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Joe Murphy Column 25-01-18

The Joe Murphy Column

How things have changed over the years within the pigeon sport; Jim Hannah forwarded me a copy of the SNFC Dinner & Dance presentation for 1961 which to me was an eye opener. The evening started off with a toast to the Queen by the club president and Chairman Mr A Black. There was then a song from G McCormack. The President Mr Black then presentation of the King George V cup, The Gold Cup; H French Jubilee Trophy, Dr Anderson Memorial trophy and the East section cup to John & Paul Dora of Arbroath. Mr A R Smith presented the T Dickson Memorial trophy to W Thomson. The presentation of the West and South section cups to Messrs J Clark & son and W T Gardiner was made by Mr P Scott. Then the Comedian Bob Barr took to the floor. The presentation then continued with Vice President Mr Percy Cameron presenting the Gleniffer Trophy; Gold Globe Trophy and the Racing Pigeon Tankard to Messrs Ferguson Brothers and Forsyth. Mr G Whitelaw presented the Racing Pigeon Tankard to Kelly Brothers. Mr A L Ellsworth presented the Ellsworth Trophy and Racing Pigeon Tankard to Mr Percy Moore. Mr H Whitelaw vice president presented the ‘News of the World’ trophy to Messrs Findley Brothers of Hamilton.

There was then a song from Dave Aitken prior to Mr H Sloan presenting the E R Williamson Trophy to Mr E N Dall (think this was Dennis dad) this was then followed by an interval. It resumed with a song from G McCormick followed by the ‘Toast’ to the Scottish National Flying Club by Mr J W Mills; Then the Comedian Bob Barr did a turn with a reply to the ‘Toast’ by the club president Mr A Black. Continuing on the musical theme there were songs from Peggy Maxwell and Percy Cameron. Next was the ‘Toast’ to ‘The Press’ from J Kilgour this was then followed by a song from Dave Aitken. A reply from ‘The Press’ was made by Mr Colin Osman. Then the ‘Toast’ to ‘Our Guests’ from Dr J Park with a reply from J Morris. The Vote of Thanks to the Chairman came from Mr P Cameron and the evening finished with ‘Auld Lang Syne’ from compare Bob Barr and his accompanist Peggy Maxwell.  

Scottish National Flying Club

Held their A.G.M last Saturday and going by the information I had with a few fanciers who attended it was quite a meeting; with many saying the atmosphere was quite challenging after the season experienced in 2017. Quite a few questions were asked about the weather and the race controllers reports. Like I had stated in my column during the year 2017 is the WORST year I can remember for losses in the SNFC. Many people are down to single figures with old bird for 2018 and this will have a major effect on the entries in the national races. The new president for the 2018 is Bill Smith who was the senior vice president with the junior now moving up to senior vice president namely Tom Davidson. A new junior vice president is Tommy McDonough and applications for a new secretary close this weekend 26th January. The proposal for air controlled transporters with superior feeding and watering systems failed with a vote of 48 for with 85 against. The other main item was the race programme which will be for the 2018 season;

Race 1; Saturday 2nd June from Buckingham; Race 2; Saturday 16th June from Maidstone (Monk’s Lane) Race 3;; Friday 29th June Gold Cup race from Liege (Belgium)Race 4; Saturday 7th July Ypres. Race 5; Saturday 7th July Reims (longest race) convoyed with the Up North Combine; Race 6; Friday 20th July Roye and Race 7; Saturday 15th September Buckingham young bird national. A lot of south section fanciers are up in arms about the above route with the Liege race being a ‘sore one’ for them to swallow. The SNFC flew this race point in 2001 with 474 members sending 1564 birds, the convoy were liberated at 06-15am into a light south west wind and the winner was Les McKay in Carnoustie flying 527 miles and timed at 18-38-27 for a velocity of 1248.76 winning the 1st prize of £1000. I have had a look at 2016 season results and the (Dundee area from Alencon fly 570 miles; from Ancenis 600? Miles and from Clermont 542 miles)

The south section won 1st section A 1st south region 2nd open from Liege with Crombie & Mechan timing at 17-42 doing 1214 and J M Dalgliesh of Annan was 4th open. (Annan area from Alencon fly 475 miles; from Ancenis 534 miles and from Clermont 456 miles)

1st section B 2nd east region 3rd open was S Young of Bonnyrigg flying 507 miles. (Section B area from Alencon fly 533 miles; from Ancenis 596 miles and from Clermont 507 miles).

Derek & Linda Hay of Kirkintilloch won 1st section F 1st west region 5th open flying 540 miles and timed at 19-45pm (Section F area from Alencon fly 548 miles; from Ancenis 605 miles and from Clermont 534 miles).

Jim O’Hara & son of Allenton were 1st section E 2nd west region 7th open flying 526 miles at 19-46pm. (Section E area from Alencon fly 544 miles; from Ancenis 594 miles and from Clermont 514 miles).

1st 2nd & 3rd section G 1st 2nd & 3rd North region 57th 62nd & 70th open was George Ritchie of Inverallochy flying 570 miles and timed at 05-18 the second morning. (Section G area from Alencon fly 630 miles; from Ancenis 710 miles and from Clermont 590? miles).

The last open position on the Liege open result of 105th open was won by 05-50am 2nd morning to Kerr & Davidson of Loanhead. The last south section pigeon winning 11th section A was timed at 16-29pm on the 2nd day.

So if you look at the Liege race distance it is not any further than Alencon therefore it is realistic to have pigeons home on the day (weather permitting) and the further flying pigeons (again depending on the daylight hours) could also make home on the day. The south section could (again depending on the weather) dominate the race and all their section prizes could be won on the day. Fanciers now have different pigeons from the last Liege race; with many having ‘sprint’ birds in their lofts nowadays and with this route they could win hands down. However after the season we had in 2017 I think the majority of fanciers will be happy to just build up their team of national pigeons again regardless if they win or not.  

SHU Trophy Winners 2017

The overall best in show was won by Wallace & Ferguson of Newburgh in Fife; many congratulations to the partnership whose pigeon was chosen by BIS judge Andy Miller from the 20 fabulous class winners out of a total entry this year of 876 birds.   The following list shows the six positions in each class and is a provisional result (where ring ownership is not verified or where certificates are not received for Flown Classes, these entrants will be disqualified and prize money will be forfeited.  Other positions & prizes will not alter.)

Old Cock raced in 2016/17; E & N Yule; M Brown; I Noble; A A Wilson & G/son; P E Heslop; M Brown

Old Hen raced in 2016/17; D White & G/son; E & N Yule; E & N Yule; E Balmer; N Mackie & Son; G Pollock

Young Cock raced in 2017; A Winter; J Mackie & Son; E & N Yule; J Edgar; A Suckle; D White & G/son

Young Hen raced in 2017; A Suckle; E & N Yule; Winter Family; E & N Yule; D Hamilton & son; D Hamilton & son.

400 miles Cock or Hen raced in 2016/17. T Douglas; E & N Yule; Winter Family; E & N Yule; A Suckle; J Hughes.

200 miles Cock or Hen raced in 2016/17; A Suckle; A Suckle; W Massey & son; P E Heslop; E Balmer; H L Gray.

Old Cock (T/W); A Winter; D Hamilton; E & N Yule; A Winter; McCracken & Robertson

Old Hen (T/W) McCracken & Robertson; Dunn & MacDonald; J & A Bell; J Hughes; McCracken & Robertson; E & N Yule.  

Young Cock (T/W) H L Gray; J Mackie & Son; A Suckle; J Edgar; G Campbell’ D Hamilton & Son

Young Hen (T/W) W Massie & Son; J Hughes; McCracken & Robertson D White & G/son; J Bennett; J Mackie & Son;

Eyesign (Young birds) C Gilliver; A A Wilson & Son; C Gilliver; C Gilliver; C Gilliver; C C T Smith

Eyesign (Old birds) E Balmer; C Gilliver; E Balmer; C Gilliver; C Gilliver; C Gilliver


Old Cock; C K Hannah; S Ferguson; D McLafferty; J & A Bell; G Tytler Jnr J & A Bell

Old Hen J & A Bell; J & A Bell; Wallace & Ferguson; N Yule; Wallace & Ferguson; Winter Family

Old Cock T/Wire J & A Bell; R Logan; J & A Bell; J & A Bell; N Yule; J Edgar

Old Hen T/Wire Wallace & Ferguson; J & A Bell; A Ferguson; R Logan; C J Hannah; D McLafferty

Young Cock; A Ferguson; S Ferguson; Wallace & Ferguson; Mr & Mrs Ferguson J & A Bell; R Logan

Young Hen; JK & JD Lynn; J Rundell; J Edgar, R Logan; J & A Bell; J Barnes

Young Cock T/Wire Fitzpatrick & Fleming; Wallace & Ferguson; Fitzpatrick & Fleming

Young Hen T/Wire; J K & J D Lynn; J K & J D Lynn; J & A Bell; McCracken & Robertson; N Yule

Best old bird racer and champion racer winner of class 7 was A Winter; The best young bird racer winner of class 10 were W Massie & Son; The best old bird show racer and champion show bird and Supreme Champion and Best in Show was won by class 16 winners Wallace & Ferguson of Newbury. (I wish them well with their winner at the Supreme Championship at Blackpool good luck lads). Best young birds show racer was the winner of class 18 to JK & JD Lynn. (Congratulations to all the above winners Joe M)

Our 876 bird entry was unaffected by the heavy snow falls which luckily left central Scotland clear.  We had a beautiful morning with a hard frost but the roads were safe and entrants began arriving as usual just after 8AM for penning. The Show Committee were on hand to make sure penning went smoothly and everything was in place with all pigeons settled prior to judging at 10.50am. We rely greatly on our volunteers who turn up to give a hand and this year we were pleased to welcome extra new faces on Friday for setting up the tables and pens.  We were a bit stretched on Saturday though so please; if you are interested in helping out on the day in 2018; contact me at the SHU office.  As it was, we were lucky to engage the help of Mary Thomson and her Mum who kindly did the clerking as the judges completed their classes; Robert Cormack was on hand in the morning to go over the paperwork with them and it was good to know that part of the day was in safe hands. Our Judges arrived around 9AM for tea and coffee and to meet each other and be given their classes prior to judging beginning.  This year we had Kevin Winters in the Symington Suite giving a presentation on pigeon health and nutrition and we experimented by having an auction in the Atrium area before moving on to draw the Lucky Programme numbers for the Hampers and then setting the stage for our Scottish Homing Union Trophy winners.  These trophies are extremely difficult to win and each year the number of claims rises.  Judged early in November, our committee comprising Dr Phil Lynch, Robert Cormack and George Pollock and the SHU President, spend a morning examining all the claims before deciding on the winners.  This is another small group of people giving their time for the union each year and we are extremely grateful they continue to do so.

SHU Trophy Winners 2017 The show is an excellent platform to present these trophies, this year the Dewar Trophy was won by G I MacPherson, Broughty Ferry who also won the SHU Friendship Cup.  The Ogilvie Trophy was won by J & I Alston, Lanark also winning the BHW Trophy.  D Baldie, St Andrews won the Mr & Mrs Murphy Trophy and the Unikon Trophy and J McNeil, Broxburn won the Celtic Cup.

G I MacPherson Dewar Trophy 2017

J & I Alston BHW and Ogilvie Trophy winner

D Baldie Unikon & Mr & Mrs Murphy Trophy

J McNeil Celtic Cup

Annie Ross Bowes Silver Salver for Fancier and sportsman of the year was this year awarded to Steven Levett, Bonnyrigg for his selfless work for his club, federation, and members; A truly worthy winner.

Steven Levett Annie Bowes 2017

SHU Show Judges:  Bernie Wooffinden Wantage Tom Corrie, Airdrie Lanarkshire Jim Cullen, Viewpark Lanarkshire Michael Currie, Moffat Jock Scott, Kennoway Fife Stuart Donaldson, Blairgowrie S Fleming, Bathgate, West Lothian John Thomson, Spey Bay, Elgin and John Wheatcroft, Pinxton, Nottingham.  Our judges did a brilliant job on the day.  The classes are not allocated (with the exception usually of eyesign and BIS) until the evening before the show therefore judges don’t know which classes they will judge until they receive the paperwork just prior to judging.  We try to allocate one racing class and one show class to each judge

Best in Show Judge

This year the task of judging best in show fell to Andy Miller, Edinburgh, who was closely watched by almost a hundred entrants; his choice of Supreme Champion was very well received and the partnership of Wallace and Ferguson, stalwarts of the show scene both North and South of the border, were later presented with the Best in show Trophy by Jimmy and Eddie McGhee. This year our judge also chose the ‘Champion Racer ‘and Champion Show Racer’ to comply with the new classes at the Show of the Year in Blackpool.

Wallace & Fergusson BIS 2017

A Big thank you is owed as usual to all of our SHU Club Secretaries who sell our raffle tickets, it’s a big part of our show income and is essential to help us go forward for future shows.  Thanks also to all who provided raffle prizes and sponsorship and to everyone that bought tickets.

Grand Raffle Cash Prize winners:- £200 D K Jamieson £100 Lochryan Club £50 Dalmellington FC; £25 Lochee Club; £25 Connor Watt; £25 W Garrett; £25 Marion Wallace; £25 John Bird; £25 I Davidson; £25 A Watson; Bottles of whisky won by L Agnew, W Foreman, Dalry HS & J McNeil

Pigeon Raffle - Thank you to Ian Noble, Auchentibber, John Bird, Almond Valley, and Jim Hannah, Blantyre for donating the best of their pigeons; they were won by: - B Lofthouse, R Brown and W Hay all of whom received contact details of the donors.

The stands were busy on the day although we missed the British Fanciers Medical Research Team and Brian Lees due to illness, hopefully both these stands will be with us again next year as will Crafty Fifer who this year had details of his products to view on a laptop but will have samples of everything on display for 2018.

I hope everyone enjoyed the show and the facilities and, on behalf of the Show Committee I would like to thank you all for coming along and supporting us and to assure you of a warm welcome again in 2018. Linda Brooks SHU Secretary

Good SNFC Birds

Received an email from Peter Keogh who wrote; ‘Hi Joe, just to say thanks for highlighting three of my pigeons with good national results in this week's British Homing World. I have only started reading the BHW again after a short break and find this section a great feature. I was thinking of sending you some details but didn't realise you are doing all this research yourself. What a great effort Joe, very well done. With regards to the mealy cock 1086, he has been a fantastic pigeon for me and in addition to the position you have identified he has also been 1st SCC Eastbourne 2015, 13th Sec D from Billericay 2015 and 1st Section D 26th Open Arras 2016 both with the SNRPC. Unfortunately I lost him at SNFC Falaise 2017 but there is plenty of his blood throughout the loft. All the best for this year Peter’; my thanks to Peter for his kind words and may I wish him every success with his birds in 2018 Joe M;

While studding the 2017 results I noticed that 3 past national winners each have a pigeon that has won 3 times in the past 2 years and may increase these positions in 2018 if they are still in their racing team. I start with double Gold Cup winner John Duthie of Dundee whose chequer pied cock SU14DF 939 won 106th section C 396th open flying 320 miles Buckingham race that same year he was entered into the Littlehampton race and won 9th section C 22nd open from in 2016 flying 407 miles. In 2017 he was entered into the Bedhampton race a distance of 399 miles and won 54th section C 192nd open.  We now come to SNFC Roye winner Jocky Scott of Kennoway with a blue chequer cock SU15F 2367 in 2016 he was sent to Littlehampton a distance of 388 miles and won 34th section C 97th open he then went across the channel to Ypres a distance of 444 miles and won 1st section C 5th open and in 2017 he was sent to the Buckingham race a distance of 303 miles and won 30th section C 91st open. We now come to a household name in Scottish national races E Hodgson & sons of Annan their chequer hen SU15S 4285 won 21st section A 166th open from Littlehampton in 2016 flying 311 miles this same year she went to Roye and won 12th section A 110th open flying 444 miles, then in 2017 she was sent to Bedhampton a distance of 301 miles and won 11th section A 52nd open. We now come to another top fancier in Rab W Hamilton of Cambus near Stirling who has a blue pied hen SU16NW 1798 who scored 3 times in 2017 season. She was entered into the first inland national from Buckingham and won 13th section D 138th open she then went to Bedhampton a distance of 383 miles and won 6th section D 71st open and hen into the Ypres national a distance of 458 miles to Cambus and she won 2nd section D 31st open for an impressive 2017 season. We wish the above 4 fanciers and their birds every success in the 2018 season.

Joe’s Joke

I will seek and find you.

I shall take you to bed, and have my way with you.
I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan.
I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop.
I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I'm finished with you.

And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days.
All my love,
Signed:  The Flu
Now, stop thinking about sex, and go get your flu shot!

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