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The Joe Murohy Column 27-07-18

The Joe Murphy Column

This year’s SNFC Gold Cup winner John Wiseman of Dundee brother Jim is a ‘bard’ like our famous ‘Rabbie Burns’. Jim is so proud of his brothers achievement he has made a poem about John’s winning chequer hen who won the race flying 583 miles on the day with a velocity of 1159 --Enjoy.

Johnny Wisemans Doo
That’s it now you’ve fulfilled your dreams,
The best bird in Scotland to win from REIMS,
A cracking race that you ken,
What a darling little hen,
Flying hundreds of miles to prove that she’s not soft,
Just to get home to her loft,
Through sun and heat, wind and fear,
Racing home in top gear,
Now she’s proved that she’s the best,
She’s now due a holiday and a rest,
Well done you both for winning from REIMS,
That’s oor Johnny and the BALNUITH DREIMS !!
So here’s a toast to your success,
It was a belter I must confess!!!
Mad ‘dogs slavers 
Jim Wiseman


SNFC Ypres

For this year’s race 433 members sent 2541 birds; broken down into sections; A had 135 birds; B with 416 birds; C had 570 birds; D sent 292 birds; E had 749; F had 53 birds; with the north section G sending 158 birds and the far west section H sending 168 birds. The convoy was liberated at 06-45am into a west to north west wind. The winner of 1st open is Dave McDougall & son Callum from Peterhead ‘What a Pigeon’ this 2 year old chequer cock was timed at 17-21-15 for a velocity of 1382 flying yards short of 500 miles. Dave was in my sporting challenge and I met up with him and his wife last year after we had been to Blackpool Show and we travelled up together in the train, needless to say Dave and I spoke about pigeons all the way back to Edinburgh. Well done to the 3 of them on winning the Scottish National it could not have happened to a nicer family. Willie McEwan of Dundee is 2nd open 1st section C on 1376; he had an outstanding race timing in 7 of his 12 entries. He won 1st 10th 11th 14th & 20th section C 18th 20th 24th 34th 178th & 183rd open. The 24th open won 258th open Maidstone this year; 34th open won 3rd section C 13th Maidstone; the 178th open won 85th section C 226th open Maidstone and the 183rd open already won 58th section C 140th open Maidstone. A tremendous team achievement and our congratulations to Willie; while on about Dundee J & J Hunt timed in the same blue bar cock that won 357th open from Buckingham this year to win 2nd section C 5th open Ypres. M Young of Dundee also had a fantastic race winning 3rd 6th 37th 39th & 55th section C 6th 13th 69th 74th & 152nd open Ypres. Bruce McKenzie of Dundee timed the same red cock that won 1st section C 4th open Maidstone this year at 17-17 to win 8th section C 16th open Ypres. My dear friend Billy Bilsland of Ayton wins 1st section B 3rd open Ypres with East of Scotland press officer John Baillie of Tranent winning 3rd section B 7th open. First section D 31st open are Angus Orr and his son Allen of Brightons near Falkirk; 1st section H 73rd open is H Wallace of Newmilns of Ayrshire with 1st section E 77th open Jim Cullen of Uddingston; 1st section A 81st open is G Dalgliesh & son of Ecclefechan 1st section F 251st open R A Anderson of Kirkintilloch. Kevin’s fellow club members Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath won 4th section C 9th open to clinch a good weekend as they won 2nd open from the SNRPC race from Arras the day before well done lads, hope you make it a treble from Roye this weekend. Kevin timed a blue yearling hen at 17-10 hours to win 2nd club 3rd federation 15th section C (570 birds) 25th open SNFC Ypres flying 455 miles. Her sire was bred by Gareth Rankin of Larkhall being a direct son of Marcia his SNFC Silver Award hen who won the following positions in the national; 10th section E 78th open Newbury 320 miles; 19th section E 74th open Alencon 533 miles; 23rd section E 121st open Alencon; 5th section E 12th open Clermont 516 miles; 6th east section 129th open Clermont. Marcia was mated to a Jos Pepping cock 591 he won 5th St Vincent 1514 birds; 15 Nort De Mar 2950 birds; 512 Tours 9115 birds; 173rd Cahors 2419 birds. 591 is a ½ brother to 1st international Agen 4381 birds; 5th national St Vincent; 6th national Montauban. The dam of our 25th open Ypres winner was bred by another top SNFC partnership these being Tom McEwen & son Scott of Elphinstone. Our 2nd pigeon timed at 17-51 hours won 45th section C 91st open this was a blue hen that has been very successful this year she has already won 2nd club Wakefield 205 miles she was also 2nd east section 224 birds. She also won 4th club 5th east section 20th federation Maidstone 400 miles, and now wins 91st open SNFC Ypres flying 455 miles. Her sire was the mealy cock that I gifted to the Blackpool show of the Year in January 18 he was a pure Daniel Aerens bred bird. The dam of the 91st national winner was also a Daniel Aerens hen she is a daughter of 1040 a winner twice from Perpignan and twice from Barcelona. As a matter of interest 1040 is bred from a sister to ‘I Had A Dream’ winner of 1st international Hens 5th International Barcelona. Kevin ended up with 11 bird’s home from our entry of 15 birds.


                                                     Allan & Angus Orr                                                                                       Billy Bilsland


                         Blackpool Charity Sale bird from Joe Murphy                                                                   Jim Cullen of Uddingstone

As I write this article we have 10 birds going to the last national from Roye, let us hope it is as good a race as the Ypres one. Kevin phoned me to say that the Roye birds could be liberated on Thursday 19th July as the weather forecast for Friday and the weekend is not good. The 747 birds sent by 186 members were liberated at 07-00 am today into blue sky with a very light west wind and the convoy cleared the race point immediately. I take my hat off to the race control team on this decision YES I have criticised them in the past for taking birds away when there was no chance of a race that weekend. However when they do things for the benefit of the birds and members, then we must congratulate them on their knowledgeable decision. This is the 2nd Roye race we have had and the SNFC did the same the first time by liberating on a Thursday and this turned out to be a good race. The birds will have the sky to themselves with no other organisations racing that day. I’m not going up to Kevin’s today as the British Open golf is on at Carnoustie (which is not far from Arbroath) and I’m not getting stuck in traffic jams so will just have to wait for a phone call to see if Kevin gets a time in. I have just received information that the Up North Combine are NOT race marking their birds for the Roye race until tomorrow Friday 20th July and hopefully have a race on Sunday or Monday of next week. So well done once again to the SNFC on holding their race on a Thursday, the shorter time the birds are in the transporter the better. The result will prove this when it comes out within the next few days. A number of fanciers have also expressed that the race programme this year has been the best we have had for years. Especially the channel races as it is fairer to everyone including the furthest flying fanciers like the North section lads and lassies who have put up excellent performances Dave & Calum McDougall of Peterhead winning 1st section G 1st open Ypres flying 499 miles; Jim & Ann Donaldson of Peterhead 25th open Liege 558 miles and 21st open Ypres then we have Alex Rae of Aberdeen who won 14th open Ypres. J Cowie of Aberdeen winning 1st section G 76th open Reims flying 606 miles. Dundee and Angus fanciers have excelled this year with Kenny Droog & son of Forfar winning 1st section C 54th open SNFC Buckingham. Bruce McKenzie of Dundee winning 1st section C 4th open SNFC Maidstone John Wiseman of Dundee winning 1st section C 1st open SNFC Reims flying 583 miles;  Willie McEwan of Dundee winning 1st section C 2nd open SNFC Ypres. With Jim Mullen of Lumphinnans in Fife winning 1st section C 20th open SNFC Gold Cup race from Liege. I look with anticipation on who will win the section from today’s Roye national which I will report on next week.

Bruce McKenzie Davy Glen and Jake Brown


Fife Federation

News from Geordie Todd informing me there is an amendment to the federation result for Maidstone, which really only affects the West section prizes and pools. This is as follows; 1st 2nd 4th & 10th section 10th 11th 22nd & 45th open is S Donaldson of Perth club, G Anderson of the same club is 3rd section 12th open with J Robertson of Dunfermline club in 5th section 24th open R Cook of Crossgates club is 6th section 34th open with his club mate A McCudden in 7th & 10th section 38th & 43rd open J Doig of Lochgelly club is 8th west section 39th open; my thanks to Geordie for sending in this information.

Good SNFC Birds

Sinclair Thomson and son Sinclair of Port Seton (my mistake the last time I added an A to Seaton which was my old street name) The partners won 1st SNFC Maidstone National with a 2 year old blue pied cock, then a few weeks later they took the top award in the east side of the country by winning 1st section B 1st east region 5th open SNFC Liege with a dark chequer cock SU14P 5617 which is a brilliant pigeon and I think you will agree when you read his performances in the Scottish National. As a young bird he won 138th open from Buckingham from an entry of 1552 birds then as a yearling he won twice from the east coast of England being 132nd section B 219th open Portsmouth with 4767 birds in the convoy then a few weeks later he won 48th section B 70th open from Eastbourne against 2494 birds when the partnership won their 2nd x 1st open Scottish national flying club. In 2016 the dark chequer cock won 4 times in the Scottish National being 52nd section B 164th open Buckingham on the 6th June from an entry of 4328 birds. He then went to Littlehampton 12 days later with 4482 birds in the convoy and he won 17th section B 43rd open. On the 3rd July he was sent to Ypres and won 6th section B 7th open from an entry of 2323 birds; 8 days later he was sent to Roye and won 17th section B 49th open flying 494 miles with an entry of 1135 birds. In 2017 he was sent to Buckingham and won 179th open but no section prize from an entry of 4170 birds. This year 2018 he won 5 times to now win 13 times in SNFC races; from the first national from Buckingham he won 31st section B 223rd open flying against 3576 birds. He was then sent to the SNFC Maidstone race and won 23rd section B 62nd open he then went to the Gold Cup race from Liege and he won 1st section B 1st east region 5th open flying against 1072 birds. He was then timed from this Ypres race and won 14th section B 46th open competing against 2541 birds. In this Thursday’s race he won 3rd section B 12th open from Roye flying 494 miles. He should now win a SNFC Silver Award for 3 times winner from the Channel; and a Meritorious Inland Bronze Award for winning 5 times from inland nationals. I think you will agree that this dark chequer is an outstanding pigeon and our congratulations go to both Sinclair’s who obviously know how to condition him and their team of pigeons to excel in SNFC races. My next bird this week is a chequer hen SU12L 1043 ‘Louella Wee Jenna’ raced by Walter Boswell of Hamilton; she won 1st club 1st west section Lanarkshire federation Appleby. In the SNFC she won 84th section E from Newbury. 5th section E 11th open Clermont; 13th section E 74th open Alencon and 10th section E 32nd open from Liege 533 miles this latest win will gain her a SNFC Silver Award this year congratulations Walter well done and my thanks to Jim Hannah for supplying me the photograph of this wonderful hen.

 Entertainers of the Year Annual Fundraiser

 Received a note and picture from past SNFC Gold Cup winner Eddie Callaghan who informs us that. Another capacity audience turned up to Fauldhouse Miners Welfare Club on Easter Sunday and raised £1000 for the local older people’s clubs. The fundraiser now in its 38th year, organised by Eddie Callaghan, Allister Mackie and Clark Smith on behalf of the local pigeon club, has raised nearly £40-000 for the senior community. The committee would like to send a special thanks to all 9 entertainers, the Welfare Club Committee and the support from the regular, fun loving audience. Eddie also highlights in his note they had 2 fantastic pigeons in their club last week from the Gold Cup race from Liege; Lumsden & Colligan winning 34th open SNFC and Jim O’Hara who won 1st east section 6th open from the longest race flying 560 miles.

Joe’s Joke

Little John attended a horse auction with his father. He watched as his father moved from horse to horse, running his hand up and down the horse’s legs and rump and chest. After a few minutes Johnny asked; ‘Dad why are you doing that’. His father replied, ‘Because son, when I’m buying horses, I have to make sure that they are healthy and in good shape before I buy it’, Johnny looking worried, said ‘Dad, I think the postman wants to buy Mum’.

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Love bite
Mind when yi were younger and got a love bite on yer neck,
And it ah just started aff we just a little peck,
Eh think that when yi got ane, it was done in haste,
Yi had ti get yersel hame and rub it we toothpaste,
Ti get this thing aff oh there it wiz affy tricky,
Ah because oh hayin this Lovely little hicky,
Just because yi hid ane yi thought yi wirnae a wee loser,
But yi better get it aff oh there afore yer father gets hame fae the boozer,
Put on a cold compress or just wear a polo neck,
It was maybe good at the time but now yer a nervous wreck,
Get to your bed early and pull the covers ower yer hade,
Hoping that when morning comes it has went a little fade,
Eh just says meh mate nipped iz he was being a little silly,
Meh dad says eh just hope that wiz a lassie and no that wee weerdo Billy !!!
Jim Wiseman
Mad ‘dogs slavers