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The Joe Murphy Column 16th July

The Joe Murphy Column

By the time this article is in print the SNRPC Billericay race will hopefully be taken place. I don’t know how other readers feel but I just think the season has disappeared. There does not seem to have been a build up to the season, it just seems as it has passed us all by. I split my birds up once the virus was building up and every day I have notice how much they have gone into the moult. I suppose other fanciers will have been having the same problem especially if they are on the roundabout system. Plus some of the hens have started laying eggs and if you are racing then this is a disaster as you do not want hens laying in the race basket, but I bet the race convoyer’s will tell you there are plenty to be seen once the birds are liberated. It is even hard to think it is the middle of July when school holidays take place, whereas the kids are like us as they have been off for 3 months. It is even strange watching football matches on TV with no fans there, and you can hear the players shouting at each other during a game. I wonder if the WORLD will ever get back to what it was, but I have my doubts. I have spent the past week taken photographs of my birds for my PLO loft records, which have turned out quite good supposing I say it myself. I might add a couple to this article as there is very few photos sent in with the reports of the racing results. May I wish everyone who is going to the nationals all the best as these are the results I used to live for? I received an email from a fancier who wrote; ‘I’m really disappointed with the SNFC race programme so will be using SNRPC programme more. It's about time the hatchet was buried and we all flew together. Wishing you and Kevin, all the best in the future, take care and stay safe’. 


Federation Secretary Kenny Droog wrote; Hi Joe from the Wakefield race point flown on 6th July; due to poor weather this race was put back twice and eventually the birds were basketed on Sunday for a Monday liberation, with the wind changing to west North west we all expected a steady race with the convoy of 497 birds liberated at 08:00 hours into a strong north west wind. Monday at the home end the wind was quite fresh from the North West with which might favour the east lofts on the coast and the national winning father and son, Charlie and Glen Cameron of Arbroath dominated the east section and winning 14th and 19th federation. However no one could stop ‘Hat trick’ man Davie Glen who`s now wins 3 races on the bounce he also wins 5th 8th & 11th open. This week’s winner is the same widowhood cock that won 2nd fed at Ripon that day he was nearly doing a mile a minute and a big change this week as he does a vel of 1095.92. He is a dark white flight cock carrying the bloodlines of Les Mitchell of Edinburgh and his dam is a daughter of Davie’s champion blue cock ‘746 Lowson Lad’ a prolific winner in club and SNFC including 2nd open SNFC Ypres. Looking over past results the loft that normally comes to the top on a hard day is David Liddle not only a great flyer but as a secretary he will have few equals and runs the club beautifully. David pigeon is no stranger to winning and is a 3 year old blue cock raced on widowhood and has won in 2018, 42nd section C, 107th Open SNFC Maidstone flying 402 miles then he won 41st section C, 86th open SNFC Ypres flying 462 miles; in 2019 he won 1st club, 1st federation 2nd Combine Leicester, and 12th section C, 70th open SNFC Ypres, last week he won 17th federation from Ripon on a fast day and now wins 2nd federation on 1089.99. David can rightly say his bloodlines are Liddle as this loft is a 3rd generation and was started by David grandfather, up here the Liddle`s have had the finest distance bloodlines and this fine cock should do well this week at Newark weather permitting. David is also 7th 10th & 19th federation with Kenny Droog & son in 3rd 4th 6th & 17th. Kenny timed in two half-brother`s with the first bird 1260 who is also a good winner having topped the federation last year. He won 15th fed last week and now 3rd fed; his sire carry`s the finest Geerinckx bloodlines whilst his dam is a direct Brian and Karen Hawes from their finest Leo van Rijn blood. This pair have bred 4 pigeons to date to win well in the federation up here but Drew Brown of Bo`ness has a brother that has also won well. The yearling cock 1683 could have cost his brother 2nd place as all 3 birds came together however just as the old cock was diving down to the loft, 1683 decided to start flapping and the old cock could not resist and the two went off around the houses for a couple of victory laps much to their owners distain. Again 1683 is from the Good Geerinckx stock cock while his dam is a Soontjen hen which was on loan from Drew Brown of Bo`ness where she had also bred several winners, last year were Drew dominated the lofts in Bo`ness and the Central Federation. This young cock had only one race as a young bird which was very difficult and half the convoy were lost and this is his third race. Here I should mention Malcolm Taylor of Taylor Brothers of Newbiggin, who supplied the Geerinckx cock and also other fine produces including Kenny 6th fed winner 281 who was only a minute behind his loft mates, the sire being bred by Malcolm from his finest Marcel Aelbrecht blood, this 2 year old cock has never showed before this year as he claimed a box and has no intention of letting it go, However his breeding shows where he comes from as his dam a pure Van Dorp hen, this being the old blood that has produced so many winners, his dam is a half-sister to Van Dorps champion Iron Man a great racer winning 3rd combine 6082 birds, 4th combine 4781 birds and 7th combine 11,788 birds all in 3 weeks, plus he won 2nd Lille 14,159 birds and 1st against 1942 birds, 1st from an entry of 1040 birds he won from 100 to 400 miles, while 281 granddam was a winner of 1st combine 4474 birds, 11th combine 16,771 birds and 32nd combine 9,251 birds all 3 cocks were raced on roundabout as Ken likes his hens in fact 1260`s full sister won 8th federation from Tow Law and 19th federation Ripon last week. I would doubt there are is a fancier who can claim to have bred 100’s of winners and producers right up to 1st SNFC than Taylor Brothers of Newbiggin on Sea, who are true gentlemen of the fancy. Willie Nicol also from Forfar is 9th &12th with Macaulay & Ferguson & Curran of the same club are 13th 16th & 20th. Breaking the Forfar mould are Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath who win 14th & 18th federation with Ian Scott of Forfar in 15th place thus making up the top 20 places.

Dundee Federation

Angus and Dundee federations go down together to the race points and their winner this week is Billy McEwan with a widowhood yearling cock and was the only bird on the lorry to do a 1100 ypm velocity. This cock’s sire was a mealy cock from Bruce McKenzie 7th open Clermont; the dam is also from Bruce. Billy’s winner had previously won 3rd club 6th federation from Tow Law. Taking the next 3 places is Danny Henderson of Dundee and has been in super form this season.

East Section

Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath take the first 5 places in the east section plus 7th with Kevin Murphy in 6th place. Les McKay of the same club is 8th with W Dorward of Gourdon in 9th spot and G Campbell of Montrose makes up the top 10 places.

Club winners; Forfar 345 bird’s winner Davie Glen; Montrose sent 12 bird’s and the winner was George Campbell; Gourdon had 26 bird’s and their winner was W Dorward; Arbroath sent 114 birds with the winners are Charlie & Glen Cameron.

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

From the Wakefield race flown on the 6th July the 5 members sent 114 birds liberated at 08-00 hours into a strong North West wind. Taking the first 5 places here is the information on their first 3 birds. First club is a 2 year old, she is a daughter of ‘Duracell Dori’ who himself is from ‘Little Dorie’ a winner of 3rd open SNFC Reims. Her dam is a daughter of the ‘St Vincent’ of Leon Messiaen who is Leon’s best racing pigeon over the past ten years. Second club is from a pair of Dutch imports. 3rd club is a 4 year old blue cock who has five SNFC open prizes with his best result being 9th open SNFC Ypres. He contains most of the long distance blood ever brought into our lofts when crossed in with the best of blood from the loft. He is a grandson of two of the main hens ‘Little Dorrie’ 3rd open SNFC Reims and ‘Serendipity’ 3 times in the top 15 of the SNFC including 6th open Ypres and 13th open Reims. (So you will see blood will tell Kevin Murphy)

Almond Valley Federation

John Bird of West Calder club see text

John Bird

From the Newark race point flown on the 5th of July the convoy of 480 club birds were liberated at 06:00 hours. Taking the first 3 places plus 5th 6th 7th 18th 22nd 30th 31st 32nd 33rd & 36th open is in form loft of John Bird of West Calder. Bonnybridge Law & Brady are 4th with John Hadfield of West Calder again to the fore winning 8th 19th 20th & 29th open. Another loft in top form is Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder who won 9th 10th 16th 17th 21st & 38th open. I McLelland of Bonnybridge club wins 11th 12th 13th 14th & 26th open with Vic Couper of the same club winning 15th & 40th places. Robert Anderson of East Calder wins 23rd place with club mates Burnside & Drysdale are 24th with J Leadbetter in 25th spot. Jimmy M Young of East Calder is 27th & 28th with J & I Alston of West Calder in 34th & 37th places. John Jamieson of East Calder is 35th with Colin Bain & Willie Fairley of Balerno club winning 39th spot.

Club Winners;

Balerno 16 birds; C Bain & W Fairley 1034, 1029, 1016, 1015

Bonnybridge 196 birds; Law & Brady 1145, I McLelland 1115,1; 1115.03; 1114, 1108.

Carnwath 72 birds; J & I Alston 1047; 1038; 978; 959:

East Calder 88 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1122; 1118; 1102; 1101

West Calder 92 birds; J Bird 1169-4, 1169-3; 1147; 1142

Almond Valley Federation

Held their yearling Derby from Newark on 6th July with the convoy of 167 bird released at 06-00 hours; taking the first 3 places is John Bird of West Calder with other birds in 12th 28th 33rd to 36th places. 1st 2nd 3rd 8th east section and 4th 5th 7th 14th open are Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder. 1st North section 6th open is Vic Couper of Bonnybridge club 4th east section 8th open is Robert Anderson of East Calder with A Burnside & Drysdale of the same club in 5th 11th east section 9th 22nd open. Jimmy Young of the same club is 6th 7th 9th 10th east section 10th 11th 16th 17th open. 5th 9th 10th 11th west section 13th 21st 23rd 25th open are J & I Alston of Carnwath with G Young of West Calder club in 6th west section 15th open. George Harris of Bonnybridge club is 2nd north section 18th open. J Hadfield of West Calder is 7th 8th 16th west section 19th 20th & 32nd open. Robert Anderson of East Calder is 12th east section 24th open. The partnership of McArdle & Thomson of Bonnybridge are 12th west section 26th open with I Thomson of the same club in 13th west section 27th open. J Leadbetter of Bonnybridge is 3rd & 4th north section 29th & 31st open with A Robb of West Calder are 15th west section 30th open. My thanks to Lynne for the result:  

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie McIntyre who writes; Hi Joe, Hope all is well, please find attached report from Ayrshire federation from their 2nd race of the season from Otterburn. As well as the race report I have attached pictures of J & R Bryson 1st federation pigeon as well as a picture of Robbie Bryson holding their winning pigeon. Attached also is a picture of the Nicol Brothers 2nd federation pigeon and also a picture of the Nicol Brothers receiving an award from a previous win. I was not sent any info or pictures of the 3rd fed pigeon sadly. Many thanks once again Joe for adding us into your weekly column, stay safe yours Archie McIntyre Ayrshire federation race secretary. Now for my report; for our 2nd race of the season from Otterburn on the 20th of June, this turned out be a mixed bag for returns with some members having good returns and others, 50% or less. Within 4-5 hours after liberation the first bird to be reported was away round in Campbeltown. The most north fanciers in the federation who did say their pigeons were all coming out the north, so it looks like some of the pigeons headed on up by then tried to come back down ending up on the other side of the River Clyde. In the next few days pigeons started to get reported in the Carlisle area, Dumfries & Galloway, Liverpool and down as far as Bradford. I think only one thing could cause such a spread of the pigeons and it must have happened not long after liberation. Jim O’Hare had the birds up and away at 09:45 into a light west wind for a race of between 81 miles up to 112 miles to the top end of the federation.

Reports from the liberation site are the convoy of 2,824 birds cleared the site well.

Robbie Bryson 1st Fed Otterburn

Robbie Bryson and below his 1st Fed winner

J R Bryson 1st Fed Otterburn

Leading the way in the federation this week taking 1st fed and stepping up from the runner up spot last week is the inform partnership of Jock & Robbie Bryson from Galston on 1326.7 who fly in the Kilmarnock Invitation HS. Another fantastic performance from this partnership who timed a 3 year old blur bar cock flying on the roundabout system, as a young bird this cock was lost and came back just skin and bone. Jock believes in giving these pigeons every opportunity to redeem themselves by nursing them back to full health. As a yearling Jock continued its rehabilitation with only training with the Ardeer midweek club from Carnwath. As a 2 year old he won 3rd federation from Wetherby and now in his 2nd race of the season as a 3 year old, takes 1st federation. His sire is a gifted pigeon from their good friend Tom Smith of West Kilbride bred down off Tom’s 8th open SNFC Bovingdon pigeon, the dam is again bred down from Tom Smith pigeons.

Picking up 2nd federation this week on 1323.5 is the partnership of John & Barry (Baz) of the Nicol Brothers partnership from Ardeer HS. John & Barry timed a yearling cock flying natural and sitting overdue bred by their good friend, John L Dummigan of Kilmaurs, a past Anderson Memorial Shield winner in Ayrshire fed. The sire is a son off one of John’s consistent money winning pigeon ‘Halifax’ when crossed with Norman Watson bloodlines. The Nicol Bros partnership only started out on their own in 2018 racing young birds. John had gifted the partnership in 2019 x 6 young birds and 1 of them won 1st club, 1st section 3rd federation for the lads. The partnership would like to thank J L Dummigan for the gift birds and to Colin (their brother and Barry’s twin) for all his help and support (well running about after them hand and foot). They lads tell me Barry (Baz) is a bit scraper shy and the new scraper he received for his birthday a few weeks past is still in the wrapper. Taking 3rd federation on 1322.8 is the partnership of Jim Stirrat & Andy McKenna of Ardeer HS. Unfortunately I do not have any information on the partnerships winning pigeon.

Winners from in and around the Clubs


Nicol Bros 2nd Fed Otterburn

Nicol Bros and below their 2nd Fed

Nicol Bros 2nd Fed Pigeon

North Section sent 1,402 birds: 1st in Ardeer HS, Nicol Bros 1326.7, 1st in Kilwinning HS are Benson & Cairney 1320.9. 1st Dalry HS is A Barbour 1317.0.

Central Section 398 birds; 1st Kilmarnock Invitation are J & R Bryson 1326.7, 1st Darvel HS is R Donegan 1313.6; 1st Irvine HS is H Pollock 1243.6.

South Section sent 1,024 birds; 1st Annbank & District winner is J Mathieson 1317.6, 1st Whitletts & District is W Lawrence 1303.9. 1st Mauchline & District are Dunlop & Aitken 1268.9, 1st Cumnock & District are J & A McDougall 1237.4; 1st Dalmellington PC winner is S Boyce on 1158.0.

Central Federation

Broxburn & Uphall Pigeon Club

News from Bernie Britton who wrote, ‘Hi Joe, Broxburn & Uphall pigeon club had 6.members sending 235 birds to Newark the convoy were liberated at 06-40 hours into a west wind. Winning 1st club &1st federation is Gordon Mackenzie with a yearling chequer hen a Gabby, on roundabout she is from his good friend Mark Evans. In 2nd club & 2nd federation is John McNeill flying a red Lambrecht hen on roundabout she was bred from the stock loft from birds John got from his good friend Terry Rigney.  The 3rd club & 3rd fed winners are Pat Rafferty & sons Hugh & Steven, with a yearling hen on roundabout she is a Gabby x Lambrecht, Hawkins x Border lofts, as a matter of interest her sister was also on the fed result. John was also 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 17th, 19th & 20th federation. Pat Rafferty & sons were also 15th federation with Hamish Ferguson winning 16th fed. A big thank you for the kind words about our daughter Darcy Joe, Carol was showing it to all her staff at the hospital. Many years ago Margaret and I would meet up with Bernie Carol and Darcy at Blackpool Show weekend. Darcy was only a ‘wee’ school girl at that time so it is excellent that she has progressed into adulthood and is doing so well, we are as proud of her as her mum and dad are, well done young lady.

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen who wrote, ‘Hi Joe, the federation were at Wetherby on 5th July when the convoy were liberated at 6-40am into a west wind. Topping the federation and also taking 10th open making it a great top 10 double is the inform loft of Keith Howie of Prestonpans. The federation winner is a full sister to Keith’s multi federation winning cock ‘Blue Arrow’ which was featured in the Joe Murphy column at the end of last season. The bloodlines of these birds are Vandenabeele from Hawkins & Evans. John Bird of Prestonpans keeps up his great record with an outstanding top 5 finishing 2nd 3rd 5th 6th & 9th open great flying. Former SNFC Gold Cup winner George Veitch from East Saltoun comes in at 4th open. Tam Hunnam of Port Seton is there again in 7th open. With Bobby Dickon also from Prestonpans club completing the top 10 winning 8th open position.

Prestonpans Homing Society 1st place is Keith Howie with a yearling blue hen who is a full sister to ‘Blue Arrow’ also a federation winner. The next 2 places are won by John Bird with his first a yearling hen from Herman Ceuster bloodlines obtained from Premier Lofts. 3rd club is John again with a yearling hen whose sire is a Vandenabeele; the dam is down through John’s famous pigeon ‘Bits and Pieces’ bloodlines. Both birds flew the young bird programme out to Newark. Thanks again for putting our results in your column Joe, keep safe and well yours Tom’.

Fife Federation

The convoy of 1240 birds were liberated at Wakefield on the 7th July with the convoy liberated at 06-00 hours into a North West Wind. The federation top 10 were as follows; Brian Chalmers from Kennoway takes the first 6th 7th & 8th places. Clark & son of Leven club are 2nd & 3rd with Jim Mackie of the same club in 4th spot. Methilhaven Jim & Gary Peggie are 5th with Erskine & son of Novar in 9th & 10th positions.  

The East section birdage was as follows; Tayport 19 birds; Leven 78 birds; St Andrews 30 birds; Methilhaven 122 birds and Kennoway 176 birds. Brian Chalmers of Kennoway takes 1st 6th 7th & 8th places with Clark & son of Leven club in 2nd & 3rd spots. Jim Mackie also from Leven is 4th with Jim and Gary Peggie of Methilhaven club in 5th & 9th spot and Tam Cook takes the 10th place.

The Centre Section birdage had Novar sending 117 birds with Glenrothes & Leslie club sending 57 birds. Novar’s Erskine & son win the first 4 places plus 8th & 10th places. R Cunningham of Tayport is 5th with Sean Diamond of Kennoway in 6th place. Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes takes the 9th section place. West Section birdage was as follows; Lochgelly 193 birds; Crossgates 278 birds; Dunfermline 170 birds. Jock Hynd & son Ian take the first 8 positions plus 10th with the only other fancier on the section result is C Wight of Lochgelly club.


Pentlandhills Federation

News from Andy Miller who wrote ‘Hi Joe, from the Wetherby old bird race flown on Sunday 5th of July the convoy of 2198 birds sent from 11 clubs were liberated at 06-40 hours into a west wind. First 2nd & 6th is F Robertson of Danderhall club with is winner doing a velocity of 1370. 3rd & 4th are the Brown & Black partnership of Woodburn. E Willis of Castlebrae is 5th with D Brown of Danderhall in 7th & 8th positions. A Walker of Danderhall is 9th point 4 of a decimal in front of W Hume. Andy wrote ‘Hi Joe, the New Lothian RPC with the Pentland Hills federation had their 3rd race of the season on Sunday 5th July after a 24 hour delay due to poor weather from Wetherby a distance of 146-159 miles for the members. Winning both organisations is the ‘Back Path Lofts’ of Freddie Robertson, who timed his 3 year old cock, apologies no details yet received from Freddie, which is now 2 weeks running the race winner has not sent in details. Is it really worth it Joe? I think not! I know how you feel Andy as it is not you or I who get the publicity but the winners and we and others try to do our best in giving them the exposure.

Club Winners;

Danderhall 556 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd F Robertson 1370; 1369 & 1364

Woodburn 172 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Brown & Black 1366 1365 & 1348

Castlebrae 71 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Willis 1365, 1299 & 1268

Arniston 403 birds; 1st & 3rd W Pryde & son 1343 & 1313 2nd J Pryde 1330

Edinburgh Premier 262 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Gilchrist 1331, 1330 & 1324

Sighthill 154 birds; 1st & 2nd Bremner 1315 & 1314; 3rd Girdwood 1310

Easthouses 155 birds; 1st & 3rd Greelis & Lang 1275 & 1262 2nd G Thomas

Bonnyrigg 105 birds; 1st Watson 1271, 2nd & 3rd Stark & Benson 1259 & 1256

Edinburgh West 69 birds 1st Verth 1222 2nd & 3rd Lamb 1197 & 1185.

Loanhead 125 birds; 1st & 2nd Anderson 1201 & 1200 3rd Murray 1195

New Lothian 43 birds;

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie with the result of the Sedgefield old bird race flown on 6th June with 60 members sending 1177 birds liberated into a light west north west wind. Topping the federation with a velocity of 1019 is Ronnie Wilson of Keith club he is also 30th open, well done Ronnie on topping the federation. Winning the east section and being 2nd open is A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District he is also 4th 6th & 7th east section 7th 9th & 10th open. L Lindsay & J Paterson of the same club is 2nd & 9th east section 3rd & 12th open. A Cruickshank of Keith club is 2nd west section 4th open he is followed in 5th open with A Mair (John) of Devern Valley who wins 3rd west section. R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End club is 3rd east section 6th open. S Glew of Peterhead & District is 5th & 21st east section 8th & 25th open. Robbie Higgins of Fraserburgh West End club is 8th 11th 14th 17th 20th east section 11th 14th 17th 20th & 23rd open. Eric & Nicky Yule of Inverurie club are 10th east section 13th open with J S Robertson of the same club in 12th section 15th open. R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End is 13th east section 16th open; C & M Williams of Peterhead & District are 15th east section 18th open with Colin McRae of Fraserburgh & District in 16th & 22nd east section 19th & 26th open. G Finlay of Peterhead & District is 18th east section 21st open with A B Geddes of Fraserburgh & District winning 19th east section 22nd open. A J Reid of Keith club is 4th west section 24th open with A Higgins of Fraserburgh West End club winning 23rd east section 27th open. Ryan Hay & Family of Devern Valley club win 5th & 6th west section 28th & 29th open to fill the top 30 positions. Other west section winners are as follows Fulton & Ritchie loft 2 Devern Valley are 9th west section 32nd open with P Sherman of the same club in 10th west section 34th open.

Clubs First Bird

Keith winner is R Wilson velocity 1019.922

Fraserburgh & District winner is A W Buchan velocity 1009.871

Devern Valley winner is A (John) Mair velocity 990.880

Fraserburgh West End winner is R Barclay velocity 990.424

Peterhead & District winner is S Glew velocity 989.758

Inverurie winners are Eric & Nicky Yule velocity 977.316

Elgin & District winner is J Thomson velocity 928.163

Buckie & District winner is R Bain velocity 903.975

Well done to R Wilson on topping the federation and to A Buchan on winning the east section. George Duthie

Traprain HS

News from John Baillie who writes ‘Hi Joe, result from the Newark race for Traprain, who were convoyed by Central Federation. With another big birdage again this week, with 561birds entered, this is bigger birdage than some federations send these days. The birds were basketed on Sunday for a Monday race they were liberated into a North West wind at 06-40 hours. Taking the top spot is Jimmy Mark with a hen bred from Greig Bros and Candleness from Northern Ireland in just fewer than 5 and a 1\4 hour. This hen’s brother won twice last year as a youngster in the club. In 2nd & 3rd positions we have Jim McNeil. The bird in 2nd position was bred by Taylor Brothers of Newbiggin and the 3rd position was bred also from a pair from Taylor Bros. Returns have been good.  That’s it Joe, hopefully this week a Saturday race from Peterborough many thanks for adding us into your column yours John B’


I received a phone call from George Truesdale who informed me that one of the nicest men we could ever wish to meet Jim Rintoul of Caldercruix had passed away age 78. Jim was a great worker for the sport being a past chairman and president of Scottish Midland Federation, to which he was also a honorary member for all the hard work he did for the federation. He was also president of the Scottish Central Combine and worked with Robert Cormack who was the secretary, both doing a fantastic job during this time. Jim was also a past Vice president of the SHU, and an SNFC member for many years. He was also a very good pigeon fancier and achieved some outstanding results over the years winning the Scottish Central Combine from Avranches in the 70’s when he flew in partnership with his father. He won from Dall and also from Sartilly with his excellent team of pigeons. The thing that impressed me most about Jim was he would never pass you by, and he was a very popular and approachable man. He was without doubt a true gentleman of our sport and will be sadly missed; none more so than his wife Margaret, son Sandy and daughter Marie to whom we send our heartfelt condolences. Joe Murphy  

Joe’s Joke

An Amish husband, wife and son travel to the city on vacation. They visit a shopping mall and while the mother is shopping, the father and son are standing in awe in front of an elevator (having no idea what it is). As they watch, an elderly lady walks into the strange silver doors and the doors close. The father and son watch as the numbers go up, and then back down. When the doors open, a beautiful young woman walks out. The father leans over and whispers to the son, "Son, go get your mother!"


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