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The Joe Murphy Column 12-01-18

The Joe Murphy Column

Received this email from Bob Bell who wrote ‘Hi Joe, on looking through my copy of the BHW 17th November the old photo with Findlay Carmichael on the right I recognize Jim Wood centre front and to his left Jim Fortune (my mother’s cousin) some of the other faces are familiar but I can’t put a name to them, the photo must have been taken at least 60 years ago they would be members of the

Duns RP club: You will probably have had some replies from people who recognize more of them than what I do? Keep up the good work you will always get knockers kindest regards Bob Bell’. My thanks to Bob who was the only person to contact me regarding the photographs.

Gathering of Friends

My good friend Guy Reed informs me that he was at ‘The Stables’ bar in Fontwell for a gathering of pigeon friends and thought I may like the pictures for the column. The gig (showing his age here) has been going now for several years and was instigated by Ian Crammond, who unfortunately could not be present this year also his loft manager Nigel Langstaff was also absence, however a toast to both gentlemen was made and president of BIIC JT who wished all those present in the room who had the most enjoyable time. For Guy it was such a pleasure to once again be in the company of some great pigeon men (all National or Classic winners) to share some good old times stories and the fun and discussions on all things pigeons ‘put the world to right’! The camaraderie was at its best, something the sport of pigeon racing offers throughout the land, and I hope this can be repeated annually. We ALL wished you could have been there too Joe, but Scotland was represented as Alastair Mair and John Tyerman present, and a great time was had by all; best wishes Guy’.

Good SNFC Birds

This week I highlight 4 birds from the Kingdom of Fife starting with the Turpie & McCord partnership whose pied hen IHU2013S10411 has won 4 times from Scottish inland nationals. As a 2 year old she won 47th section C 171st open from Portsmouth a distance of 384 miles then the following year she was entered into the Littlehampton race a distance of 392 miles and she won 114th section C but no open diploma. Then in 2017 she had 2 inland races with the first being from Buckingham a distance of 307 miles and she won 371st open however did not win a section prize. A few weeks later she was sent to the Bedhampton race an increase of 75 miles on her previous race and she won 41st section C 150th open so now requires another 2 section diplomas to obtain her Meritorious Bronze Award and we wish the partnership all the best in achieving this goal. Staying in the same village of Pittlessie we come to near neighbour Brian Kinnear whose blue cock has also won 4 times from inland nationals and requires only one more section prize to gain his Meritorious Bronze Award. Brian’s blue cock SU12F 1257 won as a yearling from Maidstone a distance of 381 miles to gain 89th section 269th open. The following year 2014 he won 47th section C 200th open from Buckingham a distance of 307 miles. We jump a year now to 2016 and he again scored from Buckingham being 89th section C 331st open and making it a treble in 2017 he again won from this same race point gaining 94th section C 301st open, so we wish Brian all the best this year in achieving this objective. Traveling south over the hill we come to the village of Kennoway to the loft of Sean Diamond (who was a near neighbour of mine when we lived in the village) Sean’s chequer white flight cock has won 4 times in the national 3 times inland and once from France. As a young bird he won 35th section C from Buckingham a distance of 302 miles then as a yearling he won 29th section C 93rd open from Eastbourne a distance of 401 miles. In 2016 he scored from Reims Gold Cup race a distance of 566 miles winning 22nd section C 76th open and then last year 2017 he again won from Buckingham being 11th section C 54th open and like the Turpie & McCord bird requires another 2 section diplomas to obtain his Meritorious Bronze Award and we wish Sean all the best. Again travelling south a few miles we come to the partnership of Dave Clark, Dave Clark jnr & Jock Page of Methil whose blue bar cock SU15F 2553 has won twice a year for the past 2 years and requires only one more section diploma to gain his Meritorious Bronze Award. As a yearling he won 70th section C 279th open from Buckingham a distance of 301 miles then a few weeks later he was entered into the Littlehampton race a distance of 386 miles and won 64th section C 228th open. Then in 2017 he was once again entered into the Buckingham race and won 27th section C 81st open and was then set up for the Bedhampton race a distance of 378 miles and won 40th section C 131st open; we wish the Clark’s and Page partnership all the best in gaining a Meritorious Bronze Award    

This week’s Photographs

Happy Fred Hall


                                   Selfie of Dave Farr & Dave Bridges                                                           Thumbs up from John Wills

The bird’s pictures are from Jim Hannah whom I thank for these, it is always good to have pictures of top quality pigeons in the column. The others are of the group of fancier friends mentioned above and my thanks to Guy Reed for forwarding these to me. The main group picture is from left to right; John Tyerman, Clive Turner; Gordon Marsh; Guy Reed; Albi Deacon; Mike Bunny; Brian Wall, Alasdair Muir and Dave Farr the picture was taken by Dave Bridges. The others I’ve managed to put a name to them.   

Joe’s Joke

A man went to the doctors and said; ‘I am not ill but I would just like a check over because I’m getting married’. ‘Married said the doctor, how old are you’: ‘I’m 82 the man said’ and how old is the bride asks the doctor, ‘She’s 22 replied the man’. The only advice I can give you is to get a lodger, it will help to keep your wife happy, says the doctor’. A year later the doctor comes into the surgery for morning service and sees the old man waiting on his appointment and said ‘How are things getting on’. Brilliant said the old man ‘The wife’s just had a baby boy last month’. ‘Oh that’s good says the doctor and how about the lodger’. ‘Oh she’s pregnant as well says the old man’.


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