hits the board to be 1st west section federation over 3000 birds. I’ll get her this year I thought she is almost back to her best. I lifted her 2nd pair of eggs to get her down for the Gold Cup race and she had about 7 hours on the wing at 200 miles and was filling out fine. She normally takes about 9 or 10 days to lay after I lift her eggs. This time she laid early, 4 days early? OK I thought the Dutch fanciers send them on 3 or 4 day youngsters that will be fine! Wrong, handled her when the eggs were chipping and she was great. When she broke the soft feeding the body just fell off her! Sent her thinking she will put it back on in the basket the race was another disaster. I had 12 of my best birds, including Jamie Boy, and did not time in! I was as sick as a parrot. It was 3 days before I got my 1st bird and it was Mary another daughter of Jenna. This will set me back years I remember thinking. Over the next month another 2 or 3 birds got home. Jenna turned up with a hole in her side, scabbed over, but she was back. Through the winter last year I said to Jim I’d have loved Wee Jenna to get her Silver Award before I stopped her. I think maybe she is going to ground now when birds of prey are around? She wintered well and her whole demeanour was different! At the start of the season I said to Jim Wee Jenna is shining really sticking out. If she looks like that at Gold Cup time I might try her one last time? If I lose her, at least the loft is full of birds bred off her and around her. So same procedure 4 races to 250 miles, this time she got 10 hours on the wing. Perfect I’ll get her this time I told Jim. Her 2 year old daughter is going to, and a son of Jamie Boy. Jenna was super, but her 2 year old daughter (I now call Helen) was even better! Jenna laid her third set 2 days early to be chipping. I took them away and put dummies under her for two days, then put her own eggs back under her. Perfect she went chipping to the race and felt great in the hand for such a small hen. James must have been sick listening to me. I really fancy my 3 birds Jenna looking great and shining, but her daughter is something else. The birds were up and the excitement grew as the day went on. I’ll get one of these birds I thought? In fact I could get all 3 I said to Jim. I checked the laptop to see birds were getting into the borders and the east side of the country. Could be birds up here between 7 and 8 I wondered? I sat back in my chair. I can’t really see my birds until they are on top of me as I’m surrounded by houses on 3 sides and 40 foot trees at the back. Come on babies I thought. "Whoosh, bang" and a bird hit the board; as I focused I could see it was Jenna’s daughter the 2 year old ya beauty I thought as I jumped off my seat. Ran to tell my wife, oops she’s at the Bingo! So I run s over to Jim’s who was sitting with his back to the window and banged on the window frightening the life out of him. Got one I said jumping around his garden he came bursting out the door. Wee Jenna he said no her daughter I replied, but this is turning out a funny race I’ll get Jenna in the morning. She is a 2nd morning pigeon and the way the race is going she will have plenty time. That night I could hardly sleep, I was chuffed at being in and it looked to be well in. Come on Wee Jenna get that Silver Award I thought as I fell asleep. Up at 04-30an it was a bit cold but the sun was starting to come up as I looked at my watch it was 5 o’clock this is when she came from Clermont I thought. Wouldn’t it be great if she was real early and well in - either way this is her last race. I went in to look at the national website on the laptop there was not many getting through over here? I’ll get this wee hen this is the race for her. I sat back down to have a cup of tea when I caught a movement in the corner of my eye; time 07- 05 bang, there she was. I was elated and no one was up yet to tell!! Get in Wee Jenna I shouted as she dropped in and she won 10th section 32nd open to win her SNFC Silver Award. I will tell you about Lady Helen and Mary in the near future and I hope you readers have enjoyed this wee story. Walter informs me that part 2 will not be as longwinded. Part 2 next week

Good SNFC Birds

I stated a few weeks ago about adding more details to this feature for example amount of birds at the race, number of members competing. Then on the winning birds their velocity and distances they fly in each race. However I did not realise how much this would take up of my time and I’m in 2 minds as to continue doing this as I have to check out old races for the velocity of each bird which is so time consuming. On the other hand I’ve managed to assemble all the above with the following pigeons so I hope you enjoy. This week I’m going to highlight 3 lofts in section C which covers Fife; Dundee and Angus federations. I start with a blue bar hen SU14F1733 raced by Eddie McWilliams of Blairhall in West Fife. As a yearling she won 11th section C 41st open from Billericay flying 351 miles against an entry of 3406 birds. In 2016 she was entered into the Gold Cup race from Reims and won 15th section C 46th open flying 572 miles competing against 1330 birds entered by 335 members. This year 2018 she was again sent to Reims and won 79th open but no section prize competing against 129 members who send 382 birds and she was the last pigeon in race time on the open result with a velocity of 406. We now come to another Fife federation member Stewart or (Stuart) Donaldson of Perth club who won the SNFC Nantes national back in 1988 flying in partnership with another great fancier Len Downie in Rattray they won the national flying 650 miles. I remember this very well as I also timed on the day and won 10th open SNFC with a dark chequer cock bred by my old friend Wilson Nobel of Fraserburgh. Stewart has 4 excellent pigeon at the present time that have won well in the SNFC these past few years which I have pleasure in highlighting; his dark chequer cock SU14F2023 won a SNFC Meritorious Bronze award in 2017 in 2015 he won 2nd section C 24th open Bedhampton/ Portsmouth with 4767 birds competing flying a distance of 408 miles; he then went to Eastbourne (in place of Ypres as we could not get into France) and from an entry of 2494 birds he won 5th section C 13th open flying 430 miles. In 2016 he went to the first inland national from Buckingham were 521 members sent 4328 birds and won 99th section C 371st open flying 331 miles recording a velocity of 1256 then in 2017 he won 3rd section C 24th open velocity 1389 from Buckingham with 495 members sending 4170 birds then a few weeks later he was sent to Bedhampton with an entry of 6065 birds entered by 634 members and won 38th section C 116th open flying 408 miles doing a velocity of 1199. This year he was entered into the Maidstone race were 444 members sent 3001 birds and he won 29th section C 67th open with a velocity of 1298 ypm.  We not come to a dark chequer hen SU16F4588 who has won 4 times in the past 2 years; in 2017 she won 124th section C 492nd open from Bedhampton flying 408 miles doing a velocity of 1042 from an entry of 6065 birds entered by 634 members. She then went to Ypres a distance of 472 miles and won 29th section C 104th open from an entry of 2320 birds sent by 409 members and she recorded a velocity of 955 ypm. This year 2018 she was entered into the Maidstone race competing against 3001 birds entered by 444 members and she won 51st section C 123rd open with a velocity of 1266 for the 405 miles. She then went to Ypres a distance of 472 miles and won 240th open but no section prize recording a velocity of 1088 against 2541 birds entered by 433 members.  Stewart’s 3rd pigeon is a blue cock SU15F4903 as a yearling he won 83rd section C 336th open from Littlehampton doing a velocity of 982 for the 416 mile race competing against 4482 birds entered by 510 members. This year 2018 he won 3 times being 44th section C 268th open with a velocity of 953 from Buckingham flying a distance of 331 miles competing against 2941 birds sent by 441 members. He then went to the Gold Cup race from Liege with 327 members sending 1072 birds and he won 21st section C 92nd open with a velocity of 652 ypm for the 548 miles. He then competed from the last old bird national race from Roye a distance of 539 miles and he was to the fore recording a velocity of 1134 winning 8th section C 22nd open from an 747 birds entered by 186 members.  Last but not least is a chequer white flight cock SU15F4986 who has won 3 diplomas; In 2017 he won twice being 86th section C 329th open from Bedhampton doing a velocity of 1116 for the 408 miles competing against 6065 birds entered by 634 members. That same year he was entered into the Ypres race a distance of 472 miles to Blairgowrie and he recorded a velocity of 924 to win 39th section C 136th open competing against 409 members who entered 2320 birds. This year he was sent to Buckingham and he won 34th section C 226th open flying 331 miles and recorded a velocity of 971 ypm flying against 441 members sending a convoy of 2941 birds. We now come to another top loft the husband and wife partnership of J & L Alexander from Monifieth in Dundee/Angus region. They have a pencil blue cock SU14DF763 who has won 4 times in the national. As a 2 year old he won 106th section C 429th open from Littlehampton recording a velocity of 945 for the 403 mile trip; challenging the other 4482 birds competed by 510 members. This year 2018 he won in 3 nationals the first from Buckingham had an entry of 2941 birds entered by 441 members and he won 5th section C 117th open with a velocity of 1047 for the 319 miles. A few weeks later he was sent to Maidstone a distance of 390 miles and he recorded a velocity of 1268 to win 48th section C 120th open flying against 3001 birds submitted by 444 members. He was then set up for the channel and competed from the Ypres race a distance of 454 miles and with a velocity of 1134 he won 179th open but no section prize from an entry of 2541 birds sent by 433 members. We now come to a mealy cock SU14DF751 as a 2 year old he won 70th section C 257th open from Littlehampton a distance of 403 miles doing a velocity of 1006 from an entry of 4482 birds sent by 510 members. Last year he was entered into the Ypres race which is a distance of 454 miles and he won 25th section C 84th open recording a velocity of 974 ypm from an entry of 2320 birds sent by 409 miles. This year he was set up for Buckingham a distance of 319 miles and won 42nd section C 261st open recording a velocity of 955 ypm against a convoy of 2941 birds sent by 441 members. Congratulations to Eddie; Stewart and Jack & L on their excellent pigeons and I wish them well in the future racing with the SNFC.

Joe’s Joke

A senior citizen said to his eighty-year old buddy: 'so I hear you're getting married?’ 'Yep!’ 'Do I know her?’ 'Nope!’. 'This woman, is she good looking?’ 'Not really.’ 'Is she a good cook?’ 'Naw, she can't cook too well.’ 'Does she have lots of money?’ 'Nope! Poor as a church mouse.’ 'Well, then, is she good in bed?’ 'I don't know.’ 'Why in the world do you want to marry her then?’ 'Because, she can still drive!’

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