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The Joe Murphy Column 10th July

The Joe Murphy Column


The forecast for Saturday 27th of June did not look good for an early liberation as the forecast for the night and early morning had rain continuing to cover the north east of England up into the Scottish Borders. Angus federation were liberated at 9-45 hours at Ripon a distance of 170+ miles to the home loft and the birds returned at a steady pace, with only the odd bird or two missing at the end of the day.



 Dave Glen receiving trophy from Jack Brown

Dave Glen receiving trophy from Jack Brown

Angus Federation held their second race from Tow Law on 20th June with the convoy of 455 birds liberated at 09 hours into a west to south west wind. Taking the first two places in the federation is Davie Glen of Forfar club with another 2 birds in 9th & 11th places. Ian Scott of the same club is 3rd 4th & 19th with Macaulay Ferguson & Curran again from Forfar in 5th, 10th 13th 14th & 15th places. (Hope you are keeping well Hamish thinking of you and please keep safe; Joe M) Secretary Kenny Droog & son are 6th & 8th with Montrose George Campbell in 7th spot A Golicki of Forfar is 15th with the D & D Hay partnership of Gourdon in 16th & 18th they are split by W Nicol of Forfar and 20th spot goes to J McCafferty of the same club.


East Section

George Campbell of Montrose wins the section with D & D Hay of Gourdon are in 2nd & 3rd spot with Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath taking the 1st 2 in the Arbroath club with Chic & Anne Carrie of the same club in 6th spot, Kevin J Murphy takes the next 3 places with Charlie & Glen making up the top 10 spot.


Club winners; Forfar 282 bird’s winner Davie Glen; Montrose 12 birds winner George Campbell; Gourdon 42 birds winners D & D Hay; Arbroath 119 birds winner Charlie & Glen Cameron.


Federation Secretary Kenny Droog wrote; ‘Hi Joe, Angus fed have had two races in this Covid-19 season, but a late start to the season did not affect the talent that is Davie Glen of Forfar. A widowhood specialist our first race was from Tow Law an approximately 136 miles, Davie took 1st and 2nd federation; the winner was a yearling was bred by Bob Dawson from Treble D from Newcastle, Dave’s 2nd fed bird was a 2 year old red cock his sire is a son of Dave’s Dream his 1st Open SNFC Ypres winner when paired to a daughter of Bruce McKenzie`s ‘1st Open SNFC Clermont winner. In 3rd and 4th places is Ian Scott with MacAulay & Ferguson in 5th Fed with yours truly Ken Droog taking 6th place, only 25 seconds separated these birds Joe. Our next race was from Ripon on the 27th of June and with heavy rain on route we were not sure if we would get a race and ‘Hats Off’ to Davie Glen as well as winning races he is our race controller not a job for the faint hearted. With a south in the wind we hoped the birds would miss the rain, anyway Davie blasted the field with 1st 2nd and 3rd the first two being well clear, his winning pigeon was doing just over a mile a minute, a two year old mealy cock, his sire is a son of Bruce McKenzie`s 1st open SNFC Clermont winner paired to a daughter of Davie’s 1st open SNFC Ypres winner ‘Davie Dream’. 2nd bird is a dark white flight cock his sire was bred by Les Mitchell of Edinburgh paired to a daughter of Davie`s great blue cock ‘746 Lawson Lad’ a prolific winner including being 2nd open SNFC Ypres. 3rd fed a 3-year-old cock sire is a Bruce McKenzie crossed ‘Davie Dream’ winner of 1st Open SNFC Ypres. Davie missed the first cock and on entering the loft discovered the good mealy was a minute clear of his loft mate while these two were 7 minutes clear of his 3rd fed winner and a further minute clear of Ian Scott who took 4th with the same bird that won 4th place last week Ian is also 5th . J Fraser was well placed taking 6th and 7th with Eric Galloway having 4 birds together but on trapping started chasing a hen which cost him some places, but he ended up 8th 10th, 12th and 13th federation. The Fed are at Wakefield this week, I`ll try and get details of Ian Scott`s winner yours Kenny. What great it is to get details of the winning pigeons, believe me this is what readers what to read in MY column, not just a list of name and velocities. So, thank you Kenny for your efforts much appreciated.


Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club from the Ripon race held on the 27th of June the 5 members sent 95 birds and these were liberated at 9-45 hours. Les McKay took the 1st 2nd & 9th places with his winner doing a velocity of 1473 for the 171-mile trip. Kevin J Murphy timed 4 birds to take 3rd 4th 7th & 10th positions. Charlie & Glen Cameron were 5th 6th & 8th with A & A Shepherd in 11th spot and Chic & Anne Carrie were in 12th spot. This week’s result 1st & 2nd is Les McKay from Carnoustie with velocities 1473 and 1472. His first bird is a cock bred by the late John Duthie and has been a steady racer for Les, his 2nd bird is home bred and has Les brother Jim/ Jim Benvie / John Duthie and John Ellis bloodlines in his breeding. 3rd & 4th is Kevin J Murphy vel 1469 and 1458 his 1st bird is a 2-year-old chequer cock flying roundabout.  He is from a Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone Paul Stobbs pied cock his sire was the Combine Cock a brother to Bob’s Choice when mated to a sister of The Gypsy’. Dam of the pied cock was the same ‘Combine Cock’ when mated to ‘Stonehaven Beauty’. The dam of the 3rd club was ‘Jenny’ a direct Adrian Duggins Leo Van Rijn hen. ‘Jenny’ is dam of ‘Lucky’ Kevin’s winner of 6 x 1st club plus SNFC prizes as follows: 6th section C 31st open SNFC Maidstone 392 miles 4855 birds. 14th section C 78th open SNFC Buckingham 322 miles 2941 birds, 49th section C 223rd open SNFC Maidstone 4472 birds. 1st club 1st federation 18th section C 70th open SNFC Billericay 364 miles 3395 birds. Kevin’s 2nd bird is a 3-year-old cock also on roundabout.  He is bred from a Danial Aerens mealy cock (whom Margaret & I visited Sheldon Lennard of Arklow to collect and who has turned out to be a wonderful stock pigeon) he is from a son of ‘De Barron’ 1st National Orange when paired to a full sister to ‘I had a Dream’ winner of 1st International Hens, 5th open International Barcelona. The dam of the blue cock is an inbred Euro Diamond hen bred by Crammond & Langstaff and her brother was my dad’s donation to the Blackpool Show of the Year 2020.


Almond Valley Federation

I heard that the above federation were going to race on Thursday due to the weather forecast for the Saturday/Sunday being thunder storms, PLUS the fact that Thursday was to be the hottest day we have had in the UK. So WELL DONE to the race controller on taking this initiative. Ok some people would have been working and could not have been at their lofts, but overall the welfare of the pigeons came first in the assessment of holding the race and I take my hat off to them as I have always advocated the BIRDS COME FIRST, well done lads and lassies. News from Secretary Mrs Lynne Stewart with the result of the Wakefield race held on THURSDAY 27th of June with the convoy of 1044 birds liberated at 07:00 hours. The result is as follows; taking the first 4 places in the federation is Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder with 3 birds on the same minute and the 4 just seconds behind, they are also 18th 19th & 22nd. Burnside & Drysdale of East Calder are 5th 27th & 39th open with John Bird of West Calder had another good race wining 6th 7th 8th 10th 11th 13th 14th 17th & 20th with another 5 in the top 30 open places. Vic Couper of Bonnybridge is 9th & 30th with club mate George Harris winning 12th & 25th open with Law & Brady of the same club in 15th spot. R Anderson of East Calder is 21st with John Hadfield of West Calder in 24th & 28th open.


Club Winners;

Balerno 95 birds; C Bain & W Fairley 1517.6, 1467.1, 1437.1, 1434.4 Bonnybridge 268 birds; V Couper 1687.6, G Harris 1682.2, Law & Brady 1634.7, G Harris 1579.2

Carnwath 219 birds; Thomson Bros 1603.7, J & I Alston 1504.3, J Stokes 1502.3, McArdle & Thomson 1450.3

East Calder 187 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1732.3, 1732.06, 1731.7, 1721.3

West Calder 169 birds; J Bird 1697.1, 1688.8, 1688.3, 1686.0


Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie McIntyre who writes, Hi Joe, hope you and the wife are keeping safe. At long last the 2020 season finally kicked off on the 14th June from Carnwath. It has taken one almighty journey to get to this stage of the racing season with the coronavirus very much out there and all the guidelines we need to put in place to keep us ALL safe. Ayrshire federation secretary sourced all the required PPE so we know all clubs have the correct PPE to carry out the race marking, loading and setting of clocks safely.

Derek McKinlay Archie McIntyre Dalry HS Loading Team1

Derek Mckinlay & Archie McIntyre of Dalry loading the transporter and below Derek Shepherd & Derek McKinlay

John Shepherd Derek McKinlay Dalry HS Loading Team

(Photo’s attached of members of Dalry HS, John Shepherd, Derek McKinlay and yours truly suited out in our PPE loading the transporter) I would just like to thank all my members of Dalry HS who have been very disciplined and respected each other on basketing & clock checking and following all the guidelines laid out by the club. Once again in the hot seat (Race Controller) we have Jim O’Hare with Kenny Young & Jimmy Rice as driver and convoyer for the 2020 season. Unfortunately, due the Covid19 restrictions in place, Jimmy Rice cannot be in the cab with the driver, so Kenny Young offered to take his son along with him to help with the release of the pigeons. Jimmy is still involved with collecting the North and Central club pigeons then handing the transporter over to Kenny at Kilmarnock Club Hut. For the first race Ayrshire was due to be at Cockenzie, but due to restrictions imposed by the local council due to Covid19 we were unable to use this site. Our next option was to go to Dunbar but the weather (Fog & Mist) covering the East Coast ruled that site out. The weather was making it difficult to get a liberation site within that area. Our race controller had made many phone calls to business/local fanciers looking for a suitable alternative that would possible not be fog bound. After many calls, the transporter was sent to Lauder as a recommendation from a fellow fancier. Unfortunately, on the Saturday morning the site and surrounding area was covered in mist and fog. Come 10-30 with not much improvement in the fog lifting, it was agreed the transporter would move to Carnwath for an early afternoon liberation. Race controller Jim O’Hare had the birds up and away at 13-30 into a light east wind for a race of between 30 up to 50 miles to the top end of the federation. Reports from the liberation site stated the convoy of 2,363 birds cleared the site well. Leading the way in the federation this week on a velocity of 1645.0 is Andy Barbour of West Kilbride flying in Dalry HS. Andy had a super race taking 18 of the top 20 positions in the federation. Andy’s winning pigeon is a blue bar yearling Cooreman crossed Van den Bulck roundabout hen. The grandsire on 3 sides of this pigeon was one the Fenech Brothers top Cooremans “Bolt”. This cock is a winner of 13 x 1st Prizes including 1st open Combine with an entry of 2,956 Birds, 5th open Combine from 2,220 birds as well as 6th, 8th, 16th, 20th open Amalgamation.

Red Alert Cock see Ayrshire text

The Grandsire on the Dirk van den Bulk side is once again one of the Fenech Bros top racers ‘Red Alert’, this pigeon has won 8 x 1st federations in 2 seasons before being retired to stock. Picking up 2nd federation this week on 1640.5 is the partnership of Jock & Robbie Bryson from Galston flying in the Kilmarnock Invitation homing society, they timed a yearling blue bar hen flying on the roundabout. Her sire contains the blood from P Swindell of Northern Ireland and the dam is a mixture of the partnership own bloodlines This yearling hen was only trained as a young bird having 4/5 tosses from Carnwath approximately 31 miles.

R Trotter 3rd Fed Carnwath

R Trotter 3rd Fed Carnwath


Taking 3rd federation on 1636.1 was Robert Trotter of Kilbirnie. Robert timed a yearling blue bar white flight hen. This hen had only one race as a young bird from Stobbs Camp and was then stopped. Her dam is a daughter of Ricky Young’s national winner and her sire is bred from 1st section Portsmouth winner.

 Andy Barbour 1st Fed Carnwath

Andy Barbour 1st Fed Carnwath

Winners from in and around the clubs; North Section sent 1,050 birds; 1st Dalry HS is A Barbour doing 1645.0. 1st Ardeer HS are Hughes & McIntosh velocity 1614.9. 1st Kilwinning HS is M Salmon on 1371.4.

 J R Bryson 2nd Fed Carnwath

J & R Bryson's 2nd Fed Carnwath

Central Section sent 397 birds; 1st Kilmarnock Invitation are J & R Bryson doing 1640.5, 1st Darvel HS is R Donegan velocity 1583.8. 1st Irvine HS is T Blakely on a velocity of 1543.6.


South Section 916 birds; 1st Whitletts & District is W Lawrence doing 1575.4. 1st Mauchline & District is E Stewart doing 1541.3; 1st Annbank & District is M Smith on 1536.0; 1st Cumnock & District are J & A McDougall on a velocity of 1440.6; 1st Dalmellington Pigeon Club is S Boyce doing 1436.3.                          

Central Federation

Broxburn & Uphall Pigeon Club

News from Bernie Britton who wrote, ‘Hi Joe, we were racing from Wakefield on 27th June with 6 members sending 279 birds; these were liberated at 08-00 hours into a south wind. 1st 2nd & 3rd club and 4th 5th & 6th federation is Gordon MacKenzie with a Gabby blue bar cock on roundabout bred by Hawkins & Evans this bird has a few good wins to his name. His 2nd bird is a chequer cock also on roundabout he also is a Gabby from Gordon’s original stock. His 3rd bird in 6th fed again is a Gabby this time a chequer hen also on roundabout and she was bred by Mark Evans. Gordon was also 7th & 20th federation with John McNeill winning 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th. 13th & 18th fed. With Pat Rafferty & sons winning 14th fed. Well done to Martin Sneddon of Bo’ness on winning the federation. That’s if for his week Joe, keep safe yours Bernie’.


Dundee Federation

Kenny Droog also sent me in the above federation result and if someone would collect the details of the breeding of the winner, I would have pleasure in adding this to my weekly result column. 20 members sent 348 birds to Ripon and liberated along with Angus federation at 09-45 hours into a south east wind. Topping the federation is Danny Henderson of DE with other birds winning 12th 14th & 17th open. John Wiseman the 2018 1st open SNFC Reims winner, wins 2nd 3rd 11th 16th & 20th open. Billy McEwan wins 4th 5th & 6th places. Sid Macfarlane is 7th with George Briggs in 8th spot he his followed by Jake Brown and Davie Nicoll wins 10th place. Bruce McKenzie is 13th & 15th and John McBride makes up the top 20 winning 19th place. Well done Danny on topping the federation. The Fancier of the Year is as follows Danny Henderson is 1st on 40 points; Billy McEwan has 34 along with John Wiseman. George Briggs has 29 with John McBride on 26. Johan Hansen is 3 behind with Jack Brown and Mark Leggatt both on 22 points. Hope someone takes up the challenge of supplying the information on the federation winning pigeons; such a pity to miss out on this opportunity of free publicity.

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen who wrote, ‘Hi Joe, please find our result from Sedgefield were the birds released at 7-15am into a light south to south east wind. Topping the federation and also taking 8th open making it a great result for Tam Hunnan of Port Seton. Keith Howie of Prestonpans had an outstanding race taking 5 top ten positions finishing 2nd 3rd 5th 6th & 7th open. Winning another top 10 position this time gaining 4th open are Fowler & McIntyre OF Ormiston. There once gain following his fed win last week is John Bird in 9th open. Completing the top 10 following his great result last week is Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton in 10th open.

Prestonpans Homing Society 1st place is Tam Hunnam with a 3-year-old blue pied hen with Braspenning bloodlines on both sides of her pedigree. 2nd & 3rd club is Keith Howie with his first bird a yearling chequer white flight cock with Cooremans bloodlines, his 2nd bird is also a yearling this time a blue cock bred down from Vandenabeele bloodlines; both were bred by Spider Rowley. Thanks once again for putting our result in your column Joe, all the best Tom.


Pentlandhills Federation

News from Andy Miller who wrote ‘Hi Joe, The New Lothian RPC with the Pentland Hills Fed got their 2nd race of the season underway on Saturday 27th June from Sedgefield a distance of 102 to 115 miles for the members. Winning both organisations is the Danderhall loft of James McIvor and loft manager, also former Pentland federation convoyer, Raymond MacNamee who timed their 2-year-old cock. Unfortunately, neither I nor my assistant Prydie have been able to obtain details of the winner, however well done.


13 clubs sent 2922 birds; 1st place goes to J McIvoy of Danderhall with a 2-year-old doing a velocity of 1394.4, second is Andy Miller of Sighthill on 1392. Club mate’s Mr & Mrs Keenan are 3rd with J Lamb of Edinburgh West in 4th spot. T Nolan & son of Danderhall are 5th with D & J Allen of Woodburn in 6th spot. A Mitchell of Castlebrae is 7th and he is followed by Brown & Black partnership from Woodburn with A W Robertson of Danderhall club in 9th place and making up the top 10 are J & S Black of Edinburgh Premier. So, you will see the top 10 are well spit up within the clubs in the federation.


Club Winners;

Danderhall 735 birds; 1st McIvor 1392; 2nd Nolan 1371 3rd A W Robertson 1302

Sighthill 212 birds; 1st A Miller 1392, 2ND Keenan 1373.9 3rd Summers 1273

Edinburgh West 122 bird’s 1st 2nd & 3rd Lamb 1373, 1259, 1258.

Woodburn 127 birds; 1st Allen 1332, 2nd & 3rd Brown & Black 1309 & 1288

Castlebrae 115 birds; 1st & 2nd A Mitchell 1329 & 1253, 3rd Willis 1208

Edinburgh Premier 312 birds; 1st J & S Black 1300, 2nd Dick 1287 3rd Scott 1279

Arniston 467 birds; 1st A Dewar 1284 2nd J Pryde 1273 3rd Lothian (no velocity)?;

Bonnyrigg 316 birds; 1st Massey 1264, 2nd Neill 1238, 3rd Simpson 1218

Loanhead 107 birds; 1st & 2nd Anderson 1068 & 926 3rd McCann & Porter 877

Easthouses 172 birds; 1st Thomas 2nd Greelis & Lang 3rd Sanderson

New Lothian 48 birds;

Peebles 40 birds;

Others 40 birds:

New Lothian RPC

Sedgefield old bird race flown Saturday 27th June 2020 the convoy were liberated 07-15am into a south to south east wind with 65 members sending 1889 birds. Top spot goes to J McIvor of Danderhall with Andy Miller of Sighthill in 2nd place. J Lamb or Edinburgh West is 3rd followed by T Nolan & Son of Danderhall club. The Woodburn loft of D & J Allen is next followed by A Mitchell of Castlebrae. The Brown & Black partnerships from Woodburn club are in 7th spot with A W Robertson of Danderhall club in 8th place and Mr & Mrs Black of Edinburgh Premier club is 9th followed by club mate K Dick who makes up the top 10 positions.


North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie informs me that 61 members sent 1664 birds to Auchendinny with the convoy liberated into a light west to south west wind. The West East section had 35 members sending 911 birds and they took the first 17 places in the open result with George Geddes of Elgin & District taking the 1st x 2 places with velocities of 1335 and 1334. He is also 15th section and open. W Ritchie of the same club is 3rd section and open with A MacGillivray also from Elgin winning the next 2 places on both section/open plus 11th. Club mate J Jack wins 6th 14th 17th section and open. With another Elgin loft of J Thomson winning 10th & 16th in both west and open. R Birnie again from Elgin is 8th 12th & 13th with G Russell of Buckie & District winning 10th places in both. The east section is won by Stewart Maskame of Peterhead & District who takes the first 3 place and is also 18th 19th & 20th open. S Wells (junior) of Elgin is 18th west section 21st open with his club mates B & N Hadden winning 19th west section and 22nd open. S Glew of Peterhead & District is 5th east section 23rd open. Colin McCrae of Fraserburgh & District is 5th east section 24th open with R H Whyte of Peterhead & District in 6th section 25th open he his followed by club mate Chris Donaldson winning 7th & 9th section 26th & 28th open. G Findlay of the same club also has 2 birds in 8th & 10th section and 27th & 29th open finally making the top 30 open spot and 11th east section is R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End club.   The East and West section winners are recorded above in the top open federation result;

Clubs First Bird plus velocity;

G Geddes wins Elgin & District vel 1335.979;

G Russell wins Buckie & District vel 1313.450.

S Maskame wins Peterhead & District 1268.135;

C McRae wins Fraserburgh & District vel 1256.821;

R Barclay wins Fraserburgh West End vel 1241.451;

R Hay & Family win Devern Valley vel; 1233.325;

R Adamson wins Inverurie vel 1228.818;

A J Reid wins Keith vel 1215.179;

Well done to Gordon Geddes on topping the federation and to Stuart Maskame on winning the east section. George Duthie


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