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The Joe Murphy Column 12-07-18

The Joe Murphy Column

Last week I predicted that the Liege race would be a hard race as the heat over the UK was to be in the high 20’s plus the birds had to face a north east wind. I also remarked that the transporter missed a row of baskets to help the air flow through the transporter, which was a step in the right direction helping the convoy of birds. However I still cannot get over taking a transporter to France and still putting 20 pigeons in a basket when the weather was going to be so hot. Are the people who run these marking stations NOT PIGEON MEN, surely in this day and age the pigeons must come FIRST!!!! The less birds in each basket, the easier it is for the birds to get to the drinkers, and surely in this day and age we all know that dehydration is the main reason for so heavy losses within our sport.  I was also informed the SNRPC have 1800 birds at their race from Reims which was a load of nonsense as they had 264 birds however they did reduce the birdage in each basket to 15 birds due to the forecast of very high temperatures. Surprisingly the SNRPC had NO BIRDS on the day and experienced a very tough race with only 32 birds being timed on the 2nd day. The SNFC Liege race had 327 members sending 1072 bird these were liberated on the Friday 29th June at 05-15am into a light north east wind. The SNRPC also liberated the same day at Reims at 05-45am. The SNFC had 25 day birds timed with Jim & Anne Donaldson’s hen not far from home on the day as it was timed at 05-25 am next morning flying 558 miles so she was near her home loft on the day. The SNFC race was all over by 11-03 am the 2nd morning with the last prize of 108th open won there were some north section prizes (Aberdeen area) to be won. Overall it appears to have been a good race however there are a few birds missing and I have heard of some fanciers who have not had a bird home out of an entry of 7 birds. Kevin and I got one home from our 6 entries to win 1st club 1st federation and was the 1st bird into the Tayside area; and won 62nd open SNFC; needless to say we were very happy with our birds performance.

Good SNFC Birds

As many readers of the column will know I highlight quite a number of the above birds during the year. While studying this SNFC Gold Cup Liege result it was interesting to notice the amount of quality pigeons that were timed in. I therefore have spent nearly a whole day looking up these wonderful pigeons past history and it gives me great pleasure to show you the reader of my column the quality of birds timed in to win prizes in this SNFC Liege result. Firstly my congratulations to Mr W Borthwick of Annan on winning the Gold Cup with his 4 year old chequer pied cock who has previously won 15th section A from Ypres in 2016. Another bird I highlighted was a black hen SU16S 2465 raced by J Gilmour of Ecclefechan who won 3rd section A 3rd open from Liege flying 477 miles; she had previously won from Bedhampton being 44th section A 223rd open flying 306 miles she then went to the Falaise race point and won 5th section A 6th open flying 451 miles. We now come to an exception good pigeon that has now won an SNFC Silver Award for being 3 times a winner from over the English channel but more significantly he has won them all by being in the TOP 10 in 3 national races; this great pigeon is raced by A Nicholson of Annan and he won 4th section A 4th open Liege with his chequer cock SU12S 3373 flying 474 miles; this cock won 5th section A 5th open Ancenis in 2016 flying 534 miles and then in 2017 he won 6th section A 9th open from Alencon flying 474 miles. Well done Mr Nicholson what a pigeon. G Dalgliesh & Son of Ecclefechan blue bar hen SU14S 4023 now wins her SNFC Silver Award by being 6th section A 23rd open Liege flying 478 miles. She previously won 7th section A 42nd open from Roye in 2016 and last year she won 9th section A 13th open Alencon.

First east region 1st section B 5th open is the form loft of Sinclair Thomson and son Sinclair of Port Seton (my mistake the last time I added an a to Seaton which was my old street name) The partners won the Maidstone National a few weeks ago and now take the top award in the east side of the country. Their winner a dark chequer cock SU14P 5617 is a brilliant pigeon as a young bird he won 138th open from Buckingham from an entry of 1552 birds then as a yearling he won twice from the east coast of England being 132nd section B 219th open Portsmouth with 4767 birds in the convoy then a few weeks later he won 48th section B 70th open from Eastbourne 2494 birds when the partnership won their 2nd x 1st open Scottish national flying club. In 2016 he won 4 times in the Scottish National being 52nd section B 164th open Buckingham on the 6th June from an entry of 4328 birds. He then went to Littlehampton 12 days later with 4482 birds in the convoy and he won 17th section B 43rd open. On the 3rd July he was sent to Ypres and won 6th section B 7th open from an entry of 2323 birds; 8 days later he was sent to Roye and won 17th section B 49th open flying 494 miles with an entry of 1135 birds. In 2017 he was sent to Buckingham and won 179th open but no section prize from an entry of 4170 birds. The partnership timed in another pigeon SU14P 5640 in the Liege race and he won 11th section B 51st open, this cock previously won 45th section B 71st open from Billericay in 2015 that same year he won 9th section B 9th open from Portsmouth and a few weeks later he won 33rd section B 44th open from Eastbourne. The following year he won 8th section B 9th open from Ypres and in 2017 he won twice being 10th section B 33rd open from Buckingham again sent back to Ypres he won 10th section B 16th open so now has won a SNFC Silver Award for winning 3 times from over the English Channel.

First west section 1st section E 7th open is Davie Donaldson of Glassford flying 527 miles with his chequer cock GB14S 59761 this pigeon also wins a SNFC Silver Award with this win as he has previously won 16th section E just missing the open result from Roye in 2016 flying 502 miles. Then last year he won 18th section E 114th open from Ypres flying 441 miles

1st section D 11th open is Davie Jamieson of East Calder in West Lothian with a 3 year old blue bar cock flying 519 miles

1st section H 12th open are Cowan & Findlay of Ardrossan in Ayrshire they timed their chequer pied hen flying a distance of 551 miles.

John F Bosworth of Elphinstone wins 3rd section B 13th open with a chequer white flight hen SU16 2757 flying 506 miles; this hen won twice as a yearling in the national being 84th section B 308th open Bedhampton flying 360 miles she then went over the channel to Ypres and won 37th section B 85th open flying 426 miles.

We now come to another exceptional pigeon chequer pied cock SU12R 1382 raced by Pat Doherty of Linwood in Renfrewshire. As a 2 year old he won 3rd section F from Maidstone flying 382 miles; then in 2015 he won 3 times in the national with the first from Billericay where he gained 6th section F flying 356 miles; he then went into the Portsmouth race a distance of 374 miles and he won 2nd section F he was then entered into the Eastbourne race and won 16th section F flying 404 miles so in this 3 race period he covered 1134 miles. In 2016 he had 2 inland nationals from Buckingham a distance of 301 miles he won 20th section F he then went to Littlehampton a distance of 385 miles but did not make the result. In 2017 he was entered into the Buckingham race but did not make the result however he was then entered into the Bedhampton race a distance of 374 miles and won 15th section F.  However his best performance so far is this fantastic result from Liege as he wins 2nd section H (sections have been changed in the far west of Scotland) 15th open flying 549 miles. Well done to Pat and his brilliant pigeon on achieving this magnificent result being timed after nearly 16 hours on the wing.

A fancier who only entered ONE pigeon was Jimmy Mark of Tranent in East Lothian his entry a cheque hen SU15P 8071 won 4th section B 16th open   Liege flying 506 miles. This hen has previously won 335th open from Buckingham in2017 and that same year she won 8th section B 14th open from Ypres flying 426 miles. She requires one more channel diploma to obtain her Silver Award and we wish her and Jimmy all the best in achieving this goal.

First Fife federation and 1st section C 20th open is Jim Mullen of Lumphinnans with a grizzel hen St Finnan’s Grace flying 525 miles. She was unraced as a young bird trained out to 50 miles. As a yearling she was my first bird from both Leicester 260 miles and Bedhampton 377 miles. This year she was again my 1st bird from Leicester flying for just over 7 hours she then she had 5 training tosses from 50 miles as preparation for the Gold Cup. All my pigeons are on an open bowl as often as possible and flown natural. Yes hawks are a problem, but I believe Pigeon’s from an open loft are a bit more street wise, and yes I have lost good birds with this set up but prefer to race as near to nature as possible. Grace was sent sitting 9 days, she had reared a single young bird in the previous nest, that by this time was able to feed and look after itself, however, always returned to the nest box to sit with her mother. Both mother and daughter sat side by side in the one nest bowl. On her return from Liege and just short of 16 hours on the wing to be the only bird on the day in section C, she was the furthest flying bird on the day and was 3 hours in front of the 2nd section bird. Her dam St Finnan Sweetheart has been a great stock bird for me, she was bred by Jimmy and Ann Donaldson of Peterhead, her sire Little Mike was 7th open 2nd section G from Clermont SNFC 589 miles in 2002, and won 4th open 1st section G Tours flying 707 miles in 2005.

St Finnan's Grace

Her dam is ‘Reims Girl’ SNFC Gold Award Winner who won; 1st section 52nd open Reims 620 miles in 2002, 1st section 239th open Reims 620 miles in 2003, 2nd north section Tours 2004 flying 707 miles, 2nd section 7th open Tours 707 miles in 2005, 1st section 13th open Tours 707 miles in 2006 ALL these races with the SNFC races. ‘St Finnan Sweetheart’ is the dam of St Finnan Angel winner of 1st section 2nd open Fife Federation; 2nd section 24th open SNFC Eastbourne 4,568 birds 2011 also dam of ‘St Finnan Arrow’ who won the Kardale trophy in the SNFC in 2013 and he was the only yearling on the result. Another of her offspring was ‘St Finnan Louise’ winner of 60th SNFC 2,323 birds from Ypres. St Finnan Sweetheart is a g-g-g-granddaughter of ‘Circus Boy’ she continues the grizzle line unbroken.

Sire of ‘St Finnan Grace’ was ‘St Finnan Ellis Blue Bar’ bred by John Ellis. His sire John's Reims Cock 16th section 36th open Reims 580 miles as a 2 year old. He being a grandson of ‘Wellbank Prince’ who is found on both sides of his pedigree also included is a daughter of John Duthie of Dundee’s Gold Award Winner. On the dam side we find Wellbank Princess winner of ‘1st region 5th open Portsmouth National in 2007 flying 403 miles, 1st region 3rd open Arras National 490 miles in 2008; 26th region 71st open Wanstead Flats 362 miles in 2008, 12th region 42nd open Reims National 580 miles in 2009; 8th region 26th open Lillers in 2009 flying 467 miles she was a winner in 5 nationals. She being a daughter of the Eric Fox cock when paired to The Dark Hen winner of 9th region 25th open La Ferte Bernard National in 2004 being 16 ½ hours on the wing, she being steeped in the lines of Reliable and Faithful. Joe I have included a picture of ‘St Finnan Grace’ pictured the day after the Gold Cup the condition the birds returned was a credit to all involved within the SNFC. My thanks to Jim for supplying me with the above details which makes wonderful reading and you can see that ‘St Finnan’s Grace’ is bred for the job well done.

Jimmy McGinty of Blackburn in West Lothian timed his chequer hen SU14AV 2564 to win 2nd section D 21st open Liege flying a distance of 523 miles, this hen was timed last year from the Alencon Gold Cup race and won 4th section D 38th open flying 537 miles. Jimmy’s good red hen who won 3rd section D 31st open Alencon last year was unfortunately lost from a club race earlier this year which was a shame as Jimmy like the rest of us does not like dropping good pigeons.

I noticed that my dear friend Wilf Flockhart of Tranent in East Lothian timed his blue chequer hen SU16A1346 hen on the day to win 6th section B 24th open. I spoke to Wilf the following day and he told me that this hen had 4 national races as a yearling winning 114th section B 434th open from Bedhampton a distance of 361 miles. She was then sent to Ypres a distance of 426 miles and she won 43rd section B 125th open; she was entered into the hard Falaise race but did not return till the 4th day. She was entered for the Liege race and was timed after being 16 ¼ hours on the wing to gain her diploma. Wilf also told me that when she dropped on the loft as he walked up towards her she flew right into his hand looking for her favourite peanut. This hen was bred by John Davidson of Ayrshire and contains Wilf’s family of birds crossed with Kerr Stainthorpe of Lesmahagow.

We now move to the North section to the loft of Jim & Ann Donaldson of Peterhead who have a chequer hen SU14NE 6030 that has won 3 times these past couple of years. In 2016 she was 4th section G from Littlehampton a distance of 466 miles she then went to Roye national and won 7th section G flying 570 miles. Then in 2017 she won 3rd section G 82nd open from Ypres a distance of 498 miles, so won to watch out for during the season.

1st section F 30th open is the father and son partnership of S Jones & son of Dumbarton they timed their 2 year old blue bar hen flying 555 miles.

2016 SNFC Gold Cup winner George Veitch of Pencaitland timed in his national winner ‘Karamojo’ to now win his SNFC Silver Award by gaining 8th section B 40th open Liege flying 501 miles. ‘Karamojo’ won 9th section B 37th open Alencon in 2017 flying 530 miles. It takes a brave man to send a Gold Cup winner but to a channel race but George has sent his pigeon back twice to gain this Silver Award. The other interesting item is the sire of ‘Karamojo’ also won a SNFC Silver Award so well done George and of course to the family of pigeons.

A Watson of Laurieston in the North West federation timed in his black white flight hen SU12NW 1519 to win 7th section D 56th open Liege flying 532 miles this hen has previously won 11th section D 176th open Ypres in 2014 flying 449 miles; Then in 2015 she won 5th section D 52nd open Alencon flying 547 miles; In 2016 she was sent to Reims a distance of 570 miles to her home loft and she won 8th section D 106th open. So now requires one more diploma to gain her Gold Award and we wish Mr Watson and his hen all the very best in achieving this quest.

The partnership of J Tallis & T McDonagh of Blantyre whose blue bar cock SU14N 43803 has won twice in 2017 being 19th section E 50th open from Buckingham a distance of 290 miles then he was set up for Ypres a distance of 446 miles where he won 6th section E 71st open. This cock won 16th section E 64th open from Liege flying 533 miles.

Jocky Scott of Kennoway timed his mealy cock SU15F 2381 to win 14th section C 70th open Liege flying 522 miles, he has previously won 38th section C 141st open from Ypres in 2016 flying 444 miles, last year he won 42nd section C 154th open from Bedhampton flying 380 miles. He now requires one more diploma from over the channel to gain a Silver Award let’s hope he can achieve this and knowing Jocky he might do it in 2018.

My son Kevin J Murphy of Arbroath was the 1st bird into the Dundee/ Angus area winning 11th section C 62nd open flying 527 miles. He timed in a 3 year old red cock whose sire is a full brother to ‘My Little Rachel’ winner of 2nd section C 4th open SNFC Alencon flying 573 miles. Sire is a direct son of ‘Robbie’s Boy’ winner of 1st section C 1st open SNFC Falaise 500 miles for Gilmour Brothers of Leven. This same line bred ‘The Murphy Hen’ for Rob Glover of Earl Shilton who won 2nd open MNFC Poitiers. The red cock’s dam is our top stock hen bred by Ritchie & Whyte of Fraserburgh she is a daughter of ‘Last Chance’ winner of 1st north section 42nd open SNFC Tours flying 721 miles.

Gerald I Macpherson of Broughty Ferry near Dundee timed his Dewar Whisky Trophy winner to win a SNFC Silver Award. She won 18th section C 85th open Liege flying 529 miles last year as a yearling this chequer hen won 2nd section C 27th open Alencon flying 569 miles. Eighteen days later she was sent to Falaise and won 3rd section C 17th open from a distance of 539 miles when only 71 birds made the result in 3 days. She was a very worthy winner of the Dewar Trophy in such a testing year she also won the Yearling trophy known as the Friendship Cup for the best yearling performances in 2017. The Dewar Trophy winner was bred by Jack Alexander of Monifieth which is not far from Gerald. Her sire was from the late John Ellis of Wellbank fame winning lines mated to a hen who won twice in the SNFC. The hen’s dam was a full sister to Mark Gilbert’s 1st open International Bordeaux winner Melisa so you can see she was bred for the job. Well done Gerald on winning your Silver Award with this excellent chequer hen.

J Graham of Bellshill in Lanarkshire only sent 1 pigeon a blue bar 3 year old hen and timed her in to win 23rd section E 97th open flying 532 miles, this hen had previously won 9th section E 78th open Ypres last year flying 447 miles.

Last but not least I mention on of the lads who sends in his club’s week result none other than Colin Bain of Ratho who forwards the Balerno result each week. Colin has a wonderful blue pied hen SU12AV 5238 who in 2014 she won 6th section D 109th open from Ypres flying a distance of 436 miles the following year she won 1st section D 7th open from Alencon Gold Cup race flying 537 miles. Then in 2016 she was to the fore again when she again won 1st section D 18th open from Reims flying 558 miles to win her SNFC Silver Award. This year she was entered back into the Gold Cup race from Liege a distance of 518 miles to her home loft, unfortunately she did not make the open or section result however she was timed just after 12 midday on the 2nd morning and won some pool money. Knowing Colin he would glad she is back home as she is a very special hen and means more to him than all the money in the world. Only one person supplied the details of the above birds this was Jim Mullen, the remainder I looked up to highlight their performances. Therefore if I have missed you or your pigeon out then please contact me and I will rectify this, as my quest in this feature is to highlight Good SNFC Birds.

As I write this column the birds have been race marked for the Reims national race which is the longest race in the SNFC programme. I have also been notified that fanciers demanded at the Fife marking station that only 15 birds be put into the race baskets and this request was carried out. However on the other hand at the East of Scotland marking station they were told to still put 20 birds into the baskets (as that’s the rules - I despair when I hear statements like this.) There are only 382 birds sent by 129 members so there is ample room to spread the birds out over each basket. Last year 76 members sent 184 birds to Ancenis so why the increase in birds this year? Was it because Ancenis was too far and near impossible for the majority of the birds to make home on the day, whereas Reims is more achievable for the birds and the fanciers. Let us hope we have a good race as the weather forecast is good for Friday 6th July and may the best pigeon win the Gold Globe.


NFC Tarbes


This turned out to be another hard race flown on Friday 29th June my old club mate Bob Farmer informed me that his good friend Tom Williams clocked 2 birds from 3 sent to Tarbes when many people never saw a feather. Tom’s 1st bird (71) recorded 20th open 4th section P and his 2nd bird (80) won 64th open 8th section P. Both are 4 year old widowhood cocks and this is the third time they have both flown Tarbes. The first bird (71) clocked has previously won 256th open from Tarbes. He is the nest brother to ‘Son of Seagull’ who won 3rd open Tarbes in 2016 when only 6 made it on the day.  Tom’s 2nd bird (80) has previously won 116th open Tarbes, 129th open Saintes & 226th open Saintes with the NFC.  This year he was 3rd section from Cholet with the BICC. These two cocks had the very hard race from Poitiers when the (71) came next day and the (80) spent 14 hours on the wing. (80) is bred from Mr Reliable 3 x 2nd section from Tours: Bergerac and Tarbes with the L & SECC. He never had a night out when he was racing.  Both cocks are fine and will now be put to stock. There bloodlines come down from Wearside Lass 1st UNC Bourges and Lionheart 2nd UNC Bourges. When Tom started his quest into long distance racing he decided to start with UNC birds who had flown Bourges not once but several times and it beliefs have certainly paid off. Tom races just 12 widowhood cocks, and finds that adequately for his age of 79 years. Well done to Tom Williams and his 2 tremendous pigeons.


News from Archie McIntyre the federation race secretary who writes ‘Hi Joe please find attached race report from their programme following on from Maidstone was a comeback race from Arniston, a distance of between 50 miles up to 71 miles to the top end of the Federation. Jim was not hanging about this week and had the convoy of 512 birds up and away at 07:15 into a light west wind. Reports from the liberation site being the birds took their time in clearing, breaking into a few batches before eventually heading off. Looking at the velocity’s and hearing the general discussions from the fanciers, once the birds started coming they came pretty steady and returns were good.

1st federation this week is the Ardeer HS partnership of Jim Stirrat and David McKenna (Stirrat & McKenna) on 1088.8, timing a 3 year old blue bar hen. The parents of this hen were bred by George Plant of Driffield in Yorkshire and both parents are Van Reets. This season this 3 year old hen has won 5th club Kelso, 1st club 6th fed Ripon and now 1st club 1st fed Arniston (2). She was also Jim’s 1st bird the last two seasons from Buckingham taking 4th and 3rd club. The nest mate to the partnership winner is ‘3526’ also a top performer, recording this year 1st club 10th fed Bubwith and 3rd club 7th fed Arniston (2) the race its nest mate top’s the fed.

1st Fed Arniston2 Jim Stirrat of Stirrat & McKenna

2nd federation this week is the family partnership of Charlie, Kenny and Kieran McKerrow of Kilmarnock Invitation on 1077.6 they timed a 2 year old blue bar Herman Ceuster cock bred by Gordon Baird. This cock returned back late this year from Consett with no tail and after a few weeks off the road to allow the tail to grow, the next race for this cock was Maidstone scoring 1st club, 17th fed. In 2017 he also scored from Bedhampton winning 1st club, 22nd fed. 3rd federation is one of my fellow club members

L to R Kieran, Charlie and Kenny McKerrow 2nd Fed Arniston2

John Shepherd of Beith. Last year John had his loft broken into by a fox and just about wiped out John entire team of pigeons. John timed a yearling blue bar cock, a gift bird to John from his fellow club mate and cousin Jim Shepherd. As a youngster he had 3 races then stopped due to the moult. This year he had 4 races out to Retford (224 miles) where he returned late with half a tail and was left till these comeback races. Flying natural, he lost his mate at Retford and had been flirting with every hen in the hut prior to going to Arniston. Sire and Dam are both “Ann Van Meerkirk” pigeons Jim purchased from David Reed of Chainbridge Lofts originally coming from Premier Stud. A full sister to John winner virtually won the young bird average on its own for John cousin Jim only to be found dead on the road from the final race from Ripon 10 miles north of its loft.

3rd Fed Arniston2 for John Shepherd

North Section 247 birds;

1st Stirrat & McKenna (Ardeer HS) 1088.8 2nd John Shepherd (Dalry HS) 1068.8 3rd Hutchinson & Tudhope (Ardeer HS) 1049.6

Central Section 142 birds; 1st C & K & K McKerrow (Kilmarnock Inv) 1077.6

2nd McKenna & Diamond (Irvine HS) 1023.6 3rd E Diamond (Irvine HS) 1010.9

South Section 123 birds;

1st and 2nd D Paterson (Annbank & District) 1027.8 and 1018.4 3rd Cree & Cuthbert (Whitletts & District) 947.5

Other Club winners not mentioned above.

R Thornhill (Kilwinning HS) 993.7, J Stewart (Darvel HS) 992.6, J Moan (Cumnock HS) 946.9, G Mitchell (Dalmellington PC) 798.0 J Watters (Mauchline & District) 739.4


North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us that 42 members sent 313 birds to Alnwick these were liberated at 06-30 am into a light north east wind with blue sky at the race point. The east section had 25 members sending 203 birds; with 17 west section members sending 110 birds. Topping the east section and open is A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District club; he is also 3rd 4th 5th & 6th section 5th 6th 7th & 9th open. 2nd east section and open is A Foster of Inverurie club with the 1st & 4th west section 3rd & 10th open going to A Wilson of Devern Valley club. Fulton & Ritchie of the same club are 2nd & 3rd & 10th west section and 4th 8th & 31st open. 7th east section 11th open are Eric & Nicky Yule of Inverurie club. Colin McRae of Fraserburgh & District is 8th east section 12th open with R Higgins of Fraserburgh West End club in 9th 10th & 11th east section 13th 17th & 20th federation open. A J Reid of Keith club is 8th west section 18th open with R Wilson of the same club in 9th west section 19th open.

Clubs First Birds; Fraserburgh & District winner  A W Buchan; Fraserburgh West End winner Robbie Higgins; Inverurie winner A Foster; Peterhead & District winner J & A Donaldson; Devern Valley winner A Wilson; Keith winner R Wilson; Elgin & District winner G Geddes; Buckie & District winner G Russell.

Well done to A Buchan on topping the federation and to A Wilson on winning the West Section; yours George’

Buckie & District HS

News from Gavin Russell with the Alnwick result the convoy were liberated at 06-30 am into a light north east wind. Taking 1st first club is yours truly Gavin Russell with a yearling blue bar hen doing a velocity of 1103 she is Gyselbrechts crossed Busschaert from Macaulay, Ferguson & Curran lofts in Forfar. 2nd club is Alex Hutchison with a yearling blue bar cock doing 1062 he is a Jan Aarden crossed Veenstra. Alex is still a novice and I’m sure it will not be long before his wins his 1st red card, however well done on this result. 3rd club is Dougie Stevens with a 4 year old red hen on 1059 she is a Paul Woolliss crossed Jan Aarden. This turned out to be a difficult race with a few empty perches on the day; cheers Gavin Russell’.

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